Services Overview

Amazingly versatile, infinitely resourceful, as swift as business

Premio Services

Premio’s organizational culture and global service infrastructure are characterized by its unprecedented flexibility and speed in operations, which enable us to deliver each customer specific service solution to address customers’ surmounting business obstacles, tackle their intractable challenges, and achieve the lowest total cost ownership, one customer at a time.

Unique Services That Deliver Value

Global operations based in the USA, with manufacturing and logistics service centers, in North America, EMEA, and APAC.

The combination of our robust infrastructure, comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities, and flexible, ‘Can-do’ work ethic, push the boundaries of partnership and make us an indispensable extension of your business.

  • Innovative Product design services
  • World-class mass customization capabilities
  • A fast, highly flexible manufacturing system
  • 24/7, Real Time Virtual Factory Management
  • Fully managed product lifecycles and painless EOL transitions
  • A Collaborative Supply Chain model over the entire product life cycle
  • Real-time quality reports enable continuous improvement efforts
  • Flexible customer service extends beyond the product warranty

Total Customer Satisfaction

With Customer-Centric as a core business value proposition, Premio services are built around our “Never Say ‘Impossible’” work ethic. By treating our customers’ businesses as if they were our own, Premio’s service model effectively makes Premio and customers become one team to achieve collective success. At Premio, we strive to deliver Total Customer Satisfaction to customers. Our goal is to realize customers’ ideas and take their business to the next level and succeed in marketplace. Our customer’s success is our success.

Enterprise Class New Product Introductions

Leverage a full-scale manufacturing arm with our robust new product introduction process (NPI). This critical stage in the manufacturing of computing solutions defines the methods and stages required for a smooth transition from the product design to scalable global manufacturing.

Success Story: Leading Rental Kiosk Company

Industrial Computing Solutions To manage their volume and keep their kiosks up and running, it was paramount that Leading Rental Kiosk Company had industry-leading hardware and service support. Our custom-built solutions were specifically tailored to meet Leading Rental Kiosk Company’s needs, and we offered a fully-supported 3-Year lifecycle product, guaranteeing no hardware changes on our end to the Leading Rental Kiosk Company image. To date, we have delivered over 10,000 Leading Rental Kiosk Company systems, with an actual hardware failure rate of less than 1.9%.