Interactive Kiosk Machines in the age of Connected IoT and Edge Computing

In an age where edge computing proves to drive better insights and decisions, kiosk machines help transform shopping experiences and make them more convenient for end-users. Kiosk Machines today provide end-users an interactive experience by helping them find products, custom-tailored services and important information like wayfinding.

These self-service kiosk machines are jampacked with the latest IoT technologies that provide high-speed interoperability, intelligence from analytics, and wireless connectivity in most remote deployments. In order to provide seamless user-experiences, kiosk machine manufactures incorporate immersive software and the latest technologies in compute, touchscreens, smart sensors and cameras. Kiosk Machines are highly responsive and are powered by embedded computers that provide 24/7 reliability in kiosk machine environments.

Embedded IoT Design

Low power but powerful multi-core processing at the edge

Do More with Less

Latest IoT Technology for Workload Consolidation

Connect into the Cloud

Data Aggregation for inference analysis and machine learning, and remote monitoring

Wireless Connectivity

Remote manageability, 4G/LTE and 5G networks on the horizon for outdoor and rugged environments

IoT at its Best

Customer profile and retention analytics from IoT tracking sensors

Kiosk Machine Computer

Why do Kiosk Manufactures Integrate Embedded Computers into Kiosk Machines?

Deploy upgrades in scalable IoT computing technologies that have been engineered for self-service kiosk designs. Embedded computers are built to provide the foundation behind a connected and interactive kiosk machine, providing an immersive customer experience.

  • Eliminate downtime for real-time applications
  • Reduce Time to Market with plug and play embedded computer solutions
  • Fanless and Silent Designs provide trusted reliability in outdoor kiosks
  • One-Piece, Cableless, and Validated to endure shock and vibration
  • Extended Operating Temperature Range for Harsh Environments
  • Wide-Voltage Power Protection
  • Modular and Expandable I/O options designed for workload consolidation

Simple, Self Deployment

Simply integrate into kiosk machine enclosure plug in power and connectivity

Customized and Tailored Experiences

Select from Kiosk modes for specific tasks and applications

Lock Down Browsing Experience

Assign special access to control kiosk experiences

Remote Kiosk Management

Easily manage and monitor kiosk machines remotely

Kiosk Machine

Kiosk Machines offer expedited self-service tasks and are deployable in many on-the-go market segments that range from retail, smart cities, restaurant (QSR), bank, public transit, and hospitals.

Global Kiosk
Total Addressable Market:
16.9 Bil
valued in 2018
~45 Bil
valued by 2026
CAGR from 2019 to 2026

Why Kiosk Manufactures Choose Us for Kiosk Computers?

Premio’s Industrial-grade Embedded Computers, Rugged Edge Computers, and Touchscreen Panel PCs are key building-blocks for powerful kiosks machines. Select and deploy fanless commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) computing solutions or directly collaborate with our embedded engineering experts for a custom computer design. Our team of embedded engineers can help accelerate your time to market with a custom-built compute for your kiosk machine enclosure.

Expertise in the design, engineering and manufacturing for embedded computers in self-service kiosks and smart kiosk machines

  • 30+ years of extensive design expertise in computing solutions to address kiosk requirements
  • Thermal simulation chambers to guarantee wide operating temperatures for outdoor kiosks computers
  • Global turnkey manufacturing and support for kiosk computers for scalable mass deployments
  • Long Product Life Cycles to ensure reliability
  • Deep understanding of IoT technologies and how they benefit kiosk machines
  • Regulatory testing and compliance options for kiosk computers in the North America Markets

Leverage built-in Kiosk Machine Modes with Windows 10 OS

Embedded Kiosk computers and Fanless Mini PCs can be configured with Windows 10 tools dedicated for kiosk machine modes. Kiosk deployments use essential operations that require maximum reliability, manageability and security. Quickly integrate Premio’s kiosk computers to increase time to market and focus on adding value to your business and end-users for kiosk applications.

ODM Customization
Turn Computing Ideas Into Reality

Kiosk machine manufactures work extremely close with embedded computing experts to design reliable industrial-grade computers at massive scale. This process provides a completely custom design that ensures mission-critical kiosk applications can be deployed in rugged and outdoor environments.


A kiosk computer is a scalable computing solution for interactive and self-service kiosk machines. These purpose-built embedded computers are different than desktop computers because they are designed to operate in remote environments and deliver kiosk specific results. Kiosk computers are working behind the scenes and are tucked away into the overall enclosure of kiosk machines. They also have different requirements than a desktop computer in terms of I/O support (USB,COM, display), low-power options. and ease for serviceability.

Kiosk computers are essentially ruggedized embedded computers that control a variety of important functions in kiosk machines. Due to tough deployments demands most kiosk computers leverage the following features:

  • Fanless and Silent Designs for Better Reliability
  • One-Piece, Cableless, and Validated to endure Shock and Vibration
  • Extended Operating Temperature Range for Harsh Environments
  • Wide-Voltage Power Protection
  • Modular and Expandable I/O options designed for workload consolidation

A kiosk computer is loaded with specialized software that enables on-demand information in a self-service and interactive experience. These compact and versatile computers control multiple functions in kiosk machines from: touchscreens, processing, payment/card readers, smart sensors, cameras and data telemetry, and remote manageability.

Kiosk designers and manufactures that deploy entire kiosk solutions benefit the most from kiosk computers. By partnering with embedded computing experts, kiosk manufactures can achieve acceleration in deployments at massive scale. Kiosk manufactures can also leverage ODM customization and specifically tailor computing options for their machines.

Kiosk computers are found in kiosk machines and are deployable in many on-the-go market segments that range from retail, grocery stores, smart cities, restaurant (QSR), bank, public transit, amusement parks and hospitals.