Supercharge The Rugged Edge With Supercapacitor Technology

Industrial UPS for Power Stability and Operation Safety

Mission Critical Solution for Power Fluctuation, Power Shortage, and Unexpected Shutoff

Effective power management is crucial to the rugged edge environment. Data corruption often occurs when power fluctuations, power shortages, and unexpected shutoffs happen. Although traditional batteries can provide a high energy density, Supercapacitor is superior due to its high power density, long-term lifecycle, material safety, operation efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Power Fluctuations

Power Shortage

Unexpected Shutoffs

Operation Safety

Supercapacitor Technology

Reliable Industrial Alternative to Battery-based UPS

A supercapacitor is a capacitor with high-density, high-power energy storage system. This plays a critical role as an alternative to batteries for storing energy and acts as a power back-up source. Supercapacitors provide short-term power supply, from 30 seconds up to a few minutes. They are used before shifting to longer-term backup-power sources or for safe-shutdown purposes.

Premio’s ECO-1000 supercapacitor enables power integrity and data sustainability, purpose-built for mission-critical deployments.
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Reliable Power Support

Environmental Sustainability

Long-lasting Lifecycle

ECO-1000 Series EDGEBoost EnergyPack

The ECO-1000 Series EDGEBoost EnergyPack is an industrial-grade supercapacitor tailored to re-define power backup redundancy for industrial computers and HMI displays. ECO-1000 can provide a constant 12 or 24 Volt current and offer a normal and a quick charge mode for energy replenishment and redundancy.

3 configurable smart modes for safe shutdown

Normal mode, Ignition mode, and Battery mode

World-Class Certifications

UL-Certified, FCC, CE
EMC Conformity with EN50155 & EN50121-3-2

Instantaneous power backup

High-powered rapid charge and discharge


The Award Winning Energy Solution for Sustainability

Premio’s ECO-1000 Supercapacitor took home the prestigious 2024 Computex Best Choice Award in the Sustainable Tech Special Award category. The recognition of the ECO-1000 with the 2024 Computex Sustainable Tech Special Award underscores its innovative design and positive impact on the environment.

How Do Supercapacitors Enable Reliability for Rugged Edge Computers?

Supercapacitors adapt seamlessly to diverse industrial environments, enabling reliability for the rugged edge computers through their robust power backup system, industrial-grade design, and extended lifecycle.

Power Management

  • Instantaneous Power backup
  • Rapid Charge And Discharge
  • Proper Shutdown During Power Instability

Industrial-Grade Design

  • Wide Operating Temperature
  • Shock & Vibration Resistance
  • Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Reverse Protection

Long-term Lifecycle

  • 10 Years Operating Longevity
  • Reduced Replacement Frequency

How Can A Supercapacitor Benefit Environmental Sustainability?

Compared to traditional battery-based UPS, supercapacitor technology emphasizes material and design safety, energy efficiency, and environmental impact, making it beneficial to environmental sustainability.


Battery-Based UPS

Material Safety

Use carbon-based materials, easier to recycle

Contains hazardous materials like lead, cadmium, and nickel

Thermal Stability

Generate less heat

Generate more heat

Risk of Leakage and Explosion



Energy Efficiency

Minimal energy waste, lowers overall carbon footprint

Higher energy waste and carbon footprint


Over 10 years of lifecycle

3 to 6 years

Resource Conservation

Require fewer raw materials, reducing the strain on mining and manufacturing resources

Require more replacement, thus depleting more natural resources

World-Class Certifications

UL, FCC, CE, EN50155 & EN50121-3-2

No World-Class Safety Certifications

Shock & Vibration Resistance

Withstand high shock and vibration levels

Shock and vibration sensitive use to the liquid and materials

Power Protection

Over-Current Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Voltage Stabilization, Reverse Protection, Short-Circuit Protection

Over-Current protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Under-Voltage Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Thermal Protection

Rugged Edge Whitepaper:

Supercapacitor Tech Pairs With Premio Industrial Computers

Deep dive into supercapacitor technology and gain exclusive insights on how the future of industrial UPS’s will safeguard productivity, data, and overall health of edge-native applications.


A supercapacitor is a capacitor with high-density, high-power energy storage system which plays a critical role as an alternative to batteries for storing energy and acts as a power back-up source.

The supercapacitors provide instantaneous power backup for industrial computers and HMIs with rapid charge and discharge.

Supercapacitors provide significant advantages over batteries including high-powered rapid charge & discharge, longer lifecycle, durability, wider operating temperature, and reduced waste and resources.

Supercapacitors use carbon-based materials, and generate minimal energy waste, which ensures material safety and energy efficiency. With a more than 10-year operating longevity and industrial-grade design, supercapacitors reduce the need for replacements and ensure the operating reliability.

Supercapacitors can be widely used in factory automation, intelligent transportation, hybrid/electric vehicles, green energy, AGV & AMR, etc..