Customer Service

Premio customer service is flexible enough to meet each unique customer requirement


End‐to‐end customer service

Quality after‐sales service can make or break a business. Always focused on our customers and on their success, we go the extra mile to put our customer’s interests first. Premio customer service is flexible to meet each unique customer requirement, and our global customer service network is strategically located in North America, EMEA, and APAC regions so we can provide complete customer service and support for every product we ship. Along with product warranties, we offer a full range of reverse logistics services, which our competitors will not or cannot perform. We think from our customer’s point of view, and we commit to long‐term business partnerships with creative ideas for our customer’s growth and success.

Swift and dependable

Premio’s global on‐site service options, and de‐centralized depot centers, allow us to react quickly to ensure our products live up to customer expectations. Since not every service is right for every customer, Premio customer service helps customers save money by providing snap‐on support as needed. With our focus on total customer satisfaction, Premio customer service team ensures a swift, painless, and cost‐effective resolution to each every customer service issue encountered.

Flexible and customized

At Premio, we provide our customers with warranty programs for each and every single product we ship, globally. The terms of the warranty can be tailored to satisfy a customer’s specific needs, and in each region, North America, EMEA, and APAC.

Unique features and benefits of our Customer Service program:

- Unique, customer-focused solutions

- On-site service calls & fast-turnaround depot repairs

- Same-day advanced shipment at no extra charge

- Full-service inventory management

- Product lifecycle, supply & demand monitoring

- Customer-tailored warranties for every product

- Available service for non-Premio products

- Extensive product, design & manufacturing expertise

Success Story: Log & Security Platform Expands Globally

Success Story: Log & Security Platform Expands Globally World-Class Solutions Maintain Standardization As experts in software development with a high-demand product, the client was challenged with finding an OEM partner that could build servers to be bundled alongside their security intelligence software. While many manufacturers would have been able to build servers for them, few would be able to provide the necessary service and support they were going to require and help them scale while reduce overall spending in the reverse logistics chain.