Data Insights At The Rugged Edge

Distributed edge computing solutions are pushing further into remote, mobile and unstable conditions to generate news insights from millions of smart and connected sensors. Devices dispatched to the "rugged edge" require versatile engineering to support real-time processing and inference calculations in conditions prohibitive to traditional pc design. Specialized inference computers deployed at the edge must endure temperature extremes, accommodate questionable power sources, and mitigate kinetic factors as they process great volumes of data through a wide variety of I/O ports. Rich wireless connectivity permits uninterrupted communication, monitoring, data transfer and automation to meet the incredible demands of rugged edge computing.

  Ultralow Latency for Real-Time insights

 Run machine learning algorithms with speed and accuracy

  Wirelessly manage critical workloads and data transmissions to the cloud

 Security and privacy with data locality

 Industrial grade reliability for remote and mobile edge deployments

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AI Edge Inference Computer

Next-generation processing and storage technologies join the latest IoT connectivity features for a solution designed from the ground up to deliver holistic inference analysis at the rugged edge.  The AI Edge Inference Computer incorporates advanced performance Intel® 9th Gen processors, rich GPU support and scalable, hot-swappable NVMe capacity into versatile hardware designed to withstand deployments in volatile, unsparing settings. 

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The VCO-6000-CFL-4M2 AI Edge Inference Computer is purpose-built to address the demands for machine learning and real-time intelligence in proximity to the source of data generation.

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Intel Silicon Technologies for the Edge

The Intel® 9th Gen. CFL-R S Processors and Q370 chipset technologies’ processing power and IoT support enable low-latency, complex inference analysis in challenging settings.

  • Support for 9th Gen Intel Core i3,i5,i7 LGA1151 Processors
  • Up to eight hyperthreading core
  • Up to 12MB cache; up to 4.4 GHz
  • Intel® UHD Graphics 610/630

NVMe: Ready Edge Intelligence

Four removable trays allow quick, hot swappable loading of NVMe storage media.  NVMe enables datacenter-equivalent read/write speeds at the edge.  With a data throughput capacity ~8GB/s utilizing all four drives, the AI Edge Inference Computer efficiently feeds integrated CPUs and GPUs swarms of data for complex applications.  Rapid data speeds enable more reflexive inference analysis at the edge.      

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4x Removable NVMe and 1x Internal NVMe Edge Inference Computer

Dedicated GPU Support 

The AI Edge Inference Computer offers multi-level processing and real-time intelligence by balancing workloads between CPU and GPU performance cores.  The front sided PCIe expansion slots can be populated with GPU performance accelerators up to 250W in a Full-Length, Full Height form factor.   

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Up to 6X
Faster Performance

Powerful AI
Enhanced Graphics

2176 CUDA Dedicated Cores

Auxiliary Storage Support

Two internal SATA SSD/HDD drives are joined by two additional removable SATA SSD/HDD bays as a scalable RAID solution satisfying data storage needs for many harsh deployments.  The external 2.5” bays permit hot-swappable replacement of the SATA drives, simplifying service and capacity upgrades.

Hot-Swappable Blower 

Complex computing may continue throughout maintenance with the AI Edge Inference Computer’s hot-swappable blower fan.  The rugged cooling fans can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement as often as the rugged environment demands. 


  • 4x USB 3.2 Gen2

COM Ports

  • 2x RS-232/422/485


  • 16-Bit DIO

Universal Bracket

  • 2x Universal Bracket


  • 2x DP (4096 x 2304)
  • 1x DVI-I (1920 x 1200)


  • 2x GBE
  • 4x Antenna

I/O Versatility

The AI Edge Inference Computer incorporates leading-edge I/O options for an expandable Industry 4.0 solution. Reliable serial ports, multi-display outputs and high-speed USB ensure smooth integration and offer rich scalability to rugged edge deployments

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Steady Wireless Connectivity  

Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 technologies reliably connect to sensors and network systems through a wireless IoT enterprise.  Dual SIM sockets provide continuous 4G/LTE cellular connectivity at remote or mobile edge deployments. The AI Edge Inference Computer is also 5G-ready through a modular add-in card for vastly greater cellular speeds and more granular network slicing options. 

