EDGEBoost Nodes

Modular & Ruggedized Edge AI Performance Acceleration

Modular and Ruggedized Edge Computing Acceleration

EDGEBoost Nodes deliver an industrial-grade modular approach for accelerated computing performance at the rugged edge. When paired with Premio’s flagship RCO-6000 Series industrial computer, EDGEBoost Nodes enable powerful real-time processing and high-speed NVMe storage performance purpose-built for resource-intensive machine learning and rugged edge AI workloads.

  • EdgeBoost Databricks: Hot-swappable NVMe Tooless Drive Cannisters
  • Low Latency PCIe standards
  • Low profile GPU acceleration with active cooling
  • Mix and Match Modular Designs
  • FCC, CE, & UL Listed Certifications

Low-Profile GPU Acceleration

Hot-swappable NVMe Drive Canisters

Modular Flexibility


Built Rugged. Built Ready

Select EDGEBoost Nodes for Accelerated Computing

EDGEBoost Nodes provide versatility and configurability for optimized performance acceleration. From dedicated GPU support for enabling edge AI applications to maximizing data acquisition performance with NVMe storage, these EDGEBoost Nodes allow for tailored performance to specific deployments.

PCIe Gen 4 is exclusive to the latest RCO-6000-RPL Series and delivers data transfer rates of 16GT/s for real-time performance acceleration. Select from GPU support, NVMe or SATA storage, or PCIe Expansion to meet specific demanding edge deployment requirements.

PCIe Gen 3 offers a plethora of acceleration options for maximized performance. These EDGEBoost Nodes allow for simultaneous support in two transformative technologies (NVMe and GPU) and caters to resource-demanding edge AI deployment applications.

GPU and NVMe Storage delivers both transformative technologies for edge AI inferencing and high-speed data storage to the rugged edge. Optimized for real-time data aggregation and efficient AI processing with hot-swappable NVMe U.2 EDGEBoost Databricks and GPU hardware acceleration support.

NVMe Storage enable hot-swappable high-capacity NVMe U.2 EDGEBoost Databricks for maximized real-time data acquisition and storage redundancy. Due to the sensitive nature of data at the edge, these EDGEBoost Nodes support RAID protocols for enhanced data redundancy and security.

SATA Storage leverages hot-swappable U.2 drives for expansive storage capacity and seamless data acquisition. Select between two 15mm or four 7mm SSD configurations depending on the requirements of the edge deployment application.

PCI / PCIe Expansion provides limitless flexibility and seamless integration for additional performance accelerators. Add-on expansion cards, such as high-speed networking or video capture cards, can be added for further customization and tailored performance at the rugged edge.

  Succeeding with AI requires computational power. Using GPU-accelerated computing for model creation and deployment delivers rapid model training and inference, improved model accuracy at lower cost for available compute power

- Deloitte & NVIDIA

Technology Overview: RCO-6000 Series EDGEBoost Nodes

Premio’s RCO-6000 Series industrial computer supports a variety of modular EDGEBoost Nodes for accelerated computing requirements at the rugged edge. Browse through our selection of EDGEBoost Nodes and discover how to maximize your edge AI workloads.

EDGEBoost Nodes: Award-Winning Design

Premio’s AI Edge Inference Computer, along with the EDGEBoost Nodes, has received recognition from esteemed media outlets, including Vision System Design and Security Industry Association (SIA). These awards honor products that meet market demands, have a significant impact on system integrators or end users, and fulfill market requirements.

Mix & Match Modularity

Not all rugged edge AI deployments are the same. The modular design behind our EDGEBoost Nodes provides a scalable approach to meet the demands for performance acceleration at the edge. Select from a wide selection of EDGEBoost Nodes to match your workloads:

  • GPU and NVMe Storage
  • NVMe Storage
  • SATA Storage
  • PCI / PCIe Expansion

AI Inferencing at the Edge

AIoT and Industrial AI technologies, such as machine vision and autonomous robotics, can leverage a a GPU to effectively manage real-time workloads for machine intelligence. Traditional solutions are not purpose-built to withstand the various harsh environments and remote conditions. With specific EDGEBoost Nodes, support for a low-profile GPU enables these industrial AI workloads to excel with real-time intelligence at the rugged edge.

  • Low-profile GPU Support

  EDGEBoost Nodes are a game-changer. Our AI application required both high-capacity NVMe storage and a GPU in a ruggedized solution. By leveraging Premio’s EDGEBoost Nodes, we were able to utilize both seamlessly. 

- VP of Hardware Engineering, ADAS Enterprise

EDGEBoost Databricks
for NVMe Storage

EDGEBoost Bricks are compatible with high-speed NVMe SSDs for real-time data processing and high-capacity storage. Leveraging its hot-swappable capabilities, enterprises can utilize robust data acquisition, easy maintenance, and even RAID redundancy for edge scalability.

