VIO Series
Rugged IP65 Industrial Touch Panel PC and Monitor

The VIO Series modular touch display systems delivers an industrial-grade IP65 display solution designed specifically for HMI automation, information and communication applications. Its unique modular design makes the display system more flexible and versatile by providing a unique solution for both an industrial panel pc and a touch monitor.


VIO-200 Series

Ruggedized. High-Performance. Modular

VIO-200-PC100-EHL Series

  • Intel® Celeron® Processor J6413
  • 1x 260-pin DDR4 SODIMM. max up to 32GB
  • 1x 2.5” SATA HDD bay
  • 1x mSATA, 2x SIM socket
  • 1x full-size mini PCIe (USB 2.0, SATA)
  • 6x RS-232/422/485 (2x internal), 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2, 2x USB 2.0
  • 8x DI + 8x DO with isolation

Intel® Celeron® J6413 is designed to deliver seamless multitasking for demanding applications while still offering optimal balance of power and efficiency.

Intel® Celeron® J1900 is designed for low-power consumption, providing a balance between power efficiency and basic performance needs.

7th Gen Intel® Core™ delivers exceptional performance, perfect for tacking multiple demanding tasks with ease, while offering optimal balance of power and efficiency.

VIO Display Module is designed to offer optimal flexibility and scalability based on screen size, ratio, and touch configuration.

Standardized Display Sizes & Compute for Industry 4.0

PC Module
Product Series VIO-200-PC100-EHL VIO-200-PC100-KBL-U
Processor Intel® Celeron® J6413 Intel® Core™ i3-7100U
Intel® Core™ i5-7300U
Storage - 1x mSATA, 1x Removable 2.5" SATA HDD
- 1x M.2 (B Key, PCIe x2 + USB 3.2 Gen1)
- 1x mSATA, 1x Removable 2.5" SATA HDD
Connectivity - 2x External SIM Sockets
- Wifi, Bluetooth, and 5G Connectivity
- 2x External SIM Sockets
- Wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G Connectivity
Featured I/O - DIO: 8 in / 8 out (isolated)
- COM: up to 6x
- DB9 CANBus (optional)
- DIO: 8 in / 8 out (isolated)
- COM: up to 6x
Security Module TPM 2.0 N/A
Display Module
LCD Size 12.1" (4:3) 15" (4:3) 17" (4:3) 19" (4:3) 15.6" (16:9) 21.5" (16:9) 24" (16:9)
Touchscreen PCAP or Resistive
Resolution 1024 x 768 (XGA) 1024 x 768 (XGA) 1280 x 1024 (SVGA) 1280 x 1024 (SVGA) 1920 x 1080 (FHD) 1920 x 1080 (FHD) 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Brightness 500/1000 350/1000 350/1000 350/1000 400/1000 300/1000 350/1000
Constrast Ratio 700:1 700:1 800:1 1000:1 700:1 500:1 1000:1
Backlight MTBF 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 30,000 hours
Mounting VESA Mount, 75x75 mm, 100x100 mm
IP Rating IP65
Cerfitication CE, FCC, UL

World Class Computers. World Class Certifications

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Modular Design

MDM Patent

Patented MDM Modular Technology
Design Concept Offers Flexibility With Ease

Premio's patented modular design technology is fully optimized to Premio's industrial all-in-one VIO panel PC. The VIO series offers a display module bundled with either an embedded PC unit or a display control module for optimal flexibility and scalability.

  • Hundreds of system configuration selections
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability.
  • Installation service and upgrade efficiently
  • Cost-effective, versatile solution
  • Resistive or capacitive (PCAP) touch option

Low-Power Embedded Processors

Industrial computer and panel pcs leverage the latest advancements in x86 silicon from Intel and deliver incredible processing power to analyze data and run intelligent workloads. Our computing designs consider a balance of performance and power-efficiency in the most mission-critical IoT deployments. Specific processors in low TDP options help system integrators scale with confidence and long-term reliability.

Fanless And Rugged Design

  • Prevent cabling signal degradation and latency
  • High shock and vibration tolerance
  • Prevent failure / repair / replacement caused by moving fan
  • Extends mean time between failure and minimizes maintenance costs
  • Wide operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Wide power Input: 9VDC – 36VDC

Scalability in Panel Sizes

Versatility in Touchscreen Type

Different Frame Bezel

Front Panel IP65 Waterproof

  • Aluminum die-casting enclosure
  • Dust tight enclosure
  • Water Projected by a nozzle against the enclosure will have no harmful effect
  • Protection against the harshest environment: water, moisture, dust, and heat

Advanced Expansion with M.2 Capability

The PC100-EHL series boosts its capabilities with M.2 slot, enabling advanced expansions for Hailo AI modules for AI and machine learning, 5G modules for fast, low-latency communication essential in IoT, and SSDs for quick, reliable data storage.

  • 1x M.2 (E Key, PCIe x1, USB 2.0)
  • 1x M.2 (B Key, PCIe x2 + USB 3.2 Gen1)

Removable SATA Drive

Featuring a removable SATA drive, empowering you with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Seamlessly swap out drives for effortless data management and security, ensuring your workflow stays uninterrupted and adaptable to your evolving needs.

Universal Bracket Expansion

In industrial operations and connectivity, compatibility with various devices is crucial. The universal I/O bracket is designed to maximize even more I/O when needed.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Less Application Development and Validation Time

Zero Downtime and Upgrades

Easy Customization

Long-Term Reliability

High Flexibility And Scalability

High-Brightness Panels for Enhanced Display Visibility (Optional)

Available options include 1,000+ nit high-brightness panels to aid readability. Operating under extreme sunlight conditions may impede a display’s visibility. The high-brightness display option for rugged panel PCs and touch monitors boosts overall display visibility in glaring environments. Ideal for outdoor applications such as in-vehicle displays, outdoor kiosk machines and digital signages.

Optical Bonding Technology for Improved Display Readability (Optional)

Optical bonding technology refers to the process of injecting a resin in-between the touch glass and the LCD display to enhance the readability and durability. Optical bonding option sustains clarity and vibrancy of the display under high humidity or bright sunlight conditions. The elimination of an air gap between the cover glass and display keeps out dust and moisture, which prevents condensation on the display’s surface. Additionally, optical bonding increases display contrast and readability in bright ambient environments by reducing the internal reflection between the cover glass and display. Optical bonding option is ideal for applications such as in-vehicle displays, public digital signages and outdoor kiosks.