Premio Inc. Releases Intel 12th & 13th Generation Industrial Edge Computers and a Micro-ATX Motherboard

Five new x86 rugged edge computing solutions extend Premio’s portfolio for building block processing performance

Greater Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, December 11, 2023Premio Inc., a global leader in rugged edge/embedded computing and industrial display technology, announced today the release of its family of Intel 12th/13th Generation, UL-Certified fanless/fanned x86 rugged edge computers and a micro-ATX motherboard. These industrial computing solutions are designed to enable real-time processing and high-speed data telemetry with the latest leading technologies for hardware acceleration. Premio’s robust portfolio of ruggedized x86 computing solutions, offer power-efficient processing, rugged reliability, and flexible I/O scalability – all optimized in their design for mission-critical, edge-native applications that build solutions around hardened computers.   

"As a longstanding Intel Titanium partner spanning multiple decades, Premio harnesses the cutting-edge semiconductor technology from Intel to drive innovation in our core x86 architecture designs, shaping our extensive range of industrial fanless computing solutions," said Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing at Premio. "Amidst escalating needs for machine learning and edge AI performance, this product family release underscores our unwavering engineering commitment, reaffirming our dedication to delivering robust and dependable computing hardware tailored for mission-critical environments at the rugged edge." 

Intel’s latest 13th generation Core I Series processors (codenamed: Raptor Lake) provide a major upgrade in performance processing with their hybrid chip architecture, based on Intel’s 7 (10nm Enhanced SuperFin) semiconductor technology. Intel’s latest line of Core I Series processors set a new stage for powerful multicore performance; the series leverages a unique balance of “Performance” and “Efficiency” cores that intelligently allocate computational workloads without increasing power consumption. According to Intel, the latest 13th Generation Intel Core CPUs provide up to an 11% increase in single thread performance and up to 49% in multi-core performance. These performance measurements are compared to the 12th Generation and are achieved as a result of the 13th generation’s increased number of E-cores and higher clock speeds. 

Through this new hybrid design, Intel processors strike a technical balance between performance and efficiency, providing a significant leap in processing capabilities for Premio’s portfolio of x86 rugged edge computing solutions. Premio’s solutions optimized for applications in key target markets such as: Edge AI, manufacturing, automation, security and surveillance, intelligent transportation, medical, and more. 

Premio’s Raptor Lake product release features a variety of UL Listed computing solutions for mission-critical applications that leverage ruggedized x86 computers. All supported by Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9 TE 35W processors, system integrators and hardware engineers can select from a wide range of product models that push new boundaries in edge-native performance. Premio flagship products range from x86 rugged edge computers, x86 fanned industrial computers, and a micro-ATX motherboard that can be used as an off-the-shelf building block for faster time to market and next-generation hardware acceleration.  

"With this latest release, Premio empowers our valued partners and system builders to harness cutting-edge advantages in real-time processing, high-speed storage, and accelerated I/O connectivity. Together these factors provide a competitive advantage and elevate the success of their edge computing initiatives," Seetoo added. "Our computing solutions not only showcase state-of-the-art x86 processor performance from Intel but also bear the hallmark of ultimate safety and reliability with our UL Certification." 

Leading the charge is Premio’s modular Edge AI Inference Computer (RCO-6000-RPL), Machine Vision Industrial Computer (VCO-6000-RPL), Fanned Industrial Computer (KCO-2000-RPL/KCO-3000-RPL), and an industrial-grade mATX Motherboard (CT-MRL01). Each product boasts advanced features and specifications to address the processing requirements of industrial applications, such as edge AI and Robotics, and automation. 

RCO-6000-RPL AI Edge Inference Computer with 13th Gen Intel Core

RCO-6000-RPL (AI Edge Inference Computer)

  • Support 12th/13th Gen Intel® Core™ Alder lake-S/Raptor Lake-S 35W TE CPU
  • DDR5 4800/5600MHz SODIMM. Max up to 64GB (ECC and Non-ECC) 
  • EDGEBoost I/O Modules for AI/NVMe and Flexible I/O 
  • EDGEBoost Node Support for GPU & Hot-swappable Storage  
  • Lower Latency and Faster Speeds: PCIe Gen 4 
  • UL Certified 
  • Microsoft Azure IoT and Amazon Greengrass Certified Device

VCO-6000-RPL Machine Vision Computer with 13th Gen Intel Core

VCO-6000-RPL (Machine Vision Computer)

  • Support 12th/13th Gen Intel® Core™ Alder lake-S/Raptor Lake-S 35W TE CPU
  • DDR5 4800/5600MHz SODIMM. Max up to 64GB (ECC and Non-ECC) 
  • Dual High-Performance GPU Expansions 
  • Scalable, External SATA and NVMe Storage 
  • Lower Latency and Faster Speeds: PCIe Gen 4 
  • UL Certified 
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon Greengrass Certified Device 

KCO-2000-RPL KCO-3000-RPL Fanned Industrial Computer with 13th Gen Intel Core

KCO-2000-RPL/KCO-3000-RPL (Fanned Industrial Computer)

  • Supports 12th/13th Gen mATX Motherboard 
  • Intel® 13th/12th Gen RPL/ADL 35W TE or 65W E CPU 
  • Fanned Industrial 2U Short Depth chassis & 3U Rackmount Chassis 
  • UL Certified (Pending) 
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon Greengrass Certified Device 

CT-MRL01 Industrial mATX Motherboard supporting 13th Gen Intel Core Processors

CT-MRL01 (Industrial-grade Micro-ATX Motherboard)
  • mATX board with LG1700 Socket 
  • Intel® Q670E chipset 
  • Support 12th/13th Gen Intel® Core™ Alder lake-S/Raptor Lake-S Processor 
  • DDR4 DIMM. Max. up to 128GB 
  • USB Type-C   
  • Blazing Fast Gen5 PCIe for Performance Boost 

To learn more about Premio’s line of Intel 12th/13th Generation Industrial computers, contact our embedded computing experts at   


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