AGV & AMR Robotics Powered By Industrial Computers

Integrate Real-Time Edge AI Performance for Advanced Robotic Vehicles

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) have steered the future of smart manufacturing in Industry 4.0. With the ever-growing demand for supply chain efficiency, these two automation innovations address critical challenges in warehousing and logistics sectors.

Rugged Industrial Computers are integrated into AGV/AMR deployments for:

  • Enabling edge AI applications in real-time
  • Processing data from multiple IoT cameras simultaneously
  • Powering the latest hardware technologies (5G, NVMe, GPU)

Real-time Data Processing

IIoT Connectivity

Rugged Reliability

5G Connectivity


Industrial Computing for AGVs and AMRs

From board to ruggedized system levels, Premio provides a selection of industrial computers purpose-built to meet varying specifications required in AGV/AMR deployments.

Super Rugged X86 Solutions

Designed fanless and cableless for hardened reliability at the rugged edge. These industrial computers for AGV deployments utilize Intel’s embedded x86 processors for scalable edge performance, IIoT-centric features, and support longevity.

  • 15 Year Embedded Product Lifecycle
  • Optimized for low-power efficiency
  • Scalable with specialized hardware accelerators
  • Compatible with EDGEBoost technologies

Super Rugged NVIDIA Jetson Solutions

Designed fanless and cableless for hardened reliability at the rugged edge. These industrial computers for AGV deployments utilize Intel’s embedded x86 processors for scalable edge performance, IIoT-centric features, and support longevity.

  • Up to 275 TOPS of AI Performance
  • 15W to 60W TDP
  • Balanced I/O options with EDGEBoost I/O Technologies
  • Industrial-grade Fanless Design

Board-Level X86 Solutions

Designed OEM and ODM deployment flexibility, these board-level x86 solutions offer industrial-grade performance and IIoT-centric connectivity. These industrial SBC motherboards are powered by Intel and AMD embedded processors for product support longevity and reliability.

  • Flexible Board-level Design
  • Industrial-Grade Performance
  • Ultra-compact Form Factors
  • Rich IIoT I/O Connectivity

Industrial Computing Reliability for AGV & AMR

Industrial computers follow a fanless and cableless design for hardened reliability. This significantly reduces the risk of failure when operating in harsh factory environments, while prolonging the longevity and reducing the need for maintenance. Additionally, Premio’s industrial computers have undergone rigorous testing and validation to achieve UL-Listed for safety standards compliance.

Wide Operating Temperatures

Whether facing shifting temperature changes or prolonged exposure to extreme conditions, a wide operating temperature range of –25°C to 70°C ensures consistent functionality across diverse AGV and AMR deployments.

Shock & Vibration Resistance

Factory floors often experience sudden shocks and vibrations. Premio industrial computers adhere to MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration standards, remaining operational even in the presence of frequent shock and vibration.

Wide Power Input

Power fluctuations and instability can cause electronics to shutdown abruptly; potentially corrupting data and system failure. Industrial computers feature a wide power input range of 9-48VDC to operate reliably in oscillating electrical conditions.

CE, FCC, UL Certifications

Certifications are proven statements that industrial computers have been rigorously tested and validated for safety standards compliance by NRTLs. Premio industrial computers have achieved UL Listed for peace of mind in deployment reliability.

Key Technologies for AGV/AMR Deployments

Rugged edge computers are built with enhanced durability and ruggedized features that are specifically engineered to withstand volatile environments to perform mission-critical workloads without failing. Premio’s industrial grade designs bring key technologies together with scalable and modular solutions to provide enhanced reliability and expandability that help enable rugged edge AI.

Integrating Industrial Computers into AGV & AMR Deployments

Industrial computers are integrated into AGV and AMR systems to process data in real-time and power edge AI algorithms to allocate optimized workflow processes for increased logistic efficiencies.

How Industrial Computers Benefit AGV/AMR Deployments:

  • Real-time edge AI workload processing
  • Consolidation of critical data and power
  • Optimized for scalability and flexibility
  • Rugged reliability for 24/7 in-vehicle operations

Goods-to-Person Automation

Goods-to-Person, or GTP, automation are solutions that implement AGVs to autonomize logistics order fulfilment management.

Autonomous Forklifts

Self-driving forklifts optimize pallet transport workflows, increase warehouse efficiencies, and enhance overall operational safety.

Ground Control Systems

The ground control system acts as the nervous center to oversee and assign AGV operations in a facility.

  • Task Prioritization
  • Route Planning
  • Fleet Management & Maintenance
  • Traffic Flow Control

Vehicle Control Systems

AGV and AMR have vehicle control systems to communicate telematics with ground control and ensure real-time sensing for safe operations.

  • Guidance
  • Navigation
  • Safety


AGV solution is the integration of systems and technologies to enable automated operations in advancing industrial sectors. These sectors include warehousing and logistics where an abundant amount of inventory is constantly being relocated and shipped. Industrial computers are a key component in AGV solutions as they play a vital role as a centralized hub to power multiple IoT cameras and process edge AI in real-time.

AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle and is one of the fundamental innovations of modern manufacturing technologies. By automating logistics with advanced robotics and capabilities of 24/7 operations, it significantly enhances efficiencies, safety, and alleviates a major pain point in manufacturing.

Edge computing is critical to the functionality of AGV and AMRs. Since these automated vehicle deployments are latency-sensitive and require AI processing, edge computing is optimized to streamline complex AI workloads and process data in real-time for actionable insights. AGV and AMRs rely on edge computing to operate efficiently, safely, and effectively.