Machine Vision Computer

High-Performance, Rugged Embedded Solutions for Inspection and Intelligent Computer Vision

Premio machine vision computers deliver unmatched processing and graphic performance. The VCO Machine Vision series’ scalable compute capacity accomplishes complex and data-intensive applications to drive automation, optimization and insight in the harshest factory deployments. The machine vision series is primed for automatic product lines inspection, intelligent security surveillance, biomedical imaging and vision-guided robotics/vehicles.

  • High quality, durability and compact construction.
  • Rugged design for harsh environment.
  • Fanless and cable-free configuration.
  • Wide range operating temperature.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly development.
  • Supports vision camera interfaces in GigE Vision and USB3 Vision
Machine Vision Computer

Powered By Industry-Leading Intel Chipsets, Each Machine Vision Series Is Equipped To Tackle Computer Vision Tasks

Factory Automation

Machine Vision

Quality Inspection

Motion Control

Digital Surveillance

Machine Vision Computers with CPU Socket

High-Performance, Powerful Processing Solutions

Machine vision computers with socket type CPUs apply numerous processing cores to handle larger workloads with flexible processing options. Socket type processors in industrial computers offer higher performance but require special cooling designs. A key benefit from Premio machine vision computers is our ability to passively cool 35W/65W TDP socket type processors in a completely fanless design and still support wide range of temperatures for the harshest factory floors to streamline automation.
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VCO-6000-CFL Series

  • Blazing Fast Next-Gen Performance
  • 8th/9th Gen. Intel® Core™ Processor
  • Up to 64GB RAM
  • 1x M.2 NVMe and 4x 2.5" SATA HDD Bay
  • Network Modules: x4 LAN/PoE+/M12, Dual-Port 10 GbE
  • Up to 5x PCIe/PCI Expansion Slots
  • 2x Internal SIM sockets
  • Wide Operating Temperature (-25°C to 70°C)
  • Wide Power Voltage 9 to 48 VDC and 12-48VDC for GPU Expansion
  • TPM 2.0

VCO-6000-KBL Series

  • Multi-Core Performance
  • 6th/7th Gen. Intel® Core™ Processor
  • Up to 32GB RAM
  • 4x 2.5" SATA HDD Bay
  • 2x Full-Size Mini PCIe
  • Up to 5x PCIe/PCI Expansion Slots

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Machine Vision Computer for
Industry 4.0

Machine vision computers supply efficient data processing and precision automation fueling Industry 4.0. Engineered and manufactured to endure the challenging physical conditions of a variety of severe environments, machine vision computers are high-performance, scalable solutions purpose-built to process and act on visual data. By consolidating numerous workloads within a single, versatile machine vision computer, points of failure and overall hardware footprint are reduced. Strong localized compute and low-latency communication yield more precise visual processing, generate real-time actionable insights, inform inference analysis applications and enable sophisticated automation.

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GigE Vision – Connect Cameras with Gigabit Ethernet

GigE Vision GigE Vision® is a global camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol.GigE Vision GigE Vision helps many machine visions applications with fast image transfers over common ethernet cables. Premio’s machine vision computers are building blocks for many industrial automation experts using GigE Vision in their computer vision operations.

Fast High bandwidth (125 MB/s) real-time transfer rates
Abundant Data transfer up to 100 meters in length
Standard Low cost CAT5e or CAT6 cables and RJ45 Connectors
Scalable Common Ethernet connections in variety of computing hardware
Low Cost Standard hardware and cables for easy plug and play intergration

USB3 Vision® - Connect Cameras with High-Speed USB

USB3 Vision USB3 Vision® helps many machine visions applications with high-speed USB image transfer rates. For example, the USB 3.x interface has bandwidth speeds up to 10Gbps. Premio’s machine vision computers are building blocks for many industrial automation experts using USB3 Vision® Vision in their computer vision operations.

Fast Up to 10Gbps of High bandwidth
Abundant Data transfer up to 100 meters in length
Standard Easy-to-use and Common USB connectors
Scalable Common USB ports in scalable computing hardware
Low Cost Data and power over a single cable Uses

Ruggedized for the Harshest Factory Floors

Machine Vision Computers play a significant role in the framework for robust compute, storage, and connectivity platforms in many factory automations requiring intelligent vision technology. As the demand for low-latency computing sets the stage for greater automation in rugged settings, specialized computer hardware is required to ensure mission-critical reliability and real-time processing without detrimental downtime.

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Fanless Design

  • Prevent failure / repair / replacement caused by fan part
  • Venting holes no longer needed
  • Extended MTBF
  • Noiseless

Cable-less Design

  • Prevent cabling signal degradation and latency
  • High shock & vibration tolerance
  • No more cable routing & cable matching problems

Power Protection

  • Wide voltage range
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • Reverse protection

Wide Temperature

VCO series support extended temperature to allow application in difficult and harsh environment.

