Rugged Edge Computing for Vehicle Fleet Telematics

New IoT sensors and powerful processing capabilities continue to play a critical role in the future for intelligent transportation markets. Next-gen commercial fleet vehicles now operate with precision accuracy and transmit data telemetry via broadband wireless networks. Increasing demands for edge computing solutions in fleet management will provide market adoption in new technologies that deliver low-power processing, wireless connectivity , and real-time insights in decentralized mobile environments.

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What are Vehicles Telematics?

Vehicle telematics is a hybrid of technologies that combine the ability for "telecommunication" and "information processing." Many of these technologies and devices collect and process data for real-time vehicle insights for location tracking, service and the maintenance of fleet vehicles.

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Sales of connected car technologies are estimated to exceed USD 130 billion by 2021


By 2030, trucking and logistics will be an ecosystem of autonomous vehicles directed by a digitized supply chain, combining driverless, cabless trucks and delivery hubs staffed by robots.

  Sustainable Roles For Suppliers

  • Smart infrastructure enablers
  • Automated shuttle-vehicle manufacturers
  • Platform providers
  • Mobility intelligence providers
  • Vehicle features and demands providers.


Around 70% of new cars are 5G connected in 2030


Level 4 autonomy available by 2021 in people movers traveling at less than 50Km/h

Extend Powerful Computing to the "Rugged Edge"

New data requirements for edge computing, edge storage, and wireless connectivity are pushing IoT applications away from the cloud and into decentralized edge networks. The "Rugged Edge" is an area where distributed edge computing networks provide the necessary computational power near the source of data generation for real-time insights

Data Telemetry with Wireless Connectivity

Vehicle Fleet telematics support a variety of wireless technologies at the edge to transmit data. 3G/4G/LTE 5G GPS, GPNS,Satellite Wifi 5 802.11ac / wifi 6 802.11ax)

Convergence of Newer Technologies

Vehicle Fleet Telematics in compute, networking, and storage

  • Multi-core embedded processing
  • Low-Power IoT Efficiency
  • High Speed Wireless Networks
  • Solid State Local storage
  • How Rugged Edge computers Benefit Fleet Telematics in Trucking:


    Improved operational productivity and increased efficiency with real-time GPS tracking, data telemetry, trip management (dispatching and routing)


    Real-time safety updates and fleet reporting: accident notifications, locate stolen vehicles through GPS, driver behaviors, and in-vehicle dispatch and coaching.


    Predictive and preventative vehicle maintenance for diagnostics reporting; fuel-efficiency managements for overall cost optimizations and IFTA reporting


    Integrated centralized embedded system to manage onboard camera/sensor technology for surveillance and monitoring

       Cloud and IoT

    Bi-directional data telemetry into data center clouds for IoT dashboard management (AWS Greengrass)