DIN Rail Computers & PCs (Industrial Grade Embedded Systems)

DIN Rail Computer Industrial DIN Rail PC

Premio offers a wide variety of DIN Rail mountable computers that are available in countless configurationsYou can configure your DIN rail PC with the CPU, Memory, Storage, I/O Ports, and Operating System that you want. DIN rail industrial PCs can be easily and quickly mounted to a standard DIN rail. So, you might be asking, what is a DIN Rail? A DIN rail is usually a metal rail that is most often used for mounting industrial equipment, including industrial PCs. Overall, our embedded computers have a small footprint, allowing organizations to quickly and easily mount them. 

Not only are DIN rail embedded computers easy to mount, but they also come with a wide temperature range, allowing organizations to deploy them outdoors in NEMA enclosures. Also, their small footprint makes them great for industrial automation and control, oil and gas production facilities, and manufacturing industries. Overall, Premio offers a wide variety of DIN-mountable computing solutions for you to choose from. You can configure the systems according to your specific requirements. 

What is a DIN Rail Industrial Computer? 

A DIN rail industrial computer simply refers to an industrial-grade computer that can be mounted to a DIN rail. So, you might be asking, what is a DIN rail? A DIN rail is a standard-sized metal rail that is often used to mount industrial equipment inside equipment racks. DIN rail computers, such as the RCO-1010 Series of rugged computers, can be mounted to DIN rails via mounting kits that Premio offers. Our solutions come in a small form factor that seamlessly integrates into your organization’s existing infrastructure. 

Some organizations use DIN rail mountable computers for PC-based control systems for industrial automation and control applications. PC-based control systems replace proprietary controllers, such as PLCs because they can consolidate several systems onto a single system. The main benefit that DIN rail PCs offer is the ease of integration into existing systems, thanks to the ease of installation inside control cabinets. 

FurthermoreDIN-rail embedded PCs are often used to serve as communication and visualization gateways for monitoring plant operations, agriculture monitoring, vehicle tracking and management, and other applications.  

Premio offers a wide variety of DIN rail mountable embedded computers that range from low-powered systemsuitable for entry-level workloads to more powerful systems capable of performing complex workloads. 

For example, the VCO Series of rugged industrial computers, often used for machine vision applications can be mounted to DIN rails. Furthermore, the VCO-Series employs an intuitive design that shifts all of the I/Os to the front of the PC, making accessing the I/O ports very easy after the PC has been mounted.  

Furthermore, the RCO-1000 Series is DIN rail mountable and comes in at 5.91” X 4.13” X 1.46,” making it small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easy enough to mount using DIN rails. The RCO-1000 Series comes equipped with the Intel Celeron J1900 Processor, making it the ideal solution for entry-level workloads. 

However, suppose your workloads require a more powerful computing solution that can be DIN rail mounted. In that case, you should explore the RCO-6000 Series, which can be configured using the powerful Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processors that offer blazing-fast performance and can handle the most complex workloads. The RCO-6000 Series, like the RCO-1000 Series, can be DIN rail mounted for easy integration into your existing infrastructure. 

Whichever option you choose to deploy, you will find that all of our systems are modular and feature rich I/O, allowing you to connect legacy devices and new devices to our systems thanks to the inclusion of USB Type-A for modern technologies and serial COM ports for connectivity with Legacy technologies that still utilize COM ports (RS232/RS422/RS485) 

Furthermore, most industrial computers come equipped with a minimum of two RJ45 GigE ports for connectivity to the internet, as well as connectivity with sensors and cameras that support the standard. Moreover, PoE+ ports can be added to embedded computers, supplying data and power through a single Ethernet cable. 

Also, the compactness of our solutions allow them to be deployed close to one another. Close deployment is also possible due to the fanless design of the system, which eliminates the need for extra space to allow the systems to cool themselves by circulating air. Instead, DIN rail embedded computing solutions are passively cooled through the use of heatsinks, allowing systems to be deployed close to one another. Having the ability to deploy systems closer to one another means that cabinets can be made smaller, which reduces the cost of deploying such devices. 

What Are Some of the Features of DIN Rail Mountable Computers? 

DIN rail mountable PCs have a variety of features that make deploying them in harsh industrial settings possible. Here are some of those features:

1. Fanless Design  The fanless design of industrial DIN rail computers allows manufacturers to create a closed system free of vents and openings, creating a solution that’s resistant to dust and small particles. Furthermore, the fanless design permits systems to be deployed close to one another, saving space and allowing systems to fit in small areas or cabinets.


2. Shock & Vibration Resistance – DIN rail PCs are resistant to shocks and vibrations thanks to a cableless design that eliminates the use of cables throughout the system. Also, systems use fewer joints and screws, reducing the number of parts that can fail as a result of being exposed to shocks and vibrations. Furthermore, embedded computing solutions can be configured using SSDs (solid-state drives) for additional shock and vibration resistance.

3. Rich I/O  We understand that embedded computers are often used for industrial automation and control applications, which require embedded systems to connect to both new and legacy technologies. As such, our DIN Rail embedded PCs come equipped with rich I/O ports that include USB Type-A ports, allowing the device to connect to new technologies that utilize the standard, as well as Serial COM ports that allow the system to connect to legacy technologies that are still on the RS232, RS422, or RS485 standards. Moreover, our solutions all come standard with dual Gigabit ports, allowing devices to transfer data at speeds of up to 1,000 Megabits per second. Furthermore, Industrial PCs are also equipped with 16 Channel DIO (digital input/output). DIO is a simple interface that's common on industrial computers to send/receive digital inputs and outputs from sensors and other equipment typically found in industrial settings.



4. Rich Connectivity  DIN rail mount PCs come equipped with rich connectivity options, such as wired LAN connectivity, Wi-Fi, Cellular 4G/LTE/5G, and Bluetooth. These connectivity options ensure that your embedded computer connects to the internet and other devices with relative ease. Wired connectivity offers blazing-fast data transfer speeds and reliable connectivity. However, if wired connectivity is not available, your embedded computing solution can still connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi provides reliable wireless LAN connectivity. In the event that wired and wireless internet connectivity is not availableyour PC can still connect to the internet via cellular connectivity, thanks to the inclusion of dual SIM sockets that allow organizations to add dual data carriers for redundancy. Bluetooth, although slow, offers reliable one-to-one connectivity, as well as many to many connectivity.


5. Compact Size – The compact size of DIN rail mount computers allows them to be easily and quickly deployed in space-constrained environments that are not suitable for full-size desktop computers. Furthermore, embedded systems’ compact size allows them to be easily and quickly mounted to a DIN rail in space-limited areas, such as technology cabinets.

6. Wide Temperature Range – Premio’s solutions have a wide temperature range that ranges from -40C to 85C, allowing devices to be deployed in settings that experience extreme temperatures. That said, the wide operating temperature range allows systems to be deployed in cabinets with other electronics that produce heat while operating optimally and reliably.

Bottom Line 

Premio offers a wide variety of DIN rail mountable PCs and computers that can be configured according to your specific requirements. Premio offers solutions ranging from low-powered PCs to high-performance PCs that can be mounted to a DIN rail. If you need help choosing the right solution for your workload, do not hesitate to contact us, and one of our professional DIN-rail PC Professionals will assist you with choosing the solution that meets your specific requirements.