Disaster & Emergency Management Solutions

Powered By Rugged Edge Computers

Disaster and emergency management systems are dependent on real-time insights for rapid decision-making and effective response coordination. Rugged edge computers are purpose-built to enable advanced emergency technologies and ensure operational reliability in strenuous remote environments. With the influx of IoT devices, integrating these edge computers are vital to streamlining AI-powered disaster management applications such as predictive risk mapping analytics and early detection monitoring.


Early Warning System

Public Safety Communications

Disaster Risk Mapping & Assessment

Emergency Resource Management

Enhancing Disaster Management with Edge AI

Edge AI technologies have revolutionized the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency management systems. With adoption of digital transformation, edge AI has been adopted into the five stages of operations; optimizing real-time AI inferencing for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
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Prevention & Mitigation

Edge AI-powered technologies such as predictive analytics and geographic information assist in examining infrastructural risks and vulnerabilities. This allows officials to make significant reductions to disaster risks by addressing pin-pointed weak points.


Early warning and monitoring systems are essential to efficient disaster preparedness. Edge computing delivers real-time latency and reliable connectivity to streamline deployment of first responders and improve response plans.

Response & Recovery

With more analytics and insights from edge AI applications, command centers with live damage assessment and fleet resource management can make data-driven decisions; lowering risks and significantly enhancing emergency relief response effectiveness.

“Smart Cities catalyze the digital transformation of urban ecosystems to produce systemic environmental, financial, and social outcomes. Smart Cities are, by definition, focused on using emerging technologies and innovation to make cities more livable and safe, and offer new services and economic opportunities.”

– IDC Research

Real-World Disaster Management Case Studies

Explore essential disaster management solutions incorporated edge computing in real-world deployments. From fire detection and suppression to flood monitoring, the adoption and integration of edge computing has proven successful and resilient in mitigating disasters.

Wildfire Detection

Mobile surveillance towers are positioned in remote, high-risk wildfire zones for 24/7 monitoring and early AI fire detection. Alerts are sent to operators who verify the wildfire in real-time and rapidly dispatch a response team to contain it.
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Industrial Fire Protection

Facilities handling flammable materials leverage a proactive response to containing fires. These edge AI solutions operate on-premises to actively monitor, alert, and suppress fires; significantly minimizing workers and infrastructure safety risks.

Mobile Microgrids

Mobile microgrids provide backup power and utilize AI to detect abrupt power fluctuations or outages. This system ensures power reliability in mission-critical facilities such as hospitals and emergency command centers.
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Flood Monitoring

With real-time telematics and AI inferencing, flood monitoring systems report early flood patterns. This allows disaster response teams ample time to prepare evacuations and implement risk reduction measures to reduce potential damages.
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Public Safety Resource Management

In the event of a disaster, public safety resources become sparse. Emergency command centers utilize edge computing to access real-time telematic information to make data-driven decisions for strategic resource allocation.
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Edge Computers for Disaster & Emergency Management

From power-efficient fanless mini computers to high-performance AI Edge inferencing computers, Premio provides a robust portfolio of rugged edge computers optimized to address key disaster and emergency deployment applications.

High-Performance AI Edge Computers

Driving Disaster Management Solutions with Key Edge Computing Technologies

Understand how Premio leverages cutting-edge technologies within our portfolio of rugged edge computers to optimize real-time performance and ensure consistent operational reliability.

Edge AI Acceleration

Streamline and enable resource-intensive AI workloads while maintaining rugged reliability for on-premises deployments. A heterogeneous computing approach has paved the way for various performance accelerators to optimize and excel in specific AI workloads.

Industrial 5G Connectivity

Disaster and emergency management applications require time-sensitive networking for real-time alerts and reliable connectivity. Industrial 5G networking introduces turnkey technologies to ensure ultra-low latency and global coverage. The public safety sector has established a dedicated private 5g network specific for emergency telecommunications.

  • eMBB: Improves data transfer rates, spectral efficiency, and band flexibility
  • uRLLC: Ensures real-time networking consistency for mission-critical applications
  • mMTC: Connects vast amounts of IoT devices under a single network without interruptions

EDGEBoost I/O Flexibility

With different types of IoT cameras and devices requiring varying connection types, Premio’s rugged edge computers support modular EDGEBoost I/O for seamless compatibility. EDGEBoost I/O modules provide a ubiquitous approach to streamlining IoT connectivity.

  • PoE Support
  • M12 Connectors
  • 10GbE LAN
  • M.2 Acceleration for 5G/NVMe/TPU

NVMe Storage

With an influx of data and demand for real-time data aggregation in disaster management, data aggregation can become a bottleneck when processing multiple instances of high-fidelity video feeds. NVMe technology delivers up to 6x more throughput than traditional SATA for rapid allocation and processing at the edge.

SuperCap UPS EnergyPack

Effective power management is crucial to disaster management solutions that require real-time notifications. A supercapacitor is a capacitor that leverages high-density, high-power energy storage that is safer and more reliable than traditional batteries. The technology behind supercapacitors acts as an alternative to batteries and provides short-term power supply or power backup in mission critical computing environments.

Built Rugged. Built Ready. For Disaster Management Resilience

Premio's edge computers are Built Rugged. Built Ready. by utilizing core design philosophies for industrial-grade durability. Discover how our industrial computers can confidently operate around the clock while maintaining rugged reliability in strenuous environments.

Why Choose Premio

An ‘Inside Outsource’ To Your Success

With 30+ years of embedded manufacturing, Premio emphasizes its specialty in highly reliable and rugged edge computing hardware for Industry 4.0 deployment applications. Our dedicated teams ensure Premio provides swift time-to-market solutions with our global turnkey manufacturing and support infrastructure for scalable deployment.

  • State-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485)
  • Regulatory testing and compliance for North American market
  • In-house burn-in testing and simulation chambers
  • Dedicated support and supply chain teams to navigate disruptions