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Premio is a global solutions provider specializing in computing technology from the edge to the cloud. We design and manufacture highly reliable, world-class computing solutions for enterprises with complex, highly specialized requirements for over 30 years. Our engineering specialty and agile manufacturing pushes the technical boundaries in Embedded IoT ComputersRugged Edge ComputersHMI Displays  and  HPC Storage Servers.

At Premio, we go to extraordinary lengths to solve the most formidable challenges faced by our customers. We do so by becoming more than their partner: we become their 'Inside Outsource' - an extension of their businesses, work cultures, manufacturing processes and operations, modulating our solutions to answer their special needs with speed, agility and precision.

With a state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485) and strategic locations in Taiwan, Malaysia and Germany… Premio provides robust product engineering, flexible speed to market and unlimited manufacturing transparency.

World Class Computers. World Class Certifications

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Premio dedicates its engineering resources and manufacturing services to meet the incredible demands of computing across industrial and enterprise deployments. Our global teams strive for the highest standards in innovation and technology that translates into the design and mass production of our purpose-built computing solutions.


“Your Success, Our Commitment.” With this simple vision, Premio aims to address computing challenges with purpose-built products. Premio solves challenges for our customers by delivering solutions around the design, integration, validation, and deployment of our computing products in IoT and edge markets.Our 30+ years of industry-knowledge enable our customers to leverage high quality products and application ready hardware for a faster time to market.


Apart from our standard computing offerings, Premio also provides unique value to our customers through our robust engineering resources, environmental testing validation, manufacturing scale, supply chain & product lifecycle management, reverse logistics, and next generation computing design and innovation.


We deliver our core brand values through the way we conduct businesses. Premio's core values of Innovation, Commitment, Collaboration, Agility, and Accountability guide our decisions to exceed expectations.


We are flexible, adaptable, and responsive to the change in demands of our customers, the market, and our environment. We are willing to learn and create new ideas to drive and embrace changes actively.


We constantly strive to drive innovation into all aspects of our business to provide our customers' products that deliver reliability, quality, performance, and value creation.


We work together to contribute to the development of new products and services that will ensure the success of our customers.


We always hold ourselves accountable for our products, services, and actions to our employees, customers, and partners


We offer our valued customers the highest possible standards of solutions. At Premio, we treat customers with dignity, respect, and courtesy. We listen objectively to their needs and respond in a timely, efficient, and responsible manner.

“Global partners rely on Premio and its engineering resources for mission-critical computing solutions and the ability for scalable manufacturing with incredible turnkey speed.”
CEO - Crystal Tsao

Premio’s embedded computers are the building blocks for many new industrial applications that require a reliable computing platform to manage complex workloads in rugged and harsh environments. For over 30 years, our robust engineering capabilities help customers tackle the greatest challenges in industrial board designs, computing reliability and validation, and turnkey product customization. As computing technology advances, Premio is your dedicated partner for industrial computing solutions in emerging IoT markets - Smart Factory, Manufacturing Automation, Smart Cities, Intelligent healthcare, Security and Surveillance, Transportation Infrastructure, Energy and Environment, and Facial Recognition.

A Snapshot Into Our Evolution and Growth

Premio, which means “Prize” in Spanish, emerged as “Premio PC”, a personal computer manufacturer providing computers nationwide to many educational programs (K-12) around the nation. From its inception in 1989 to 2000, Premio pioneered and remained a trusted partner and manufacturer for many educational institutions in the United States.

As computing technology advanced and became more commoditized, Premio proved to be resilient and achieved another milestone by evolving itself from its own personal computer in 2000 into a respectable contract manufacturer – providing a variety of highly specialized "turn-key" OEM integration processes and business services for some of the world’s elite computing companies; many of which still exist today in its global operations. This monumental shift demanded Premio to move its operational infrastructure into a fully automated 150,000 square feet Los Angeles based manufacturing facility that was fully customized for ultimate flexibility and unlimited scalability. Even today Premio's world-class manufacturing facility continues to be a testament for state-of-the-art automation and assembly for many leading OEMs in computing technology.

Starting from the year 2000, “Premio PC” transformed its brand identity into “Premio Inc.” – becoming a pivotal partner and key advisor in manufacturing and servicing premier technologies companies around the world. Furthermore, Premio also restructured its mission and core values around a customer-centric business model with “total customer satisfaction” driving its core. By 2010, Premio Inc. achieved yet another milestone by successfully engaging with over 50+ customers worldwide ranging from enterprise level companies to start-ups that were eventually acquired by major fortune 500 companies.

In 2011 Premio decided to once again refine its business operations and developed more advanced technologies by investing into the research and development of home grown purpose-built Premio products in:

By combining our home grown products with our design capabilities plus our renowned OEM services, Premio’s advantage lies within its ability in providing a customized turnkey solution that can scale efficiently but also seamlessly aligns with the goals of our customers, resulting in ROI growth and measurable success over time.


Today, Premio has successfully evolved into a full-service technology company that specializes in top-notch computing designs, scalable manufacturing for both variety and volume, and robust end-to-end business services that result in streamlined growth and success with global expansion (Design - Manufacturing - Services)

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