Stainless Steel: Five Qualities Enhancing Waterproof Touchscreen Computers

Waterproof touchscreen computers are ushering in a new age of versatility to Industry 4.0 automation.  Industrial IoT systems are reaching into work environments with wet or physically rigorous conditions.  System operators are shrinking their hardware footprint in these settings, integrating more all-in-one waterproof touchscreen computers to consolidate numerous workloads into a single robust interface.

IoT systems at industrial sites and manufacturing facilities encounter sometimes aggressive exposure to water and caustic substances.  Touchscreen computers in these environments require design features that allow the devices to perform continuously without fail.  Besides a sound waterproof rating, rugged touchscreen computers need an enclosure that can stave off the destructive effects of long-term harmful exposure.  Nothing delivers this reliable longevity like stainless steel. 

Stainless steel enclosures on equipment rated for water ingress protection complete a reliable hardware solution for all-in-one touchscreen computers.  The metal provides unmatched strength and protection for industrial compute technology.  It has been used as a dependable metal for more than a century due to its durability and extensive benefits.  The stately alloy graces everything from nimble surgical tools to skyscraper skins to household appliances.  For waterproof touchscreen computers, stainless steel’s importance cannot be understated.

The Benefits

  1. Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel’s non-reactive capacity for resisting the corrosive effects of water and a wide range of caustic substances has cemented its usage in many purpose-built waterproof touchscreen computers.  The computers are being utilized in a number of difficult environments where contact with water, chemicals and other wet elements can range from incidental exposure to regular high-pressure washdowns.  Smart agriculture, mining, food processing and pharmaceutical production all require local industrial compute hardware unaffected by liquids and corrosive agents.

The stainless steel most widely used is known as Type 304.  Type 304 stainless steel receives its durability through the presence of chromium and nickel, boasting the greatest cost to performance for almost any application requiring a corrosion-resistant enclosure.  Type 304 has a high protective threshold against most caustic substances, making it ideal for most general purpose industrial touchscreen computer applications. 

As waterproof touchscreen computer deployments shift from the dirtier industrial applications to environments demanding an elevated level of cleanliness, the exposure to substances harmful to computer hardware increase in frequency and concentration.  Food processing plants, chemical manufacturing and pharmaceutical labs each rely on local waterproof touchscreen computers that can stand up to a wide range of caustic media, as well as the intensive cleaning regimens ensuring the highest hygiene standards are achieved and maintained. For these applications, Type 316 is the go-to standard.  Type 316 is more of a premium grade alloy, adding molybdenum to build upon the low-maintenance and protective properties of the more common and easily-produced Type 304. 

  1.  Lightweight Strength

Stainless steel enclosures do not need bulky thickness to provide lasting durability to waterproof touchscreen computers.  Hardened stainless steel helps ensure that the enclosure maintains its shape and watertight integrity following considerable drops and impacts.  By avoiding unnecessary material heft, stainless steel waterproof touchscreen computers can be more easily mounted on computer support structures and integrated into existing equipment.  For mobile applications, the lighter the waterproof touchscreen computer’s weight, the greater the vehicle’s performance and ability to conserve its resources.

  1. Wide Temperature Threshold

Austenitic stainless steel enclosures like those made of Types 304 and 316 easily hold up to extremes of heat and cold their other components are rated to sustain.  Stainless steel retains its formidable strength at both high and low temperatures.  Stainless steel waterproof touchscreen computers deployed amid sweltering heat of a Smart foundry or subzero cold of Arctic mining resist material “creep,” brittleness or any degradation affecting impact tolerance. 

  1. Hygienic Simplicity

Stainless steel is the material of choice for compute hardware deployed in a range of environments where impeccable cleanliness is paramount.  Industries like food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing are heavily regulated to maintain stringent hygiene protocols to uphold product quality and purity.  Stainless steel is remarkably non-absorbent and easy to clean, holding up to thorough washdowns involving the strongest solvents and cleaning agents.

  1. Sleek Presentation

Aesthetically speaking, stainless steel adds modern sophistication to waterproof touchscreen computers.  Its durability and easy maintenance preserve the attractive appearance for the duration of the hardware’s lifetime.  Stainless steel waterproof touchscreen computers uphold the visual harmony in worksites populated with like-finished equipment.

Premio Waterproof Touchscreen Compute Solutions

From dirty deeds to hygienic needs, Premio has a stainless steel waterproof touchscreen computer to streamline industrial control applications and empower IoT automation in a variety of difficult environments.  Fanless heat displacement, responsive touch displays, lightweight low profile, secure locking I/O ports and wireless capabilities allow for effortless integration with industrial IoT systems.

WIO Series

The WIO Series was developed for high durability and corrosion resistance in a variety of wet, rough conditions.  An IP66 water and dust protection rating and high-utility Type 304 stainless steel enclosure enable the WIO waterproof touchscreen computer to withstand considerable contact with a variety of wet and caustic substances.  An internal heatsink and exterior thermal dispersion fins keep the WIO free of ventilation entry points for dust and contaminants.  7H hardness glass ensures that grit and sandy glove contact leave no scratches.  The WIO is ruggedized and optimized to process data and control systems in mining, agriculture, heavy industry and myriad applications in spaces where water and dirt contact are going concerns.


SIO Series

The SIO Series is Premio’s washdown touchscreen computer engineered for Industrial IoT applications with strict hygiene demands.  The IP66/IP69K rated computer withstands punishing high-temperature, high-pressure washdowns mandated for cleanliness at a particle or microscopic level.  The SIO Series enclosure is constructed of Type 316 stainless steel with advanced corrosion control for a wider variety of caustic media and high-potency cleaning solutions.  Its straight AC-in power design simplifies integration into facility systems, forgoing additional electrical converters and their dedicated waterproofing.  Native touchscreen enable/disable controls allow the SIO Series to remain powered on throughout IP69K washdowns.  High-brightness displays ensure clear, comfortable visibility in well-lit aseptic settings like meat, food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing.