Navigating Facial Recognition in Sports Arenas by Integrating Industrial Single Board Computers in Kiosk Machines


 How a major league sports organization company uses Premio's 3.5’’ Industrial Single Board Computer to run their facial recognition application security and surveillance.


  • A 3.5’ Single Board Computer with required performance to collect, process, and store edge data in rugged environment for sophisticated facial recognition system  
  • Power system requirement of 24V DC with ability to support two independent monitors and fully functional GPIO for data collection and integration.  
  • Ability to support full Linux operating system as current solutions only supported a customized OS built without libraries. 
  • Fully flexible configuration for memory size, disk size, and component pricing.  
  • Ability to be fully integrated and securely mounted within the customer’s standing kiosk machines.


  • Premio’s CT-DWL01 3.5’’ industrial single board computer with 8th Gen. Intel® Core™ Processor. 
  • With 30+ years of design and manufacturing of industrial-grade computing solutions, Premio's advanced rugged edge computers are highly suitable for commercial/industrial applications. 
  • Premio’s sales and engineering team providing guidance and local support.  


  • Customer did not compromise any of their needs from Premio's comprehensive design.  
  • Established partnership with close proximity for local support on current and future projects.  
  • The CT-DWL01 allowed the customer to fully integrate all of their needed connections; two independent displays and GPIO connectors.  
  • The CT-DWL01 was able to run on 24VDC while still operating at 60° C with the needed processing performance 
  • Customer will be able to securely integrate the CT-DWL01 within the kiosk machine while still insuring; power supply connection, peripheral connectivity, testing, and future maintenance.  


In the realm of technological innovation, the synergy between event management firms and facial detection systems has emerged for groundbreaking advancements. Facial detection applications offer a myriad of benefits for event management, transforming the way they manage and optimize various aspects of their operations. By employing facial detection technology, event companies can bolster security measures by accurately identifying individuals and preventing unauthorized access, enhancing attendee safety and mitigating potential security threats. Facial detection applications allow not only enhanced security, but also various enhancements such as: 

  • Streamlined Check-In Process  
  • Personalized Audience Experience  
  • Collecting Audience Analytics  
  • Contactless Interactions  
  • Enhanced Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities  

The Challenge

The customer had several requirements in finding the hardware unit that would meet their processing needs, offering the needed I/O communication, their limited physical size and crucially being able to withstand their outdoor environment temperature. The customer’s biggest overall requirement was the solution’s power usage and the operating temperature. Both requirements were crucial as the system will be operating outdoors for a long period of time in the sun. Overall, the challenge was faced in six specific and crucial categories: 

  • Power Requirement of 24VDC  
  • Two Independent Display Support  
  • Operating Temperature of 60° C 
  • GPIO Communication  
  • Flexible Memory & Disk Configuration  
  • Full Linux Operating System  

Power and operating temperature were both crucial for the customer, but their data communication was even more important. The customer needed two independent display support; as one will be connected to the front display of the application and the second for analysis use. Their second data communication need was a fully functional GPIO connector. This was needed so the customer would be able to connect all their needed sensors to run the application.  

The Solution

The customer explored several Single Board Computers solutions, but eventually connected with Premio. Every other solution they found was always incomplete in one of the required categories, except for Premio’s CT-DWL01 3.5’’ Industrial SBC. The CT-DWL01 checked off all the requirements for the customer’s application. Premio met the immediate availability for the customer by introducing the CT-DWL01 and even sent out sample units for the customer to test their application.

The CT-DWL01 ensured the customer will meet all their requirements with no product/design downtime needed. The CT-DWL01 is equipped with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, which meant the customer was able to meet their processor requirements. The industrial single board computer also met both the customers power and communication requirements. The customer was also able to choose the needed memory and disk size to suit their application needs while having price flexibility. Finally, the customer was able to easily integrate the CT-DWL01 within their kiosk design due to its 3.5” compact size, and did not have to worry about heat dissipation as the SBC has a wide operating temperature.

Premio’s CT-DWL01 Single Board Computer comes standard with a wide operating temperature and industrial rugged design. With Premio’s certifications, the customer was insured that the solution was reliable and that it checked off all their needed requirements as the SBC had the following specifications.  

  • Support 8th Gen. Intel® WL-UE Processor (15W TDP) 
  • Triple Display Support (1xHDMI, 1x LVDS, 1x DP)  
  • 4x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) 
  • 2x 4-bit DIO (4-in/4-out) 
  • -40°C - 70°C Operating Temperature  
  • Ultra Compact Size  

The Benefit

Premio’s off the shelf ready solution effectively addresses the primary challenge of finding a industrial single board computer with standard performance customization to meet the customer's needs. Premio’s Single Board Computer design not only met but exceeded all the customer’s stringent requirements. With optimized power consumption, robust operating temperature, coupled with versatile GPIO communication capabilities and independent display support, the SBC emerged as the optimal solution for the event company’s facial detection system. Its seamless integration and reliability ensured unparalleled performance, committing to Premio’s cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of its customers.  

Unlocking the door to a new era of security and convenience for sports arenas. Dive into the video show casing the CT-DWL01 powering the facial recognition real-world deployments.  

 video source: 6abc Action News



In early 2024, Premio also introduced its line of Industrial Single Board Computer, the CT-DAL01. The CT-DAL01 embraces the cutting-edge technology of Intel's 12th Gen Alder-N Lake processors.  This advanced board capitalizes on Intel's innovative architecture, using the 12th Gen N97 and Core i3-N305 as well as support advanced DDR5 memory. Pushing the boundaries of Premio’s single board computer design.  

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