Optimized for Challenging Deployments

Premio’s rugged NVR computers bring robust application, analysis and processing technology closer to positions surveilled. Built to exceed military and industrial durability standards, the hardware provides always-on performance in environments unfit for traditional computing hardware.

Rugged NVR computers feature a wide operating temperature for environments of intense heat or cold. Solidly-built and cableless, they rate for shock and vibration sustainability to endure moving and volatile deployments. Fanless architecture eliminates a prominent failure point in areas of dust and fine debris. Airtight waterproof models take intelligent surveillance where direct, persistent wet exposure is routine. Wide voltage input simplifies surveillance deployments using available power sources, with sufficient threshold to tolerate surges. Security personnel can monitor and interact with edge surveillance systems in inhospitable settings via resilient industrial touch displays.

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Who Needs a Rugged NVR Computer?

Organizations seeking to leverage the rich features of a dedicated network video recording appliance toward challenging deployments can realize robust, holistic security with a rugged NVR computer. Rugged NVR computers are built to endure severe conditions while maintaining surveillance and peripheral security duties without latency or downtime.

Rugged NVR computers deliver real-time edge computing power at the surveilled environment, providing immediate inference analysis and event response while capturing high-resolution video and images from connected devices. Built to endure volatile circumstances, rugged NVR computers form the connective and processing backbone to surveillance systems deployed remotely or in mobile settings.

Mobile Onboard Edge Surveillance

Train CCTV Diagram

In-vehicle Rugged NVR Computers deliver robust surveillance for mobile deployments like railway rolling stock. PoE-device enablement and versatile connectivity push camera feeds and vehicle data to monitoring displays located at the control hub.

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Mobile Carrier

Wireless Connectivity for Untethered Surveillance

Rugged NVR computers leverage 4G LTE with SIM modules for continuous connectivity throughout remote and mobile deployments. Dispatched NVR computers can establish maintain contact with the cloud, other hardware and security operations centers without the limitations of wide area wired connections. Rugged NVR computers are highly scalable through connectivity with wireless cameras and other devices.

Image Analysis with Local Edge Intelligence

Powerful GPUs allow for real-time visual inference analysis that can drive myriad active or passive responses. Rugged NVR computers evaluate rich network camera data in the surveilled environment without the latency of centralized systems. GPUs quickly process event triggers, procedural aberrations, traffic flow and dwell time, biometric cross-referencing, thermal scanning, license plate recognition, behavior patterns, threat detection and other visual parameters warranting immediate responses. Machine learning capabilities refine inference analyses with every fresh input, improving speed and accuracy through the system’s lifetime.

PoE Supplies Peripheral Agility

Surveillance at the edge often entails deployments in limited-power areas. Low-consumption network cameras and peripheral security devices can receive power directly from the CPU via power-over-ethernet (PoE) connectivity. Rugged NVR computers support up to 16 PoE-connections, allowing strategic placement of high-resolution IP cameras, sensors and peripheral security devices in spots with resource constraints.

TPM 2.0: The Encryption Behind the Security

Each rugged NVR computer contains an unalterable trusted platform module (TPM) cryptoprocessor. The discrete module conforms to future-ready TPM 2.0 standards, enabling device authentication and strong encryption. TPM 2.0 technology helps devices establish secure, reliable communication and safeguards video and sensitive data processed at the rugged NVR computer. Surveillance device security shields personal information, sensitive logistics and system performance from unauthorized parties.

  Smart Cities

Locations, real-time analysis of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, events and threat anticipation yield faster incidence response times, intelligent operational adjustments and keener situational

   Public Transportation

Improve accountability for passengers and cargo with complete visual data for critical spaces. Integrate cameras, alarms, door controls and emergency response systems with in-vehicle computer to consolidate security.

   Airport Security

Integrate precise facial and license plate recognition with access control hardware for holistic unmanned security. Surveil remote areas or high-traffic touchpoints safely with low-latency incidence response.

  Industry 4.0

Keep sight of industrial safety and security with processing hardware designed for rigorous environments. Visual triggers and inference analytics and prompt corrective adjustments or half machinery

  Large Venues

Use visual inference and machine learning to detect threats and hazards. Integrate thermal-scanning applications to safely detect visitors with signs of contagions. Network cameras seamlessly track subject throughout the venue

  First Responders

Wirelessly record dash and body cam footage to the onboard edge computer. Employ "always-on" or event-triggered recording to gather high-quality video evidence. Push video to other responders for comprehensive situation assessment.

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