Flexible Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing & Factory Management


Virtual Factory Management system

In today’s Internet age, seamless and automated data communication for business information sharing is an essential feature for Industry 4.0 manufacturing to increase productivity. Premio’s Virtual Factory Management system is a web‐based manufacturing management tool which we offer free of charge to our customers as a digital extension to Premio manufacturing plants. This customizable web tool allows our customers to access their product manufacturing, inventory, and logistics data in real time, with 24/7 live updates customers can access wherever they are. Each web dashboard interface is tailored and branded to the customer, with live data feeds from Premio manufacturing ERP, MRP, Shop Floor Control (SFC), and logistics systems. Customers can manage live virtual factory data at ease including transactional records, bill of material revisions, production scheduling, global inventory levels, and shipment tracking information in real‐time.

Flexible manufacturing services

Leveraging the optimal mix of automated lines and cell‐based shop floor setups, Premio manufacturing engineers design each customer‐specific manufacturing process to ensure the customer’s product is built to their specs, with high quality and with high efficiency. Premio’s daily production schedule coordinates materials, labors, and shop floor resources for just‐in‐time manufacturing. Our fully‐ automated SFC system provides product specific SOPs to operators while collecting unit‐specific traceability data throughout the entire manufacturing process. In short, our zero setup time, real‐time instructions, adaptive tools and equipment, shared SFC system, and well‐trained operators have enabled us to provide our customers with the most flexible manufacturing services and an unprecedented track record of product quality and fulfillment efficiency in the industry.

Premio's flexible manufacturing service offering inclues:

Dynamic, programmable, automated line & burn in chambers

Push-driven online manufacturing & test process improvement

Component validation during assembly

Electronic routing history

Real time Work-In-Process (WIP) status

Real time IPQC data monitoring

Real time capacity, throughput & efficiency analysis

Round‐the‐clock IT support

Success Story: Network Security Firm

Streamline And Scale Solutions One of the foremost cyber security solution businesses needed to streamline and scale manufacturing. Since working with Premio, the customer has seen increased volume and sales at all locations, with a 29% average increase in sales YOY. They are now able to ship in-region, directly to customers, within 24 hours of order placement. They can now offer in-region service repair and support for their end-users, increasing their international sale by an average of 35% YOY.