Global Delivery

Supply Chain Management Systems


Collaborative supply chain management model

Premio’s philosophy of supply chain management is based on trust, communication, and cooperation. We believe that by building up a long‐term, direct relationship with our suppliers, we can achieve collective success to benefit all parties. With more than 26 years of partnership with Intel, Microsoft, and Kingston—to name just a few—we have built up a strong, well‐managed, and collaborative supply chain ecosystem to ensure a speedy response to dynamic market change, maximize efficiency, and minimize risk throughout the logistic chain. We provide supply chain transparency with consistent open communication, and we monitor industry‐ specific changes and vertical market analysis throughout a customer’s product lifecycle. Premio manages supply chain on our customer’s behalf to deliver products via on‐demand fulfillment, and to mitigate the risks of any supply interruptions before they happen.

Global, on‐demand delivery

With our logistic centers and manufacturing facilities located in North America, EMEA, and APAC, Premio delivers products globally, on‐demand, with custom shipping and stocking solutions.

Complete coverage for customers

From product design, new product introduction, mass production, and end‐of‐life inventory to after‐ sales parts and warranty service, Premio has our customers fully covered.

Complete product lifecycle solution

Premio supply chain, the backbone of our end‐to‐end solutions, provides our customers a complete product lifecycle inventory solution including VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and last‐time‐buy inventory.

Responsible industry practices & policies

As a responsible citizen in the industry, Premio supply chain also serves an important function in selecting and managing our AVL suppliers to be in compliance with Premio Green initiatives and requirements including RoHS, UL certified, WEEE, EPEAT, EICC, “no child labor” and “no counterfeit parts” policies.

Global logistics include these services:

Custom PCB & mechanical enclosure designs

DQA EVT/DVT/PVT testing & validation

EMI prescreening & ongoing reliability testing

Full scale environmental system testing & debugging

System performance benchmarking

Compatibility testing & analysis

Regulatory compliance testing & reporting

Custom firmware and BIOS development

Success Story: Prominent Healthcare System

Customized Embedded Solution An Illinois-based, non-profit Chicago Healthcare Delivery System, includes four hospitals, employing over 10,000 people, needed to Replace Off-the-Shelf Hardware While Maintaining Standardization. Since working, the Chicago Healthcare Delivery System has seen steady and continued growth in their business relationships. Our embedded design on critical components allows for greater image control and less frequent changes to that image. By using embedded components, we kept product changes and replacements to the very minimum in order to guarantee the lifetime of their systems.