VCO-6000-CFL Series
Machine Vision Computer

Sharper Vision at the Rugged Edge

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series focus on driving rich visual data processing in challenging settings. These expandable embedded computers are engineered to apply Intel® 9th Gen and Q370 chipset PCH advanced processing to responsive visual analysis in volatile, demanding and mobile deployments. The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series support rich processing, future-ready storage technologies, and rapid connectivity for more reliable, efficient processing at the rugged edge.

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9th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

The 9th Gen. Intel® Processors and Q370 chipset enable processing power and IoT support for responsive vision-reliant computing in challenging settings.

  • Up to eight hyperthreading core
  • Up to 12MB cache; up to 4.4 GHz
  • Intel® UHD Graphics 610/630

Accelerate Machine Learning
with x16 PCIe GPU (Full Length)

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series offer multi-level processing and real-time intelligence by balancing workloads between CPU and GPU performance cores. The front sided PCIe expansion slots for the vision computer can be populated with GPU performance accelerators in a Full-Length, Full Height form factor. Graphics accelerators like GPUs allow intelligent devices to run machine learning algorithms for inference analysis of data from a variety of IoT sensors.

Accessible PCIe Magazine Tray

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series provides expansion capabilities on a new level for performance and reliability. Its unique PCIe magazine tray is designed for easy installation and access to full-size PCIe x16 GPU acceleration cards. Easy and adjustable mechanical brackets provide locking reinforcement to ensure resistance against shock and vibration.

Hot-Swappable Blower

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series ensures ultimate reliability by delivering cooling where it counts. The ultra-conductive aluminum heat sink dissipates heat with the support of a hot-swappable smart fan module that regulates performance based on thermal readings. The hot-swappable fan can also be easily removed for replacements or quick maintenance in the field.

4x Removable NVMe and 1x Internal NVMe Edge Inference Computer

NVMe: Immediate Edge Intelligence

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series enable high-speed NVMe storage for greatly accelerated data leverage. Support for an onboard M.2 NVMe drive with PCIe 3.0 x4 performance efficiently feeds integrated CPUs and GPUs volumes of data for complex data cache applications. Rapid data speeds enable more reflexive machine vision, automation and inference analysis at the edge.

Hot-Swappable m.2 Accelerator Trays

Meet the challenges of computer vision and deliver blazing fast hardware acceleration with x4 hot-swappable m.2 carrier trays. The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer uses individual m.2 carrier trays to push performance and storage to a new level. Each m.2 carrier tray supports leading edge technologies in TPU, m.2 accelerators, and NVMe storage.

Additional Storage Support

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series supports two hot-swappable external SATA SSD/HDD drive bays and two internal drive bays for a scalable RAID solution. The external 2.5” drive bays permit hot-swappable replacement of the SATA drives, simplifying service and capacity upgrades.

Wireless IoT Connectivity

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series' Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 technologies reliably connect to wireless sensors and network systems. Dual SIM sockets provide continuous 4G/LTE cellular connectivity at mobile or remote edge deployments.

Versatile I/O

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series incorporate leading-edge I/O options for a vastly expandable Industry 4.0 solution. Reliable serial ports, multi-display outputs and high-speed USB ensure smooth integration and offer rich scalability to rugged edge deployments.

dual power input

Dual-Power Input for Hardware Acceleration

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer provides a dual-power input solution for stable power and efficiency with wide voltage support. It’s modular design powers leading edge technologies in GPU, TPU, m.2 accelerators, and NVMe storage.

  • 9 – 48 VDC for PC
  • 12 - 48 VDC for performance acceleration cards


  • 4x USB 3.2 Gen2

COM Ports

  • 2x RS-232/422/485


  • 16-Bit DIO

Universal Bracket and Expansion Slot

  • 2x Universal Bracket
  • Up to 5 Expansion Slot


  • 2x DP (4096 x 2304)
  • 1x DVI-I (1920 x 1200)


  • 2x GBE
  • 4x Antenna

Built Rugged. Built Ready.

Ruggedized hardware safeguards VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series in severe, remote and dynamic environments.

  • Fanless cooling eliminates failure points
  • Wide -25 to 70° C operating temperature
  • 20G shock and 3 Grms vibration tolerance
  • Wide 9 to 48VDC voltage input
  • Power Ignition Management safely powers down after engine shutoff
  • TPM 2.0 for password protection, device authentication and future-ready cybersecurity

5 Sec to 2 Hours Power Ignition Management

TMP 2.0: Securing IoT Deployments at the Edge

Use Cases

Industrial Automation

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series can recognize and interpret visual data to accomplish myriad tasks independently. GPU- and NVMe-accelerated real-time decisions are made without time-taxing, error-prone human oversight. Industrial processes can be independently streamlined for safety, efficiency and resource conservation.

Metrology and Defect Detection

The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series apply accelerated GPU and NVMe technologies to industrial optical applications in dynamic spaces. The solution quickly recognizes and “understands” visual data it collects about objects and values and makes determinations to aberrations or defects. The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series help uphold standards of quality, purity and serviceability in manufacturing sectors.


Video analytics transform rugged edge surveillance systems into intelligent safety, security and business insight utilities. Inference analysis applied to PoE camera data can be leveraged toward behavior prediction, facial recognition, and object or treat detection. Surveillance video can also provide Smart city and facility managers deep insights that can improve traffic flows, streamline access control processes and optimize transportation scheduling.

Intelligent Transportation

Developing and improving autonomous vehicle systems and driver assistance systems (ADAS) requires massive real-world data from the various high-resolution cameras and vehicle sensors to train AV (autonomous vehicle) and ADAS (advanced driver assistant systems) algorithms. Obtaining this data requires purpose-built computing solutions capable of storing and recording data in real-time with speed and accuracy.