Industrial Motherboards
& Single Board Computers

Premio’s line of industrial motherboards and single board computers represent the standard of embedded computing as well as the future of data processing and I/O connectivity. From OEM /ODM enterprise computing designs to embedded single board computer applications, Premio provides reliability and longevity with standard off-the-shelf industrial grade motherboards for the most challenging embedded deployments.

We also provide end-to-end engineering services to ensure your configuration requirements and solve your mechanical design challenges. From a full custom solution to a small change in the I/O, we can adapt each motherboard to comply to your specifications without compromising performance.

Industrial Motherboard Form Factor Buying Guide

Different Types And Sizes Of Motherboards

Different Types And Sizes Of Motherboards

What is form factor? How are motherboard form factors different from one another? Learn more about the various types of motherboard form factors and how they are used at the rugged edge.

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