Innovative Computer Engineering And Embedded Computing Solutions For The Edge And The Cloud

Industrial Computer

Machine Vision Computer

Fanless Mini Computer

Single Board Computer

CT-DBT0x 3.5″ Single Board Computer w/ Intel® ATOM™ E3800 Series/Celeron J1900 Embedded Processor Onboard

AI Edge Inference Computer

Small Form Factor Computer

In-Vehicle Fanless Computer

IP65/IP67 Waterproof Computer

GridStreams Series

High Performance Computing GPU Servers

gridstreams product

FlashStreams Series

High Performance SSD Servers

FlacheStreams Series AMD Solution

DuraStreams Series

Multi-Node Mission Critical Servers

Premio DuraStreams

ScaleStreams Series

High Density Storage Servers

Premio ScaleStreams

OmniStreams Series

Versatile General Purpose Servers

Just A Bunch Of Disk