Expansion Capabilities Powerful Acceleration

  • Riser Cards to support multiple PCIe/PCI configurations
  • Balanced Architecture in PCIe 3.0 x16 performance models
  • Capable to drive powerful GPUs
  • Modular Cooling fans available for additional thermal dissipation

IoT Connectivity Ready

  • 5G/4G LTE with major North America cellular carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon
  • Supports Multiple SIM Cards
  • Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth
  • Amazon AWS Greengrass and Microsoft Azure IoT Certified
    AWS Greengrass IoT


Machine Vision (MV) is the integration of hardware and software used to assist computers in making decisions by analyzing video and images. In manufacturing, MV is commonly used on production lines for automatic inspection at every stage of the product. MV has also expanded its applications in high-end surveillance/security, biomedical imaging, and even vision guided robotics/vehicles. With advancements in vision technology, machines are increasingly capable of greater functions to meet strategic goals of industry.

All MV computers are comprised of two key components: a hardware platform and vision software. The hardware platform is the computer working in conjunction with various devices such as cameras, capture cards, and data acquisition modules to enable it to capture video or images. Once the target video or image is acquired, it is then processed by the vision software which triggers an action or function depending on the result. Due to the wide variety of cameras, motion controllers, and other devices required for MV, it is critical for the hardware platform to feature expandability for multiple PCI/PCIe add-on cards. Most MV computers are deployed in adverse environments, so the entire platform must also be engineered to withstand extreme temperature ranges, varying voltage levels, and high levels of shock and vibration.

  • Workload Consolidation: Machine vision computers have the processing capacity to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously, reducing hardware footprint
  • IoT Connectivity: Rich wired I/O and wireless connection technologies incorporate legacy and leading-edge equipment, and data transmissions from remote and mobile environments.
  • Reliability: Intelligent design and rugged features fortify machine vision computers against the severe and challenging physical factors encountered in a variety of industrial environments
  • Scalability: Machine vision computers’ modular design allows for interchangeable expansion options.
  • Security: Trusted platform modules with TPM 2.0 standards enable hardware boot security, encryption and cybersecurity protections.
  • Intelligent Automation: Powerful visual data processing and performance acceleration options enable real-time inference analysis and machine learning for richer, data-driven autonomy at the rugged edge.

What sets general computer vision apart from machine vision is a hardware platform that is designed for the rugged and industrial environment. Three critical elements are required in order for a system to operate properly in a factory setting: 1) wide range operating temperature, 2) high shock and vibration rating, and 3) power protection from potential voltage spikes.

  • Wide Range Operating Temperature
  • By utilizing a fanless and cableless design in conjunction with selecting a high performance processor with low TDP, we can ensure the computer is able to operate reliably with the temperature range of -25C to 70C (-13F to 158F)

  • High Shock and Vibration Rating
  • Featuring a solid construction with a modular and single top cover design, the system is tested and validated for vibration rating at 3 Grms and shock level at 50G

  • Power Portion
  • Power output in a factory can fluctuate widely and suddenly, so it is crucial that any computers operating in such an environment have proper power protection. Our MV platform comes standard with OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), and RVP (Reverse Voltage Protection). This allows the computer to continue to operate continuously even with unexpected power spikes.

Depending on the task and factory conditions, additional devices or add-on cards might be needed, so a MV computer needs to be flexible when it comes expandability. Premio VCO series offer a maximum of five expansion slots, in various combinations of legacy PCI and PCIe. For ease of installation and maintenance, all computer ports are front facing and accessible from a single side including all ports from any add-on cards. In addition, the unit is mountable in three different configurations: wall mount, book mount, or industry standard DIN-rail mount; this allows the unit to be installed accordingly to each factory's space constraints.

  • Latest USB interfaces and GPIO to provide higher speed data transfer
  • Supports multi-core accelerators for inference analysis
  • Supports Wide Temperature and Wide-Voltage Spikes in harsh factory environments
  • Large solid-state storage capacity to keep data in place
  • Up to 64GB of DDR4 SODIMM Memory Ram for multi-tasking
  • Support for latest high-speed vision cameras (GigE and USB 3.0)
  • Modular PCIe Expansion slots for high performance GPU accelerators

MV technolody enables factories to streamline their overall manufacturing process and with its many benefits, help meet strategic goals.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Extremely repetitive tasks can be automated with far greater accuracy and speed. Factories can reduce human involvement for tasks that are ill-suited for manual labor, but is extremely well-suited for a machine.

  • Increased Quality
  • Inspection by MV yields higher consistency and quality. Once the initial rules and conditions are configured in the vision software, an MV platform is able to learn and optimize over time with tighter process control.

  • Data Analytics
  • Manual tasks now connected to a computer can provide data feedback. Captured images and videos can be archived and analyzed for future improvements in design and production.

  • reduced Floorspace
  • The space needed for an MV computer is much smaller than the space needed for a human operator. In additional, the MV platform can operate in extreme environments.

Machine vision computers can serve as cloud gateways for industrial IoT edge networks. By efficiently delegating select IoT applications to cloud resources, machine vision computers free up processing capacity for tasks demanding local compute for real-time action. Cloud access also streamlines application upgrades and security patching for embedded systems with access constraints.

Premio machine vision computers are certified to deploy cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure IoT and AWS IoT Greengrass. The platforms connect, monitor, and improve control of IoT assets to simplify enterprise system launch and management. The platforms draw advanced compute capabilities from the cloud to apply locally for latency-free performance and insights.

The VCO Machine Vision Computers series is suitable for the following vertical market segments:


  • liharmaceutical
  • Food & liackaging
  • Automotive
  • Electronics & Semiconductor
  • Metrology / Measurement


  • Healthcare & Medical Imaging
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Agricultural Automation