Enhancing Advanced Thermography With Modular Rugged Touch Panel PCs




How an advanced thermography solution-based company uses industrial touch panel PCs in their hardware appliance to tailor solutions in thermal innovation.  

The Challenge

  • Rugged HMI with built in PC capability required to collect, process, and store edge data in rugged environment for sophisticated product inspection system and automation. 
  • Needed a power efficient compute solution with modular capability for flexibility scales to fix in different mission needs while offering rich I/O to be integrated with the needed equipment in the automation process.  
  • Current solutions were unable to meet required reliability, cost, and local engineering/technical support.  

The Solution

  • Premio’s rugged IP65 rated VIO-200-J1900 Touch Panel PC with Intel® Celeron® J1900 with standard built in full-size mini PCIe for communication. 
  • Premio sales and engineering team providing guidance and local support.  

The Benefit

  • Customer did not need to compromise any of their needs from the solutions comprehensive design.  
  • Established partnership with close proximity for local support on current and future projects.  
  • IP65 compliant design to insure reliable and trustworthy rugged solution.  



Thermography is an efficient entity specialized in turn-key thermographic inspection solutions. It is considered a better solution in certain applications due to its ability to detect and visualize temperature differences in objects or surfaces. This inspection process technique helps in a handful of tests; from Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to Energy Efficiency Assessments and even to Building Diagnostics.  

Founded in 1999, the company is leading the way in using thermology in various applications and industries, including electrical, manufacturing, medical, and aerospace. With a focus on extracting vital data using their own thermal vision cameras and cloud-based software, the customer encounters difficulty with interacting with this data from the constraints of the industrial/manufacturing environment.  

The Challenge

The customer faced a significant challenge in finding a unit that could meet their efficient compute performance requirements, offering the needed I/O communication, and crucially being able to withstand their rough automation environment. Their previous solution did involve a rugged of the shelf design, yet it did not meet their performance needs in terms of compute efficiency and communication; and did not offer local team support. Overall, the challenge was faced in four specific, different, and crucial categories:  

  • A specific rugged display size 
  • Communication I/O availability  
  • Efficient compute performance 

The core focused area the customer needed was compute efficiency and support. The customer needed sensors for thermographic inspection, while running a cloud-based software. This did not require high compute usage as it is considered a basic computing task, it did however need good power efficiency. A COM connection was required for user interface interaction, real-time monitoring and control all while the sensors are gathering data. Operators needed to be able to quickly respond to changes in thermal conditions by adjusting parameters or focusing on specific areas of interest directly through the touch panel interface.  

This extensive stack required an absolute need for a power efficient ruggedized industrial panel PC that offered I/O communication and a local support team. 


The Solution

The customer explored several industrial PC panels, but eventually connected with Premio. The customer went with Premio because of their certification reliability, and that they were able to immediately send a sample unit out since they were local. Other deciding factors were – power efficient processor availability, I/O communication, 15.6’ display size, and a rugged industrial seal. All of which Premio was effortlessly able to offer with their VIO-W215-J1900.  

Premio met the immediate availability for the customers by introducing the VIO-W215-J1900 and even sent out a sample unit with one of their representatives.  


The VIO-W215-J1900 ensured the customer will meet all their requirements with no extra upgrade or product/design downtime needed. The IP65 Industrial VIO-215-J1900 is equipped with the Intel® Celeron® J1900, which meant the customer was able to meet their processor efficiency requirements. The rugged industrial panel PC also comes standard with COM ports, giving the customer the ability to integrate their communication needs. Finally, the customer was also able to choose the specific size they needed (15.6’’) from Premio’s wide variety of touch panel dimensions with resistive or capacitive touch options. 

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  • Dust tight enclosure                      
  • No harmful effect for project water by a nozzle  
  • Aluminum die-casting enclosure  
  • Protection against the harshest environment 

The Benefits

Premio’s off the shelf ready solution effectively addresses the primary challenge of finding a ruggedized industrial touch panel PC with standard customization to meet the customer's needs. The use of the Intel® Celeron® J1900 in the rugged VIO panel pc enables power efficient compute processing. Premio’s unique VIO panel design allows it to not only be customizable for specific dimensions and touch configuration (resistive & capacitive) but also allows the VIO panel PC to be ruggedized for tackling the harshest environmental settings. 

When addressing the difficulties of finding a reliable and ruggedized touch panel PC, the customer found the perfect solution with Premio. This demonstrates Premio’s tailored solution to meeting the demands for industry requirements and future advancements.   Premio’s solution laid the foundation for future advancements from the VIO’s modular design, giving the customer an option to always upgrade the module or the panel with ease. With over 30+ years of product engineering and turn-key support for computing solutions, this is how Premio enables it’s partner to succeed in their business.  

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