Embedded Computer

Rugged Fanless Designs For Industrial And Factory Automation Deployments

Embedded Computer Collection

Premio’s embedded computers are the building blocks for many industrial applications that require a reliable computing platform to manage complex workloads in rugged and harsh environments.

Each family of fanless embedded computers offer a purpose-built rugged pc that is validated and certified to operate under wide temperatures, wide voltages, and meet the MIL-810G shock and vibration standards. Some of the key differentiations for Premio embedded computers are the modular expansion and I/O flexibility that can support a variety of legacy devices and new smart IoT sensors.

Premio’s robust engineering capabilities help customers tackle the greatest challenges in industrial board designs, computing reliability and validation, and turnkey product customization. Industrial and automation applications integrate Premio’s embedded computers into their final system designs to ensure performance and reliability in the most mission critical deployments.

Embedded Computing for Industry 4.0

Premio embedded computing products are engineered with an x86 platform architecture that integrates smoothly into industrial control and automation equipment. These embedded IoT computers are ready for the harshest industrial 4.0 deployments and guarantee long-term reliability with its durable chassis design. By leveraging passive heat-sink cooling and fanless design technology, these small form factor computers are ideal embedded solutions for IoT gateways, automation control systems, and machine vision computers.

Control IT to OT Convergence Data

Reduce operating cost and increase production yields

Implement IoT Connectivity Security and Intelligence

Upgrade Legacy infrastructure with new Smart technology

Industrial Computer

The Industrial Computer line delivers powerful performance in a rugged structure that can be embedded in a wide range of applications. Each solution leverages a Anti Shock/Vibration cable-less design is able withstand heavy movement and extreme temperatures.

Fanless & Cable-less

Unique Modular Design

Expandable Options

Small Form Factor Computer

Small Form Factor Computers are ideal for edge deployments needing IoT integration and real-time data analytics in harsh usage conditions. Featured in deployments for agriculture technology, in-vehicle computing, factory automation and advanced security.

Factory Automation

Machine Vision

Quality Inspection

Motion Control

IoT Connectivity

Fanless Mini Computer

Premio Basic Fanless System

The Fanless Mini PC are designed for entry-level industrial automation usage. Each solution comes with different form factor to accommodate various I/O and expansion requirements.

Fanned Industrial Computer

The Fanned Industrial Computer is designed to be certification ready for easy mass deployment and scalability. With a rackmount chassis and rich I/O options, the fanned industrial computer series saves time and costs for industrial computing applications.


What is an Embedded Computer?

An embedded computer is a computer with dedicated function that is physically implemented as part of a larger system. Embedded computers come with various shapes and sizes to fit a wide array of specific applications such as controlling traffic light, monitoring product quality, convey belt automation, security camera and surveillances. Because embedded computers are used in most industrial area, theses products need to be rugged, has wide operating temperature, wide voltage support, and have industrial grade components. As technology continues to advance, these embedded computers become smarter and more complex. They play a key role in advancing IoT and promoting connections between people and machines.
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Examples Of Embedded Computer

Embedded computer systems are all around us. If you have ever been to a supermarket and noticed kiosk machines along the walls, chances are those kiosks are powered by embedded computers. This post will provide you with everything you need to know about embedded PCs and computers, as well as where you can buy them.

What Are The Benefits Of Fanless Embedded PC?

Fanless embedded PCs are used for the performance of a variety of industrial applications that require reliable computing power in harsh environments to perform complex workloads. Fanless embedded PCs can survive in harsh environments that experience extreme heat, extreme cold, shock, vibration, wide voltages, dust, and debris.

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