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Vast I/O Expandability

The AI Edge Inference Computer supports rich expandability to streamline integration and unlock automation capabilities in harsh settings. LAN, PoE and high-speed 10GbE easily incorporate leading edge and legacy technologies into a powerful, intelligent IoT solution.

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Power Ignition Management

Intelligent transportation deployments can harness the power of inference analysis safely through the VCO-6000-CFL-4M2’s power ignition management feature. The AI Edge Inference Computer safely powers down after engine shutoff following a predetermined interval. The feature ensures applications close properly and data is neither lost nor corrupted.

Built Rugged. Built Ready.

Ruggedized hardware architecture safeguards the AI Edge Inference Computer in harsh, remote and dynamic environments.

  • Fanless cooling eliminates failure points
  • Wide -25 to 60° C operating temperature
  • 30G shock and 3 Grms vibration tolerance
  • Wide 9 to 48VDC voltage input
  • Power Ignition Management safely powers down after engine shutoff
  • TPM 2.0 to enable password protection, device authentication and future-ready cybersecurity
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Use Cases

IoT and The Intelligent Edge

Aggregating and processing floods of disparate IoT data in real-time drive intelligence at the edge. The AI Edge Inference Computer promotes rich automation and interconnection in severe environments to maximize Industry 4.0 reformations.

AI and Machine Learning

The AI Edge Inference Computer supports high-performance GPUs to conduct exhaustive training for neural networks and apply the refined algorithms at the rugged edge. Complex inference analysis tasks generate keener insights and inform more efficient automation.

5G and Edge Computing Servers

Low-latency wireless technologies yield rapid, reliable data transfers from mobile and remote edge locations. The AI Edge Inference Computer incorporates Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6, 4G/LTE and 5G technologies to guarantee seamless, stable connectivity.

Cloud Computing

The AI Edge Inference Computer promotes intelligent leverage of cloud resources to optimize network workload. Advanced performance and comprehensive connectivity allow the AI Edge Inference Computer to determine which and complex compute functions to conduct locally and which need to be quickly relegated to the cloud.

AI & Machine Learning

The AI Edge Inference Computer supplies the hardware and processing power to thorough neural network training and inference analysis at the edge. Accelerated GPU processing leveraging high-speed NVMe storage enables the AI Edge Inference Computer to aggregate floods diverse data and perform complex computations allowing systems to effect real-time decision making and learn from each new data input.

Industrial Automation

The AI Edge Inference Computer applies trained algorithms to accomplish myriad industrious tasks independently. GPU- and NVMe-accelerated real-time decisions are made without time-taxing, error-prone human oversight. Industrial processes can be independently streamlined for safety, efficiency and resource conservation.

Telematics and Transportation

Standard automotive vehicles have hundreds of sensors transmitting floods of data, and that number will only go up as sophistication increases. The AI Edge Inference Computer rapidly aggregates and processes vehicle data to glean insights into performance, safety, fuel consumption and maintenance. High-speed connectivity links vehicles to fleet management hubs, other vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.

Metrology and Defect Detection

The AI Edge Inference Computer applies accelerated GPU and NVMe technology to computer vision applications in dynamic industrial spaces. The solution quickly recognizes and “understands” visual data it collects about objects and values and makes determinations to aberrations or defects. The AI Edge Inference Computer helps uphold standards of quality, purity and serviceability in manufacturing sectors.


Video analytics transform rugged edge surveillance systems into intelligent safety, security and business insight utilities. Inference analysis applied to PoE camera data can be leveraged toward behavior prediction, facial recognition, and object or treat detection. Surveillance video can also provide Smart city and facility managers deep insights that can improve traffic flows, streamline access control processes and optimize transportation scheduling.

Smart Retail

The AI Edge Inference Computer deployed to the bustling retail environments can quickly evaluate shopper behavior and sales rotation to improve the customer experience and boost the bottom line. Inference analysis of individual shopper patterns can prompt directed promotions to appear on personal devices, or at POS displays. Foot traffic and dwell time heat mapping generate insights that help store planners position high-sale merchandise in more prominent locations and reconfigure store displays for maximum convenience.