Industrial PCs
Driving Automation for Industry 4.0

Benefits in Upgrading to Industrial PCs

  • Engineered for rugged reliability and industrial grade longevity, less downtime and more efficiency
  • Consolidate industrial workloads for both legacy equipment and new digital demands from IT to OT
  • Deliver Edge computing performance and inference capabilities in real-time
  • Upgrade to latest technology in processing, intelligence, and connectivity to enable more automation
  • Improve cybersecurity and remote manageability
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Ruggedized Designs for Harsh Deployments

Industrial PCs are built to perform amid severe physical conditions found in industrial environments. These compact and ruggedized computing machines are engineered for reliability in the most mission-critical applications. They feature the best in thermal dissipation and mechanical designs to eliminate failure points that cripple consumer desktop computers in the harshest environments.

Embedded Computer Characteristic

Fanless & Cable-less

Wide Temperature

Shock And Vibration

Water Resistance

Power Protection

Workload Consolidation for Automation and IoT

Industrial PCs supply the scalable, advanced processing capabilities legacy industrial controllers were not designed to support. Database linking, managing production capacity and materials availability, deploying targeted applications and handling communication traffic can be performed with a reduced hardware footprint by leveraging a robust industrial pc to connect to all your automation devices and infrastructures.

Automation and IoT Workload Consolidation

Premio Industrial PCs deliver unprecedented flexibility and scalability to Smart facility digital transformations and Industry 4.0 overhauls. With a range of connectivity options, application support and rich expandability, Industrial PCs gives managers more hands-on control in implementing hands-off automation.

Wide Automation Protocol Support

Robust Industrial PCs seamlessly integrate newer IIoT technology and cyberphysical systems with legacy equipment through expansive protocol support. Workloads can be consolidated through hardware supporting prominent automation protocols like CANOpen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET

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TPM 2.0

Secure System Controllers and Gateways

Facilities committing to digital transformation rely on safe technology to bridge vulnerable OT systems with IT. Decentralized hardware secured by trusted platform modules (TPM) eliminate openings for malware injections, while AI immediately detects aberrant system behavior that can produce undesired kinetic results.

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Versatile Wireless Connectivity

Industrial PCs boast several wireless connection features like Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE and Bluetooth to guarantee seamless communications with equipment, sensors, the cloud and other network systems from “noisy” factory floors.

AT&T Mobile Carrier
T-Mobile Mobile Carrier
Verizon Mobile Carrier
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Diverse I/O Option

Industrial PCs support workload consolidation with a reduced hardware footprint through widely-utilized I/O options. LAN/PoE, CAN Bus, serial options, independent display ports, and digital and general purpose I/O connections bring tasks together through a single piece of hardware.

USB 3.0

PCI Express

Serial Ports

Display Ports

Digital I/O

M12 Connectors

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Cloud IIoT Solutions

Devices certified for AWS IoT Greengrass and/or Microsoft Azure IoT unify IIoT networks via single-pane-of-glass control. Develop and deploy connected systems and machine learning inference analysis models on edge devices to extract the richest business intelligence from distributed industrial systems.

Microsoft Azure
AWS Greengrass IoT

Machine Learning Inference Analysis

Trained Deep Learning models deployed locally perform real-time inference analysis for artificial intelligence (AI) decisions and responses that initiate actions improving safety and efficiency. Learn More ...

Machine Training and Inference

Barcode Reading

AI Training

Machine Learning

Speech Recognition

Safety Monitoring

Autonomous Robotic

Machine Vision

Machine Vision performs numerous automated functions from image input, from barcode and optical character reading to color analysis to controlled comparison inspection. Machine vision systems carry out visual identification functions with far greater speed and reliability than human monitoring can deliver.

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Computer Vision in an instrumental component in metrology deployments demanding exacting precision. GPU-powered metrology computers detect flaws imperceptible to human sight, and can use computer vision intelligence to initiate maintenance, equipment redirection, system recalibration and resource reallocation.

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Robotics process visual data related to their tasks and surrounding to make intelligent performance decisions. Systems with computer vision acuity can anticipate and adjust to changes in their workflow and environment, creating a safer, more productive facility. Machine learning inference analysis refines robotic processes over time, improving speed and efficiency.

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HMI Automation

Industrial Panel PCs are intelligent, intuitive, interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions that provide the critical operations control window for ICS and SCADA systems. HMI automation delivers faster processing, more storage capacity, and wireless connectivity than legacy static HMIs to manage sequential tasks and control multiple functions efficiently.

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"Turn Computing Ideas Into Reality"
  ODM Customization

Industrial and smart manufacturing integrators collaborate extremely closely with embedded computing experts to design reliable industrial-grade computers at massive scale. This process provides a completely custom design that ensures mission-critical industrial automation applications can be deployed in the harshest factory environments.
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