Modex March 28-31, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. Booth #C4898

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About Modex

Modex is a leading supply chain convention and exhibition which provides the opportunity for professionals from across a variety of industries to connect and showcase the latest technologies and solutions to stay on the cutting edge of supply chain efficiency. Learn how rugged edge computing enables manufacturing and robotics automation and provides critical computing capability for data capturing, processing, and storage. 


Rugged Edge Computing for Manufacturing & Robotic Automation

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is rapidly changing the manufacturing industry worldwide. The urgent need to increase productivity, efficiency, and worker’s safety is driving the adoption and advancement in manufacturing automation. With the massive amount of data generated by smart equipment, edge computing provides the critical real-time data processing to generate actionable insights from data right on the factory floor to streamline process, enable predictive maintenance, and minimize detrimental system downtime.

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Enabling AI Powered Manufacturing Automation with Machine Vision Computers

Machine Vision is essential to manufacturing automation. However, requires a large data storage capacity and powerful hardware to process all the fine details at rapid speeds from multiple IoT devices/sensors. Premio's VCO-6000-CFL rugged industrial computer line is designed around Machine Vision and features a:

  • Rugged design (Wide operating temperature and voltage ranges, shock/vibration resistant)
  • Hot-swappable M.2 accelerators and NVMe storage bays
  • I/O expandability for extensive I/O compatibility with any IoT device
  • GPU upgradability with adjustable locking brackets

Make machine vision seamless, efficient, and reliable with Premio's VCO-6000-CFL. 

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Data Visualization with Industrial Touch Panel PCs

Premio's industrial panel PCs and touchscreen display monitors replace legacy single-function display computers. With our patented MDM technology, Premio's panel PCs are modular and allows for easy and accessible upgradability without having to replace the whole unit. Mix and match from our range of configurable display options, touch technologies, and deployment options. Our modular all-in-one ruggedized touch panel PCs are built ready for Industry 4.0 with high performance compute, storage, and connectivity to visualize data for analysis and decision-making. 

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Products Showcased at MODEX 

Assembled In USA Featuring Premio Inc.

The global supply chain disruption has hit the U.S. market across industries. U.S. government and enterprises are now challenging the current supply chain strategy and actively working on bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. In the web series, Made In America, Marketscale interviewed Premio Inc. and Intel to discuss re-shoring manufacturing in the ecosystem of semiconductor industry.