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Edge deployments applications are often exposed to harsh industrial and environmental conditions, demanding mission-critical operational reliability. UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certifications provide an added layer of assurance and peace of mind for end users seeking an edge computing solution that has undergone thorough testing and validation for safety and standard compliance. Premio, a leader in rugged edge computing, provides a complete UL certification for our hardened and rugged portfolio of industrial computers for enhanced safety and quality.

  • Compliance with latest IEC 62368-1 3rd Edition safety standards
  • Wide portfolio of UL Certified products
  • Safety and Confidence with UL Certified Products
  • OEM & System Integrator Friendly for turnkey deployment and rapid go-to-market
  • Ultimate reliability, durability, and performance with UL Certification

IEC 62368-1 Compliance

Safety and Confidence

Rapid Go-to-Market

Ultimate Reliability Resistance

Global Recognition

Premio Certifies Portfolio of Rugged Edge Computers

Premio takes immense pride in providing rugged edge computers that deliver reliable performance while processing data in demanding industrial settings. The achievement of UL Listed compliance for our flagship line of industrial edge computers marks a major commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety compliance and validation.

Understanding the Importance of UL Certifications for Industrial Computers

Industrial computers are specifically designed for reliable deployment in extreme environments, mitigating detrimental downtimes, maintenance issues, and costly repairs often associated with traditional desktop PCs. Dive deep into the intricacies of UL Certifications, the differences between UL-Listed and UL-Recognized, as well as why UL certifications make a substantial impact in the rugged space.

UL 62368-1 & IEC 62368-1: UL Compliance and Testing with IEC Safety Standards

Premio’s UL Listed industrial computers all cohere to the UL 62368-1 safety standard. This specific standard is aligned with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard and is region-specific to North American markets.

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

Flammability Safety

Voltage Safety

Wiring & Circuitry Safety

RoHS Compliance

Mission-Critical Tests for UL Certification on Industrial PCs

Premio’s portfolio of UL Listed industrial computers are tested to comply with a number of safety standards including:

Type Of Testing:



Electrical Safety Testing

Electrical components are limited to produce up to certain output rating

ES1 (SELV for IEC 60950-1)

Fire Hazard Testing

Materials will stop burning under a specific time limit

UL 94

Mechanical Testing

Wiring and cabling components are insulated with compliant materials


Built Rugged. Built Ready. Now UL Listed

Operational reliability is our top priority, recognizing the harsh conditions and challenging environments that edge deployments typically encounter. As a leader in rugged edge computing, Premio’s flagship industrial computers have attained UL Listed certification, ensuring our solutions have been validated for safety compliance.


UL Certification is a product safety compliance certification process administered by Underwriter Laboratories. Products are granted UL Listed certification after undergoing rigorous testing and meeting specific safety standards.

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UL offers many types of certifications, most commonly, UL Listed and UL Recognized. UL Listed refers to standalone systems or products that have met compliance with UL standards, while UL Recognized applies to components (such as power supplies) that will be integrated into a fuller system.

The importance of UL Listed is dependent on the end user’s deployment application. This safety certification process provides additional product value, a sense of company dedication, and peace of mind for end users.

UL certification is not required in the United States. It is a voluntary certification process in which manufacturers will submit their product(s) to be tested for safety standards compliance by an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory), in this case, UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories).

Although UL is primarily region-specific to USA and Canada, UL complies with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards and collaborates with other national standard organizations to provide international standards.

UL Listed certification is not required to sell products as it is a voluntary process for manufacturers to give additional value to their products. However, in some markets with mission-critical tasks, UL Listed may be an OEM’s priority to be considered.

UL Listed is a certification type that highlights the product’s compliance with a UL standard. UL 62368-1 is a standard issued by UL that specifies the guidelines products need to comply with to achieve UL Listed certification.

Since embedded systems are typically deployed in harsh industrial environments, UL Listed provides a peace of mind knowing that the embedded system has undergone a thorough safety and compliance test before deployment. UL Listed instills confidence in the product’s operational reliability and minimizes risks associated with electrical, mechanical, and fire hazards.

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Premio’s flagship line of industrial computers has achieved UL Listed certification with upcoming products to be certified as well. Here is our list of UL Listed industrial computers:

  • Fanless Mini Computers: BCO-1000-EHL, RCO-1000-EHL, BCO-2000-WHL-U, BCO-2000-RYZ
  • Small Form Factor Computer: RCO-3000-CML
  • AI Edge Inference Computer: RCO-6000-CML
  • Fanned Industrial Computers: KCO-2000-CFL, KCO-3000-CFL