Webinar On-Demand: Edge AI Computing For Security And Surveillance

Gain access to our exclusive webinar session focusing on the latest trends and challenges in security and surveillance. The Premio team and two key industry experts will be presenting core insights and valuable case application stories on how their cutting-edge surveillance technologies are deployed through strong partnership with Premio's reliable hardware computing solutions.

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What to expect in this webinar

This exclusive webinar will showcase an ecosystem of thought leaders, each from different perspectives of Industry 4.0 security and surveillance, speaking about their experiences and providing expertise on the future of this transforming industry. With so much content to cover and thought-provoking discussions to listen in on, we've categorized and condensed them into a few bullet points:

  • Trends and innovations in hardware for security and surveillance
  • Application demos showcasing leading sensor technologies
  • Comprehensive overview of Premio's flagship computing products
  • Multiple panel discussions from key industry experts
  • Q&A session where viewers can gain further insight from our key speakers in rugged edge computing, LiDAR sensors, and AI accelerators

Key Speakers Spotlight

Dilip Vutukuru

Product Manager, Ouster

Ouster is a leader in high-resolution LiDAR sensor technologies that deliver reliable, accurate, real-time environmental perception data to multiple industrial applications Dilip Vutukuru brings industry insights and expertise in LiDAR technology as well as how enterprises can leverage Ouster technology for enabling and/or improving their industrial application.

Dustin Seetoo

Director of Product Marketing,
Premio Inc.

Premio Inc. tailors its embedded design and manufacturing scale for ruggedized edge computing solutions with emphasis on mission-critical reliability. Dustin Seetoo provides thought leadership in Premio's key position in the technology ecosystem and how we operate closely with enterprises looking to enable or power their latest technologies for edge deployment.

Avi Baum

CTO, Hailo

Hailo pushes the boundaries of traditional AI and deep learning solutions Avi Baum provides leading industry perspective as a leader in AI processing and how their AI solutions are revolutionizing edge deployment capabilities.

Background Trends and Insights

A Precursor to How Rugged Edge Computing is Shaping Security & Surveillance

Rugged Edge Computing – Built Rugged. Built Ready.

Specific edge deployments demand dedicated edge computers. Introducing our flagship line of rugged edge computers, the RCO-series, purpose-built to meet the computing requirements at various ranges of deployment!

Rugged Edge AI & Computing

Edge AI is not only pushing the envelope for new frameworks of processing and analytics in security and surveillance, but throughout Industry 4.0. Read more on how Rugged Edge AI and Computing seeks to bring a new era in the productivity revolution.

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