  • Hot-swappable NVMe U.2 SSD Canisters (7mm & 15mm)


2.5" Drive Bay

4x SSD Canister Brick

15mm SATA/NVMe

2.5" Drive Bay

2x SSD Canister Brick

EDGEBoost Databricks
for Data Security

The sensitive nature of Industry 4.0 data requires enhanced security and preventative measures to ensure data integrity. EDGEBoost Databricks feature RAID (0,1,5) support for data redundancy, a programmable SW API, and a safety eject button for ensured safe hard drive swapping procedures.

  • Lockable databricks to prevent anti-tampering and theft
  • Data Redundancy with RAID
  • Safety Eject Protocol
  • Programmable SW API

Configuring The EDGEBoost Node

How do you select the right EDGEBoost Node for your deployment? Each EDGEBoost Node serves a specific purpose to alleviate certain pain points whether it be GPU support or high-capacity NVMe storage. Read product brief for a deeper dive into EDGEBoost Node technology, features, and benefits.

EDGEBoost Node Markets

Built Rugged. Built Ready.
How We Design Fanless Computers

Purpose-built to operate in harsh industrial environments and conditions, EDGEBoost Nodes deliver both performance acceleration and reliability at the rugged edge.

  • Hot-swappable Blower Fan
  • Dedicated 9-48VDC Power Input Voltage

EDGEBoost Nodes In Real-World Applications


EDGEBoost Nodes are modular hardware performance accelerators for Premio’s RCO-6000 Series Industrial Computer. When paired together, EDGEBoost Nodes enable additional GPU and/or NVMe support, and PCIe/PCI expansion options for even greater performance at the rugged edge.

EDGEBoost Nodes are only compatible with RCO-6000-CFL, RCO-6000-CML Series and future RCO-6000 generations. Most EDGEBoost Nodes are interchangeable with these two series, aside from the SATA and 4NVME-H-1EXP nodes, which are exclusive to the RCO-6000-CML Series.

No, EDGEBoost Nodes are specifically designed to be compatible with Premio’s RCO-6000-CFL and RCO-6000-CML Series industrial computers only.

EDGEBoost Nodes are connected to compatible RCO-6000 Series Industrial Computers through a PCIe riser card or SAS connector (depending on model). This allows the RCO-6000 Series to maximize PCIe faster throughput and better bandwidth for performance acceleration with a modular approach

Yes, specific EDGEboost Nodes support NVMe storage for real-time data processing and high-speed acquisition.

NVMe-focused EDGEBoost Nodes contain 1-2 EDGEBoost DataBricks. These EDGEBoost Databricks are hot-swappable canisters that hold multiple hot-swappable NVMe U.2 drives (2.5” 7mm or 15mm). They offer a convenient, reliable, and streamlined data offloading process without the need for tools, as well as maximized high-speed storage capacity for enhanced data acquisition.

Yes, specific GPU and PWR nodes, support a GPU for real-time AI inferencing and various computer vision applications. EDGEBoost Nodes that support GPUs also include a hot-swappable active cooling fan for thermal regulation and easy maintenance. Only specific GPU models have been tested and validated to work with Premio EDGEboost Nodes; contact us to learn more about compatible GPUs.

EDGEBoost Nodes with PCI/PCIe expansion slots can be utilized for various applications. High-speed network cards, video capture cards, and even GPUs are a few examples of how expansion slots are used.

Specific EDGEBoost Nodes with GPU support, when paired with compatible RCO-6000 Series, are capable of processing edge AI models for real-time AI inferencing depending on the software for the application.

Specific EDGEBoost Nodes with NVMe and SATA Storage offer software or hardware RAID options for data redundancy and integrity; see datasheet for RAID level supported.

Depending on the deployment and specifications, an EDGEBoost Node would be necessary to streamline edge AI inferencing and/or require high-capacity NVMe storage. Contact us to speak with one of our experts for the best configuration to meet your edge AI computing needs.

No, each EDGEboost Node can not be purchased separately and requires a Premio RCO-6000 Series industrial computer in order to operate. Contact us to speak with one of our experts for the best configuration to meet your edge AI computing needs.

EDGEBoost Nodes offer a scalable, expandable, and flexible future-proof solution to industrial edge AI deployment operations. With capabilities for GPU and NVMe storage support, EDGEBoost Nodes offer a seamless performance upgrade with little maintenance required to effectively run edge AI models. Some other benefits include: Easy maintenance, Faster Time-to-Market, and a Portable Design.
EDGEBoost Nodes follow the same design principles as AI Edge Inference Computers for optimized edge computing performance: ruggedized design with certifications (CE, FCC, UL) to operate reliably in harsh industrial conditions/environments, NVMe and GPU acceleration for real-time data processing/AI inferencing, & data security/integrity with RAID support.
Industrial Automation, Security & Surveillance, Intelligent Transportation, and similar rugged edge AI applications requiring machine vision are key market verticals where EDGEBoost Node technology excels.