Product Engineering

Unlock the full market potential with our Product Engineering Services


Purpose of Premio ODM services

At Premio, we believe that every entrepreneurial innovation originated by our customers deserves the same opportunity to thrive in the marketplace. Therefore, the only purpose for Premio’s ODM services is to unlock the full market potential for our customer’s new products with flexibility, customization, and speed. With this entrepreneurial mindset, Premio’s design team also goes the extra mile beyond conventional new product development when engaging with each ODM project. We carefully listen to our customer’s challenges, such as product customizations, NRE, material lead time, cost, and time‐to‐ market schedule. We actively collaborate with our customers face‐to‐face and side‐by‐side to formulate an ODM project plan to transform their new product ideas from inception drawing to full market commercialization.

Global product design ecosystem

Taking full advantage of the salient market intelligence here in the U.S., Premio’s program managers work around the clock with our design and engineering resources based in Taiwan on every ODM project. With over 60 industry‐experienced engineers on staff, Premio product design teams provide a full range of design and engineering services to our customers including mechanical, electrical, and software customization. As a result, our customers can enjoy one‐stop product design service with unprecedented flexibility.

Streamlined product design process

Premio ODM services provide a streamlined process that links together the entire new product development cycle as an end‐to‐end product solution. This includes proof‐of‐concept, engineering design, prototyping, validation testing, regulatory compliance, new product introduction, manufacturing, and PLM sustaining. In addition, we design for quality analysis and self‐enforce our Green Policy for every ODM project—from the very first prototype—to deliver a high‐quality and environmentally‐friendly product.

Premio ODM service includes the following offerings:

Custom PCB & mechanical enclosure designs

DQA EVT/DVT/PVT testing & validation

EMI prescreening & ongoing reliability testing

Full scale environmental system testing & debugging

System performance benchmarking

Compatibility testing & analysis

Regulatory compliance testing & reporting

Custom firmware and BIOS development

Success Story: DDI Solutions Tailored to Client

Low Cost Scalable Solutions A DDI solutions provider wanted to get into the entry-level market with fully-scalable enterprise solutions such as port redundancy, remote manageability, and scalability. Their customer’s requests included next generation XMB servers to support 64-but instruction and virtualization, with higher performance and quality, that was feature-rich and had a slick appearance, but at a lower unit cost.