Premio offers a full range of fully-validated server and storage platforms purpose-built as building blocks for server and storage appliances, such as All-Flash-Array for CDN or Scale-Out HPC storage, High-Availability Software-Defined-Storage, Object-Storage for IPDC Warm or Cold Storage, Virtual-Desktop-Infrastructure and Hyper-Converged-Infrastructure etc.. All these platforms have gone through a rigorous Design-Verification-Testing process to ensure reliability, compatibility, and regulatory compliance. The innovative system packaging design and unique feature-sets offer OEM customers, solutions far beyond what other COTS general-purpose solutions offer. Whether you are an OEM, or ODM a Fortune-500 business or a startup, Premio’s Value-Added-Services, flexible business model, innovatively-engineered server and storage solution platforms, offer customers a total value proposition no other vendor can match.

Flache Storage Servers

Flash Storage Servers

  • True balance architecture versus competitors
  • Highest Performance, Ultimate Throughput / IOPS
  • Supports Latest Solid-State Technology: SATA, SAS, and NVMe (PCIe3 x4)
  • Max PCIe3 Expansion Slots to eliminate bottlenecks
High Availability Servers

High Availability Servers

  • Dual node design = Ultimate Redundancy and 24/7 runtime (HA)
  • End-to-end 12G SAS host, expander and disk support for superior data-path redundancy
  • Max PCIe3 expansion slots for external IO bandwidth and minimum latency
High Density Servers

High Density Servers

  • Purposely-designed for dense object storage archival , backup and recovery
  • 1PB of storage in a 4U Form factor
  • Single-tier SAS expander topology = Minimum latency, Maximum performance
General Purpose Servers

General Purpose Servers

  • Easily expand to external JBOD economically without adding additional HBA/RAID card
  • Includes a customized 12G SAS expander for scale-out storage
  • All-around performance and the flexibility to scale storage

High Performance Computing (HPC) Server

Achieve absolute high performance computing with optimized space and thermals on GridStreams, a unique GPU server designed for application workloads in deep learning, complex modelling, and artificial intelligence.

Just A bunch of disks

Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) - Expansion Storage

Just a bunch of disks for an additional storage capacity upgrade to an existing server environment. Get exactly what’s needed with flexible compatibility for density or redundancy to optimally expand any storage architecture.