Rugged Edge AI

Hardened Computers for Edge-Native Processing

2023 Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar

What is Rugged Edge AI?

As the world becomes increasingly more connected, the demand for real-time data processing and analysis has skyrocketed. Rugged Edge AI is the combination of Rugged Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence, two rapidly emerging technologies that are digitally transforming the way we process and analyze data. Together they form a powerful ecosystem that works together to meet the demand for real-time data processing and analytics.

Trends to Watch Now

Edge AI

Edge AI brings the power of AI to the edge, enabling real-time data processing, reduced latency, and enhanced security

Edge Computer Vision

Edge computer vision allows edge devices like industrial-grade computers to analyze visual data locally to provide immediate insights and action.

  The combination of edge computing and AI provides significant opportunities to survive in an increasingly disruptive world...edge computing and AI can raise innovation capabilities, operational excellence and customer engagement.

- Gartner

How does Rugged Edge AI Work?

Rugged Edge AI is the application of artificial intelligence models in edge computers that allow them to make intelligent decisions, eliminating long data travel distances. Together with cloud computing, these models are trained then deployed into edge devices to run in real-time.

Paradigms of Edge to Cloud

Rugged Edge Computing forms a symbiotic relationship with cloud computing, working together to create an ecosystem that provides efficiency in data processing and analytics for businesses to scale their productivity.

Constrained Edge

End User Edge


Distributed Edge

Data Center Edge Cloud


The Rugged Edge Survival Guide: From the Near Edge to the Far

Macro Trends at The Edge

As edge deployments are rising, the distribution of computing resources from the cloud to the edge is becoming wider. Key macro trends play an important role in giving enterprises flexibility and control in how they scale their edge to cloud deployments.

Key Technologies for Rugged Edge AI

Rugged edge computers are built with enhanced durability and ruggedized features that are specifically engineered to withstand volatile environments to perform mission-critical workloads without failing. Premio’s industrial grade designs bring key technologies together with scalable and modular solutions to provide enhanced reliability and expandability that help enable rugged edge AI.

Why Premio?
Built Rugged. Built Ready.

  • • 30+ years of extensive design expertise for industrial computing solutions in x86 compute power, storage, rich I/O, and high-speed connectivity
  • • Global turnkey manufacturing and support infrastructure in the USA
  • • Regulatory testing and compliance for rugged industrial computers
  • • Long Product Life Cycles to ensure reliability

Our Partners

Premio is part of Intel’s Parner Alliance Program that provides special access to semiconductor silicon solutions and powerful processing technology. As Titanium members Premio designs and manufacture system level computing solutions from the edge to the cloud.
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Premio is part of Nvidia Partner Network that provides in-depth knowledge into the latest technologies powering machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our rugged edge computing solutions are validated to support enterprise performance acceleration cards (GPUs) from Nvidia’s portfolio of compute, virtualization, and visualization products.
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Premio’s edge computers are certified to run AWS IoT Greengrass for developers requiring a less centralized processing platform for their IoT network. AWS IoT Greengrass empowers edge computers to act locally on the data they collect and generate.
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Premio edge computer are pre-certified for data telemetry to connect to Microsoft Azure IoT that enables a collection of cloud services that connect, monitor, and control IoT assets.
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Premio is part of Hailo’s hardware partner ecosystem that enables technology leaders to bring advanced deep learning capabilities to a variety of edge computers with domain-specific performance acceleration.

Case Studies and Insights


Edge AI differs from traditional AI in its deployment. Where most traditional AI utilizes cloud computing to perform its workloads, Edge AI is placed where the point of data generation is produced.
Non-traditional environments pose a physical challenge that many non-ruggedized systems cannot handle, such as extreme temperature, wide voltage, and dust/debris.
Hardware Accelerators using CPU, GPU, and TPUs; dense data storage; wireless connectivity; and IoT sensors and devices all contribute to powering Edge AI solutions.
Premio’s Rugged Edge Computers bring together core technologies to deliver reduced latency, enhanced security, and rugged reliability at the edge.
Yes, through Premio’s modular EDGEBoost Nodes and I/O modules, integrators can tailor their edge AI solutions to their specific compute and I/O requirements
By bringing processing closer to where the data is generated, the need for data to travel long distances is effectively removed.