13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor
Edge Computers

RPL Series: Building Blocks for the Rugged Edge

Comprising of a selection of edge computing building blocks powered by 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, the RPL Series delivers remarkable edge-native processing, high-speed I/O connectivity, and industrial-grade reliability at the rugged edge.


12th/13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor

Dedicated GPU Support

PCIe 4.0/5.0 Expansion

Industrial Grade Ruggedness

IIoT-focused I/O Connectivity

Enhanced Edge AI Performance with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

Powering the RPL Series is 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors utilizing a hybrid P & E core architecture for performance optimization and efficiency. With Intel’s TE models, the RPL Series maintains a low-power efficiency and will be supported under Intel’s embedded roadmap.

24 Cores
Hybrid Architecture

32 Threads
Performance Throughput

Support Lifecycle

Specific Edge Computers for Specific Edge Deployments

From an industrial board to fully ruggedized systems, the RPL series caters to a wide range of edge deployment applications. Each RPL Series industrial edge solution is engineered and designed to address specific demand requirements for Industry 4.0 market verticals.

X86 Rugged Edge Computers (Rugged):

RCO-6000-RPL AI Edge Inference Computer

  • Fanless & Cableless Design
  • Modular I/O Configurability
  • Mix & Match Performance Acceleration (NVMe/SATA, GPU, & PCIe Expansion)

VCO-6000-RPL Machine Vision Computer

  • Dual-GPU Support (FHFL)
  • Hot-swappable NVMe Storage Bays
  • GigE & USB3 Vision Ready

X86 Industrial Computers (Semi-Rugged):

KCO-RPL Fanned Industrial Computer

  • 3U Rackmount/2U Short Depth Chassis
  • On-board NVMe
  • GPU Support (PCIe Gen 5)

Industrial Motherboard:

CT-MRL01 Industrial mATX Motherboard

  • 4x 4K Displays
  • 20Gbps USB Type-C
  • PCIe x16 Gen 5

Edge AI Ready for Inference

Real-time AI inferencing and machine vision applications are enabled through the use of performance accelerators, primarily GPUs. The RPL Series leverage PCIe x16 Gen 4/5 slots to integrate enterprise-grade GPU acceleration for an optimized balance of performance, power, and reliability for the rugged deployments.

  • - PCIe x16 Slots Gen 4/Gen 5
  • - Low-Profile & FHFL Enterprise GPU Acceleration
  • - Dual-GPU Configurations






Comparing The RPL Series

Industrial mATX Motherboard 2U Industrial Fanned Computer 3U Industrial Fanned Computer Machine Vision Computer AI Edge Inference Computer
Use Case: Board Level Semi-Rugged Semi-Rugged Super-Rugged Super-Rugged
System Cooling - Active Cooling Active Cooling Active Cooling Passive Cooling (Fanless)
Performance Acceleration
Expansion Options - PCIe Gen 5 Expansion
- Dual-GPU (FHFL)
- PCIe Gen 5 Expansion
- Low-profile GPU
- 1x Hot-swappable SATA SSD
- PCIe Gen 5 Expansion
- Dual-GPU
- PCIe Gen 4 Expansion
- Dual-GPU (FHFL)
- Up to 4x Hot-Swappable SATA/NVMe SSDs
- PCIe Gen 4 Expansion
- Low-profile GPU
- EDGEBoost Nodes
- EDGEBoost I/O
- Up to 8x Hot-Swappable SATA/NVMe SSDs
Durability & Ruggedness
Operating Temp. 0 °C to 60 °C 0 °C to 60 °C 0 °C to 60 °C -25°C to 70°C -25°C to 70°C
Shock & Vibration - 1 Grms
With SSD: 25G
1 Grms
With SSD: 25G
With HDD: 1 Grms
With SSD: 3 Grms / 50G

Designed to comply with MIL-STD-810G Method 514.7 Procedure I
With HDD: 1 Grms
With SSD: 5 Grms / 20G

Designed to comply with MIL-STD-810G Method 514.7 Procedure I
Certifications CE, FCC Class B UL (Pending), CE, FCC UL (Pending), CE, FCC UL 62368 Ed. 3, CE, FCC Class A UL 62368 Ed. 3, CE, FCC Class A
See CT-MRL01 See KCO-2000-RPL See KCO-3000-RPL See VCO-6000-RPL See RCO-6000-RPL

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