VCO-6000-KBL Series

Superior Embedded Design for Industrial 4.0 Machine Vision Applications

Designed with robust performance and embedded longevity

  • Supports 6th/7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Pentium® / Celeron® Desktop Processor (LGA 1151)
  • Wide Operating Temperature (-25°C to 70°C) for extreme environments
  • Triple Independent Display for multiple display outputs
  • DIO Functionalities for signal integrity on industrial sensors
  • Various Expansion Interfaces, PCI / PCIe / Mini-PCIe Expansion Available for application specific add-in cards and upgrades
  • Versatile Expansion slots to support latest GPU cards for industrial machine visioning applications

Breakthrough Performance and Embedded Computing at its Core

Designed with Intel®® 6th / 7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Pentium® / Celeron® desktop processor, the VCO-6000-KBL Series is able to unleash robust performance, higher reliability, and unmatched functionality for your industrial machine visioning applications.

Durable and Ruggedized Fanless Design

The VCO-6000-KBL series machine vision computer leverages advance passive cooling technology in its exterior shell, offering both durability and reliability for industrial environments (guaranteed longer MTBF hours in a 24/7 operation). The exterior chassis is designed as a heatsink to actively disperse unwanted heat in extreme industrial environments.

Versatile Industrial I/O Interfaces

Choose the VCO-6000-KBL Series to enable a variety of industrial control applications, especially for machine visioning applications.

Rich Multi-functional I/O interfaces available that offers easy plug and play installation for other devices:

  • 4x USB connect to IP cameras
  • 16-bit Digital I/O connector
  • 4 COM ports for legacy devices

Diverse Expandability for Next-gen Upgrades and Performance

The VCO-6000-CFL series provides even more flexibility for multiple applications by offering a maximum of 3 PCI express slots or 4 PCI slots that allow for additional add-in cards such as:

  • Video capture cards
  • Graphic cards (GPU)
  • Data acquisition cards

Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • Front-accessible HDD drives for replacement and/or capacity upgrades
  • Top-accessible CFast socket allow users to remove or replace compact flash cards in a fast and easy manner, perfect for required maintenance.

Easy Mounting Configurations

The VCO-6000-CFL series machine vision computer offers a variety of mounting options that eliminate the need for additional mounts or brackets; allowing for rapid deployment for many industrial applications.

  • Wall / Book Mounting
  • DIN-Rail Mounting (Optional)

Optional Fan Module

  • Regulate air flow to sustain optimum internal chassis temperature
  • Able to dissipate and eliminate additional heat temperature from added GPU cards

Tested and Validated for Extreme Environments

  • Wide operating temperatures ( -25°C to +70°C)
  • Wide Range DC power input (9V to 50V)