Enhancing Security Solutions with Rugged NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Computers for Real-time Analytics & Improved Protection


The Company

  • A leading provider of integrated security programs including fire and life safety, commercial security, monitoring solutions, etc., for residential and commercial clients. 
  • Dedicated to leveraging advanced technology to enhance safety and security for their customers, offer security monitoring solutions that provide uninterrupted monitoring and emergency dispatch when needed, 24/7. 
  • Have been in the industry for over 140 years, and have served customers from all kinds of industries including retail, banking, industrial automation, pharmaceutical, personal home, etc.  

The Challenge:

  • Increasing clients’ demand for real-time monitoring and intelligent security systems. 
  • Previous security systems lack AI computing and rendering at the same time for edge processing and analysis. 
  • Prior Edge AI computing solutions didn’t meet the security solutions provider’s standards. 
  • Need to efficiently process and analyze data from various sensors and surveillance devices in real-time and make immediate decisions such as sending alerts or providing emergency dispatch based on this. 

The Solution:

  • Premio’s NVIDIA Jetson AI Industrial Computers, JCO-3000-ORN-A, features high-performance AI processing and low power consumption to power edge AI computing in security and surveillance. 
  • Configuration includes dual LAN ports, eight digital I/O channels, and an OOB management module on-board. 
  • Premio's solution offers robust connectivity, integration capabilities, and seamless remote monitoring. 

The Benefit:

  • Significant enhancement in edge computing capabilities through Real-time processing and analysis of data for intelligent video analytics. 
  • Proactive threat detection and rapid response capabilities. 
  • Simplified device management, reduced downtime, and operational overhead. 
  • Enhanced security solutions, providing customers with greater peace of mind and improved protection. 
  • Dedicated engineering and sales team to address ongoing issues and future projects.
  • Effective, responsive, and transparent communication between Premio and solution provider.

The Challenge

The security solutions provider faced a pressing challenge in modernizing their security systems to enhance suspicion detection capabilities across various applications, including surveillance, access control, and fire alarm systems. Their objective was to deploy systems equipped with advanced AI computing power capable of immediately identifying security breaches, such as theft or unauthorized access, recorded by sensors and cameras.  

Additionally, they aimed to integrate real-time analytics and rendering functionalities to enable prompt decision-making and proactive response measures. This required a solution with robust AI computing performance that could handle both analytics and rendering simultaneously, ensuring swift detection and response to security incidents.  

Furthermore, the provider recognized the need for industrial-grade durability and reliability, as some of the systems would be deployed outdoors in harsh environments. Despite exploring alternatives, including Jetson AI industrial computers from competitors, none of the solutions met their stringent standards for both computing power and ruggedized design. As a result, the provider sought out a partner who could deliver a comprehensive solution capable of meeting their requirements for powerful AI computing performance, real-time analytics, rendering capabilities, and durability across a range of security applications. 

The Solution

Premio selected the JCO-3000-ORN-A Series, Rugged Fanless Edge AI Computer, would be best suited for their security systems featuring NVIDIA Jetson AI computability and Premio’s configuration flexibility to meet their deployment needs.



NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX/Nano Module for Powerful AI Performance and Balanced I/O 

The JCO-3000-ORN-A offers flexible performance for seamless deployment optimization. This Mid-Range Edge AI Computer provides support for either NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX or Nano modules for exceptional AI performance of up to 100 TOPS with Orin NX or 40 TOPS with Orin Nano. Additionally, the JCO-3000-ORN-A is optimized for low-power efficiency with 10W and 7W TDP respectively. 

In addition to the Jetson Orin modules, the JCO-3000-ORN-A features balanced I/O options such as 4 high-speed USB 3.0, 2 x Serial ports, 2 LAN ports, and 8 DIO, making it suitable for various edge AI applications. By configuring the 2 LAN ports and 8 isolated DIO, the JCO-3000-ORN-A ensures a high-speed operating system as well as data security when in unexpected harsh circumstances. 

Out-of-Band (OOB) Management

Out-Of-Band (OOB) device management is a hardware-based technology that enables service providers to remotely manage devices with 24/7 monitoring and management features. With functions like Out-Of-Band power cycling, service providers can simply turn devices on or off remotely, saving time and money traveling on-site for technical support. The JCO-3000-ORN-A features an on-board OOB device management module, which provides remote management capabilities for this security solutions provider to upgrade the system more effectively, reduce CO2 emissions caused by on-site travel for technical support, and streamline technical operations by using over-the-air updates and 5G networks. 

Ruggedized Industrial-grade Design 

The JCO-3000-ORN-A is purpose-built with a rugged chassis and uses a fanless cooling design for mission-critical reliability. The industrial-grade design for the JCO-3000-ORN-A was a critical requirement due to the deployment scenario for wider temperature ranges, shock & vibration from extreme circumstances, and even sudden power loss. In addition, The JCO-3000-ORN-A carries world-class certifications from UL, FCC, and CE for safety standards compliance.  


The Benefits

High Power Efficiency & Improved Operation Reliability of NVIDIA Jetson Orin

NVIDIA Jetson Orin is a powerful Edge AI module that enables real-time processing with incredible performance. The Jetson Orin NX and Nano modules have a low power consumption increasing the power efficiency of industrial computers. Similar AI computing performance as GPUs, Jetson Orin is more compact and has a relatively low TDP compared to 50~200W TDP of GPUs, which enhances operation reliability by a low power requirement and reduces the risks of unstable power fluctuations and emergent power shutdown.  

Responsive Engineering & Turnkey Manufacturing Support 

As a NVIDIA partner, Premio offers additional support in the engineering and manufacturing of edge AI computing products. With a robust sales and engineering team, Premio is able to provide the latest Edge AI computing technologies with a faster time-to-market. With a wide portfolio of standard off-the-shelf products, OEMs like this leading security solution provider can quickly tackle computing hardware challenges and penetrate key vertical markets with ease.