Power Management at the Rugged Edge:

Supercapacitor Tech Pairs with Premio Industrial Computers

As real-time computing becomes increasingly prevalent and necessitates deployments onto factory floors with varying power obstacles, reliability becomes as important and significant as ever. Uncontrollable power outages and fluctuations threaten the productivity and health of edge-native applications.

Power Redundancy & Reliability At The Edge


The idea of shifting data-center workloads closer to the source of data generation to process mission-critical data in real-time is here. In doing so, reliability becomes a top priority as edge devices and solutions are exposed to harsh elements and conditions. Unpredictable and abrupt electrical grid interruptions are notorious for data corruption, unplanned downtime and maintenance, and even system failure. In this whitepaper, we go over the importance of supercapacitor technology and its benefits to sustainable backup power for rugged edge computers in mission-critical deployments.

Key Takeaways:
  • Electrical interruptions are unpredictable and threaten the integrity of mission-critical applications
  • Current battery-based UPS solutions are hazardous and cannot be utilized in sensitive industrial deployments
  • Supercapacitors deliver reliable backup power and higher efficiencies and reliably withstand harsh industrial conditions
  • Better understanding of how supercapacitors can be used in key markets
  • Key Comparisons between Supercapacitor vs Traditional UPS

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Challenge: A ‘Battery-less' Industrial UPS Solution

An uninterruptable power system, or UPS, is not new technology. However, mission-critical applications lack a competent industrial-grade UPS solution that does not compromise the safety of its surroundings. Traditional battery-based UPS, like lithium-ion or lead acid, require regulatory maintenance check-ups and cannot safely deploy in industrial environments where flammable and explosive hazards are a concern.

Solution: Supercapacitor Technology

Enter supercapacitor technology, providing power integrity and redundancy to divert abrupt data corruption and shutdowns for data sustainability. With ruggedized traits and features, such as wider operating temperatures, resistance to shock/vibration, extensive service life, and maintenance-free reliability, it has proven to be the industrial alternative to traditional UPS’s. Supercapacitors deliver purpose-built industrial power redundancy to maintain data integrity and eliminate downtimes in mission-critical deployments.

What are Supercapacitors?

Supercapacitors, or ultracapacitors, are high power throughput energy storage systems that electrostatically store and release electrical energy rapidly. These supercapacitors are utilized in applications that require high amounts of energy in very little time, such as electric vehicles with sudden surges of power for initial acceleration.

Key Advantages of Supercapacitor Technology

  • Rapid Charge/Discharge: Charges in seconds to minutes
  • Extended 10 Years Lifecycle: 500,000 cycles
  • Low Maintenance: Minimal upkeep required
  • Environmental Tolerance:Wide operating temperatures -40°C to 55°C, 20G Shock and 5Grms vibration
  • Safety:Non-toxic and low explosion risk
  • Power Stability: Designed for constant power fluctuations
  • Agency Safety Certifications: UL 62368-1 3rd Ed

Supercapacitor VS Traditional Battery

  Supercapacitor Battery (Lead-acid)
Cycle Life +1,000,000  +500 
Energy Density Low High
Power throughput High Low
Cost per watt (kWh) $$$ $
Operating Temperatures -40°C to 70°C -20°C to 40°C

With high power density, short charging time, large discharging time, long life and environmentally friendly properties supercapacitor may be chosen as an alternative for battery or other energy storage devices.

-Material and Science Engineering

Supercapacitors in the News

Supercapacitors Paired with Industrial Computers

Supercapacitors operate in tandem with industrial computers as a reliable safeguard against power interruptions and outages. Its ruggedized architecture allows the supercapacitor to confidently deploy seamlessly without compromise.

ECO-1000 Series EDGEBoost UPS EnergyPack

By supporting 8/16x supercapacitors, the ECO-1000 provides consistent power reliability and redundancy for mission-critical applications at the rugged edge.

  • 8/16x Industrial 370 Farads Supercapacitors
  • 12V/24V Compatibility
  • UL-Certified, CE, FCC, EMC Conformity with EN50155
  • 10-Year Longevity & 500,000 Lifecycles

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