Premio Inc. Named Among CIO Review’s "20 Most Promising Manufacturing Solution Providers for 2019"

Happy New Year from all of us at Premio Inc! 2020 marks a new decade but also a better start for new technology and innovation for rugged edge computers, industrial embedded  computers, Industrial Touch Displays,  and high performance data center cloud storage solutions. On behalf of the entire Premio team, we are thrilled to announce that Premio has been recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising Manufacturing Solution Providers for 2019” by CIOReview for our  robust embedded computing engineering, flexible speed to market, and unlimited manufacturing transparency. A complete list from CIOReview can be viewed HERE. Thank you CIOReview for the recognition and feature for 2019!

Read the full digital article from CIOReview's December 2019 Magazine 

CIOReview is a trusted publication that provides industry guidance and navigation for enterprise businesses in IT focused market verticals. CIOReview “serves as a trustworthy source of knowledge, technology trends, and insight for C-suite executives, industry experts, IT buyers, and critical decision makers.”  With in-depth interviews with executives and market research, CIOReview provides an annual recognition and listing for the top 20 companies in manufacturing technology solutions. This list serves as a track record  and spotlight for technology companies that have proven to solve challenges. The 2019 feature recognizes Premio Inc. for its continuous success in providing industrial computing solutions in IoT and edge computing for markets in kiosks, security and surveillance, medical, public transportation, and automation manufacturing. Read more about technology and manufacturing trends from CIOReview and Premio’s cover story HERE.

In addition to the full cover story, below is a summarized Q&A interview from CIOReview and Premio’s Chief Executive Officer, Crystal Tsao about the success behind Premio over the past 30 years.


Q1: What are some  key strengths and aspects of Premio that you would like to share with  our audience?


A: 2019 and moving into 2020 marks a major milestone for Premio because we have been in business for 30 years providing valuable solutions for our customers. The resilience of our executive team and employees truly define how Premio has evolved over 3 decades. Premio has shifted its business model to address  market challenges for computing but ultimately provide solutions that will work. I personally cherish the long-term partnerships over the 30 years that have transformed into major success for many of our clients. What truly stands out in the last 30 years of Premio and its track record of success is its ability to provide robust engineering in design, manufacturing, and turn-key global support for leading technology companies focused in computing hardware. Some of the key market vertical our products and services support are in industrial  automation, testing equipment and metrology, kiosks, security and surveillance, cybersecurity content delivery networks, enterprise IT storage.


Q2: What are some of the challenges (with respect to manufacturing automation) that Premio helps solve with its  products and services?


A: The big picture is relatively simple but ultimately the time to market is always a major challenge for clients looking to scale rapidly with a new product design and/or manufacturing. Most of Premio’s clients rely on Premio and its engineering resources for the latest and greatest computing products but also the ability to scale the manufacturing on a global footprint. With Premio strategic locations in US, APAC, and EMEA clients are able to launch and deploy computing products in short amount of time and reducing the time to market. Premio’s brand motto “Your Inside Outsource” is a great example of how clients leverage our resources to help them succeed. Clients will focus on what they do best and rely on Premio for the rest. Another major  challenge clients request is to maintain a high level of quality  for its products but also backed by a robust quality management system. For example, Premio’s ISO 13485 certification upholds the best quality practices to manufacture medical devices and ensure a high level of quality. Lastly, the ability to leverage long-term relationships with innovative technology partners who have a grasp on market trends has been extremely helpful for our clients. Premio is able to combine a variety of the latest computing technology in its product for its clients and deliver solutions for their needs. These partnerships take time to foster but Premio has been able to nurture these over the past 30 years.


Q3: What can a  client expect with your on-boarding process? How can they get up and running with your solutions? What are the support options that you have in place?


A: Overall, Premio has mapped out a robust new product introduction process to launch products and go to market from a manufacturing  standpointOver the past 30 years, Premio has successfully created a unique  process at critical stages to ensure major goals are achieved. We also have dedicated teams setup  to support clients to ensure expectation are met in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a product.  But what really helps our clients is the enormous amounts of engineering resources and in-house validation equipment that act as an extension to their business. The operational processes, engineering resource, and testing validation options help clients scale and go to market.

When it comes to our Premio products in industrial rugged edge computers, IoT devices, and high performance data center  storage solutions, clients use them as  building blocks to solve their demands. Many clients will take our products with minor customization and can deploy into the market immediately.


Q4: How does the work culture at Premio look like? Being a senior leadership executive, what leadership approach do you follow?


A: I would say the work culture at Premio is close-knit family with a great mission and vision among its 250+ employees worldwide. As a senior leader for Premio, it’s my responsibility as well the executive team to ensure long-term sustainability for  our employees and clients. Over the past 30 years, I believe Premio has been able to keep ahead of the curve in its industry by understanding market trends but truly listening to feedback from its clients for improvement. With all the changes in technology moving so quickly, the next 5-10 years will be interesting in terms of IoT and computing; especially with 5G connectivity on the horizon.

Premio is also a registered Minority & Woman-owned Business (MWBE) and can be clearly represented in my leadership approach which, is fairly simple – a close-knit family style. From  day one, over 30 years ago, the treatment of my colleagues and employees are like family. As a  result, more than 50% of our employees have been with Premio for 15 years and have maintained less than  a 10% turnover rate.


Q5: How has your track record been in the recent past? Any key organizational milestone that you'd like to share?

A:   Again, 30 years in the business serving our clients is a huge milestone that not many companies get to achieve. I can only hope the Premio legacy continues with success for many years to come, hopefully reaching a 50 year milestone. But overall,  another major milestone that is worth mentioning is  the enormous amount of success for some of our clients.  More than 5 of our clients in the past years have been merged and acquired by a Fortune 500 company  for some key feature in their products. I only share this fact because it is a good example of how Premio can help provide a level of accelerated growth and scale  for products in computing design and manufacturing.