Industrial Panel PCs and Touch Monitors

Premio’s Industrial Panel PCs and Touch Monitors are purpose-built for the toughest embedded deployments requiring mission-critical reliability. System integrators and automation engineers can easily deploy Premio industrial panel PCs and touch monitors as human machine interfaces to achieve better productivity and operational efficiency in their enterprise projects.

Industrial Panel PCs:

  • VIO Series: IP65 Modular Panel PC & Touch Monitor
  • SIO Series: IP66/69K Washdown Touch Panel PC
  • WIO Series: IP66 Waterproof Touch Panel PC

Touch Monitors:

  • FIO Series: Open-Frame Touchscreen Monitor

Industrial Touch Panel PCs

The VIO, SIO, and WIO Series are all tailored to provide an all-in-one HMI solution for various industrial settings. Process and visualize mission-critical data for real-time monitoring and controls while ensuring exceptional reliability and longevity at the rugged edge.

VIO Series IP65 Modular Panel PCs and Touch Monitors

Patented modular design (MDM) provides mix-and-match flexibility for HMI automation, information and communication applications for industrial deployments. Easily scalable and upgradable for both an industrial panel PC and rugged touch monitor.

Intelligent Transportation

Kiosk And Retail

Factory Automation

SIO Series IP66/69K Washdown Touchscreen Computers

Specifically designed for the unique demands on displays in hygienic and aseptic factory deployments. IP66/IP69K-rated sealing provides uncompromising water protection, withstanding high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns essential to sanitary assurance.

Food & Beverage



WIO Series IP66 Waterproof Touchscreen Computer

Versatile IoT interface and display capabilities in dirty, soaking, rugged HMI applications. Full IP66-rated enclosure. Integrated aluminum alloy heatsink technology and anterior heat-dispersion fins neutralize thermal concerns.




Industrial Touch Monitors

Delivering data visualization and clarity to the rugged edge with Premio’s industrial touch monitors. From smart retail/kiosks to industrial production lines, Premio offers interactive HMI displays for real-time data monitoring and controls.

FIO Series Industrial Open-Frame Touchscreen Monitors

An industrial alternative to Elo open-frame touchscreens. Seamless integration for both existing and future systems. Purpose-built for industrial HMI deployments with a durable front display featuring Front IP65 and 7H tempered glass.

High-Brightness Panels for Enhanced Display Visibility (Optional)

Available options include 1,000+ nit high-brightness panels to aid readability. Operating under extreme sunlight conditions may impede a display’s visibility. The high-brightness display option for rugged panel PCs and touch monitors boosts overall display visibility in glaring environments. Ideal for outdoor applications such as in-vehicle displays, outdoor kiosk machines and digital signages.

Optical Bonding Technology for Improved Display Readability (Optional)

Optical bonding technology refers to the process of injecting a resin in-between the touch glass and the LCD display to enhance the readability and durability. Optical bonding option sustains clarity and vibrancy of the display under high humidity or bright sunlight conditions. The elimination of an air gap between the cover glass and display keeps out dust and moisture, which prevents condensation on the display’s surface. Additionally, optical bonding increases display contrast and readability in bright ambient environments by reducing the internal reflection between the cover glass and display. Optical bonding option is ideal for applications such as in-vehicle displays, public digital signages and outdoor kiosks.