Meet Premio at ATX West 2022 Booth# 4482 from April 12-14 @ Anaheim Convention Center, CA!

About ATX West

ATX West is the leading automation technology annual trade show that unifies innovation and engineering with automation, robotics, and smart manufacturing. This exhibition allows professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers opportunities to network and showcase their latest technological advancements. With over 13,000 attendees from 70 different countries and 1,400 exhibitors, ATX West 2022 will be a phenomenal experience to learn and expand on the greatest tech. Come visit Premio at Booth #4482 and find out about our newest and upcoming products! 

Date: April 12-14, 2022
Venue: Anaheim Convention Center, California
Booth #: 4482

Industry 4.0 Automation Powered by Industrial PCs

Industry 4.0 is pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing into the era of smart manufacturing. Automation is streamlined and productivity is immaculate. However, it is not possible without the engineering of Industrial PCs that allow such performance. Industrial computers are constructed to be I/O expansive and flexible to ensure compatibility with all types of IoT components, rugged to withstand harsh factory conditions, and support data intensive AI and machine learning while producing results in real time. 

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Compute From The Rugged Edge

Rugged Edge Computing allows all processing power to occur on-site without the reliance on the Cloud. It enables real-time data analysis so decisions can be made with little to no delay. Being designed rugged, edge computing can operate under any location whether it be extreme temperatures, vibration/shock, dust or debris related.  
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Insight with Machine Vision  

Machine vision is the driving factor for automated manufacturing and the embodiment of automated innovation. The ability to recognize, comprehend, and distinguish differences at lightning speeds allows them to be deployed to numerous IoT applications like various quality inspection stages, and security surveillance and intelligence. Machine vision technology supersedes human capabilities and has earned a crucial part in automated operations. Because Machine vision technology requires heavy data processing computations and sensors, machine vision computers are built to accommodate with x86 processors, GPU accelerators to balance workload resources, and are rich in I/O compatibilities. Premio’s rugged machine vision computers allow Machine Vision technology to operate reliably, seamlessly, and under rough factory conditions.    
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Smart Manufacturing with AI and Machine Learning 

Autonomous operations are reliant on AI. AI go through a Deep Learning model where it is trained to recognize and process various assets and learn to distinguish differences. As it becomes more accurate, AI begin use inference to further develop their efficiency on a task with newly introduced data. It will learn from previous errors and soon produce accurate and effective results while continuing to learn by assimilating new data. Machine vision and AI Edge Inference computers have the computing capacity to automate IoT applications with smart security surveillance, biometric recognition, and vision-guided robotics. 
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Effectiveness of Edge computing for Automation  

Automation relies on being as efficient as possible and can become extremely puzzling to optimize. Machine learning and AI have the proficiency in accomplishing these tasks but require powerful hardware to effectively run it. Edge computers specialize in processing vast amounts of data rapidly, allowing for optimized and efficient adjustments to be made in real-time. Because there is such an excessive amount of data to be collected, stored, and analyzed, AI Edge computers are built with lightning fast NVMe storage and GPU acceleration to balance the workload throughout the system. Edge computing is significantly beneficial to automated manufacturing with its features to reallocate workload resources, ensure preventative maintenance for system longevity, and improve overall production results.  
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What Products To Expect At ATX West

VCO-6000-CLF Series Machine Vision Computers

The VCO-6000-CFL Series is constructed to run data intensive software and programs. With an Intel 9th Gen and Q370 chipset, on-board NVMe M.2, and support for a X16 PCIe GPU, it will provide rapid access to data insights in real-time and allow decision-making on-site. 

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BCO-2000-WHL-U Fanless Mini Computers

A small form factor mini computer that has expandability and flexibility in I/O configurations, the BCO-2000-WHL-U is ready to be deployed in limiting locations. Built rugged and compact, it is able to operate under a wide temperature range and is resistant to shock/vibration. 

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IP66/IP69K Washdown Touchscreen Computers 

Engineered for Industry 4.0 modernization, SIO-200 Series offers navigation ease, reactive touch response, and screen clarity. Built with stainless steel chassis to resist corrosion and easy to maintain.
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IP65 Industrial Touch Panel PC and Monitor


Designed with innovation in mind, the VIO-200 Series is rugged and modular. It is one of Premio's All-In-One Panel PCs and Display Monitors that can be detached and provide versatility in various applications. 
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