Enhancing Dairy Production by Implementing Stainless Steel IP66/69K Washdown Touchscreen Computers



    How the world’s #1 international dairy company uses Premio’s IP66/69K Stainless Steel Washdown Touchscreen Computer to run their process management software  

    The Challenge:

    • A washdown computer with required touchscreen interface to enhance productivity and compile with customer’s process management software.  
    • Must adhere to full daily system washdowns for strict hygiene regulations to ensure food safety.  
    • Resistance to harsh factory environments that are often wet, humid, and subject to frequent cleaning with water jets and cleaning agents.  
    • All-in-one system for easy system integration, easy maintenance, and simplifying tasks.  
    • Customer experienced some theft issues with previous tablet solution, so a securely mount system was also required.

    The Solution:

    • Premio’s Stainless Steel SIO Series - IP66/IP69K Washdown Touchscreen Computer with Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900. 
    • With 30+ years of design and manufacturing of industrial-grade computing solutions, Premio's advanced industrial rugged solutions are highly suitable and reliable for commercial/industrial applications. 
    • Premio’s sales and engineering team providing guidance and local support.  

    The Benefit:

    • The IP66/69K Stainless Steel SIO Panel PC allowed the customer to fully integrate their process management software as the PC included Windows 10 IoT and full touchscreen capability.  
    • The SIO Series was able to adhere to the customer’s strict hygiene regulations from its full IP66/69K stainless steel design.  
    • The SIO Series allows for easy maintenance as it is an all-in-one system that is constructed with durable materials and sealed enclosures.  
    • The optical bonding was extremely beneficial for the customer’s daily hot washdown requirement as it added another layer of protection with the IP66/69K seal.  
    • The SIO Series features a native touchscreen enable/disable control, allowing the customer to keep the device powered throughout intense high-pressure washdowns.  
    • Customer was able to integrate the SIO Series within their system and securely mount it, preventing any theft issues.  
    • Established partnership with close proximity for local support on current and future projects in North America.  


    In the world of food manufacturing, hygiene in the production environment is crucial and an industry standard, especially in the dairy manufacturing market. Like any food manufacturer, this dairy manufacturer is dedicated to delivering high-quality dairy products while upholding the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Facing the challenges of maintaining cleanliness and efficiency in their production environment, this customer recognizes the critical need for advanced technology solutions. The customer’s previous solution included an Android tablet with a disposable plastic bag for protection, which obviously did not help with their hygiene regulations.  The customer quickly realized Premio’s solution was tailored to their unique production requirements and connected with Premio’s team for an IP-rated industrial-grade panel pc with the following features:   

    •  IP-Rating 66/69K 
    • Compliance with Hygiene Standards 
    • Touch Screen Interface for Enhanced Productivity 
    • Resistance to Harsh Environments and Chemical Washdowns  
    • Easy Washdown Maintenance without unwanted downtime 
    • All in One Mounted System 

    The Challenge

    The customer had several requirements in finding the hardware solution that would meet all their system needs.  Their system goal was that the solution could endure intense system washdowns for dairy production hygiene standards, as well as have a fully functional touchscreen. The customer required the system to be highly durable and reliable for frequent washdowns, exposure to water, cleaning agents, and dust without compromising any of their other requirements. With Premio’s of the shelf solution, the IP66/IP69K Washdown Touchscreen Computer addressed the specific customer needs with no challenge or system modifications at all. 

    The Solution

    The customer spent about 4 months exploring and reviewing several alternate solutions, most were stainless steel IP69K systems but did not meet all their requirements. Overall, Premio’s IP66/IP69K Washdown Touchscreen Computer solution stood out as the best solution due to its unique ruggedized features that maximized reliability and eliminated unwanted downtime for their production facility of dairy equipment. 

    The SIO Series checked off all the customer’s application requirements and introduced some extra add-on features as well. Premio met the immediate availability for the customer and provided them with a ready of-the-shelf unit for them to test and assess. The customer’s 20-person test team easily realized Premio’s SIO Series was the perfect solution for their application and proceeded with deploying the IP66/IP69K Washdown Touchscreen Computer throughout their dairy production facility. 


    The SIO Series met all of the customer’s application requirements including  

    • IP-Rating 66/69K 
    • Compliance with Hygiene Standards 
    • Touch Screen Interface for Enhanced Productivity 
    • Resistance to Harsh Environments and Chemical Washdowns  
    • Easy Washdown Maintenance without unwanted downtime 
    • All in One Mounted System 

    However, the SIO Series did not only meet the customer’s stringent requirements for their dairy production but also exceeded with additional features.   

    The Benefit

    Premio’s off the shelf ready solution effectively addresses the customer’s primary challenge of an all-in-one stainless steel IP66/69K washdown touchscreen computer. The customer did not have to compromise any of their application needs, but also benefited from unique ruggedized features for ultimate reliability.  With the SIO’s IP66/69K rated stainless steel design, optical bonding display, pressure valve, and on/off toggle touchscreen, the SIO Series Washdown Computer emerged as the optimal dairy solution for the HMI factory   application. Its seamless integration and reliability ensured the customer was able to efficiently meet all their hygiene requirements without compromising unwanted downtime for their dairy production business.