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About ISC West

ISC West, also known as the International Security Conference & Exposition, is one of the leading security trade shows in the nation. Explore the latest cutting-edge technologies the industry has developed and connect with thousands of professionals in security and public safety. ISC West 2023 is the perfect event to broaden your network, establish key partnerships, and stay up to date with the newest solutions. Visit Premio at Booth 3071 to discover how our rugged computing solutions help enterprises enable and power their Industry 4.0 technologies right at the edge!


Preparing Security and Surveillance for Industry 4.0

The major advancements in AI and IoT have pushed humanity towards the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. With the sudden surge in sophisticated IoT sensors, cameras, and devices, data has become more complex than ever. The introduction of AI has allowed numerous industries, like security and surveillance, to significantly enhance operations with the utilization of machine learning and development of autonomous systems. The security sector has seen major enhancements with the implementation of AI. Object detection, text recognition, and more have capabilities to streamline various security applications that was not possible before.

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Surveillance & Security Diagram: IoT Cameras Generate Data -> Industrial Edge Computer processes data with real-time edge AI inferencing, powers IoT cameras, and stores data -> Cloud receives filtered critical data for deeper data analysis/insights, and alerts technicians if any mission-critical event occurs

Enabling Intelligent Security & Surveillance

With this influx of big data and complex AI workloads, how does it get all processed? Fanless industrial edge computers are ruggedized solutions that utilize next-gen technologies for reliable ultra-low latency data processing, high-capacity storage, and aggregation.

Because of their fanless and cableless design, industrial computers are capable of being deployed in harsh remote environments where traditional desktops will fail. Edge computing has paved the way for intelligent surveillance as it provides the necessary high-speed connectivity, power, data processing capabilities, and encryption for smart IoT cameras to link to.

Intelligent surveillance and security powered by industrial computers

Innovative Technologies for Rugged NVR Edge Surveillance

Artificial intelligence has pushed the limits in smarter surveillance. Facial recognition, license plate identification, and automobile detection technologies all generate vast amounts of data that require high-performance processing. In this setting, cloud computing is unreliable due to the introduction of unpredictable latency and connectivity, cybersecurity threats, and inefficient data flow costs. AI edge inferencing streamlines these workloads in real-time succession for time-sensitive actionable insights all within offline confinements. There are four transformative technologies that enable rugged NVR surveillance:

Ubiquitous Computing 
Allows for remote manageability & live data telemetry 

Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure 
Cost-efficient system for mission-critical insights to be sent to the Cloud while majority of data remains processed at the edge 

5G Connectivity 
Ultra-low latency, broadened bandwidth, & machine-to-machine communications 

Edge AI
Enables Industry 4.0 applications & real-time inferencing

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Listen in on an insightful conversation discussing the shift of edge computing in the surveillance and security sector and its transformation into the future.

First Look:
New Products Launching at ISC West 2023!


2023 SIA NPS Awards Contestant
Latest Rugged NVR Computer: RCO-6000-CML-4NH-1E

RCO-6000-CML-4NH-1E for Surveillance-focused Rugged NVR Edge Applications

Introducing Premio’s latest flagship Rugged NVR Computer, RCO-6000-CML-4NH-1E! The successor of SIA ISC West 2021’s award-winning RCO-6000-CFL. By following a split-architecture design, EDGEBoost Nodes can be integrated onto the RCO-6000-CML for a more surveillance-focused deployment. The 4NH-1E consists of an EDGEBoost U.2 NVMe canister and a PCIe x16 expansion for hardware RAID and even a high-speed network card with data bandwidth speeds up to 200Gbps. Read the full press release here.

AI Edge Inference Computer:

  • 10th Gen Intel Core/XEON Processor
  • DDR4 RAM (Max. 64GB)
  • 2x EDGEBoost I/O
  • 2x Hot-swappable SSD Bays
  • High-speed I/O On-board

EDGEBoost Node:

  • Hot-swappable 4-Bay NVMe SSD Canister
  • Hardware RAID
  • PCIe x16 Expansion (8-lane)

We are also submitting our Rugged NVR Computer to 2023 SIA NPS Awards for the best Video Surveillance Data Storage category! Feel free to watch our submission video below.

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Small Form Factor Computer: RCO-3000-CML *Coming Soon*

RCO-3000-CML Industrial 10th Gen Intel Small Form Factor Computer

Small in size, yet packed with even greater performance. Typically, small form factor (SFF) computers are limited to SoC processors due to thermal conflicts. However, the RCO-3000-CML delivers a socket-type design within an SFF enabling more resource-intensive applications to be deployed in spatially limiting environments.

  • Socket-type design in SFF
  • 10th Gen Intel Core/XEON Processor (Up to 10 cores)
  • DDR4 RAM (Max. 64GB)
  • 1x EDGEBoost I/O
  • 1x Hot-swappable SSD Bay
  • High-speed I/O On-board

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EDGEBoost I/O for Edge AI & NVMe 

EDGEBoost I/O for Edge AI and NVMe in M.2 form factor

As IoT becomes smarter and sophisticated, so does the amount of data needed to be processed. Premio’s implementation of EDGEBoost I/O allows for flexible configurations for specialized deployments. The EDGEBoost I/O for Edge AI and NVMe deliver high-speed data storage transfer rates and real-time AI inferencing at the source of data generation.


  • 1x M.2 M-Key (PCIe x4)
  • M.2 Edge AI Accelerators
  • M.2 NVMe Storage


  • 2x M.2 B-Key (PCIe x2)
  • M.2 Edge AI Accelerators
  • M.2 5G Wireless Modules
  • M.2 NVMe Storage
  • 1x External SIM

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Product Showcase:
Specialized Compute for Specialized Deployments

Compact Industrial IoT Gateways for Space Constrained Deployments

Ultra-compact Form Factor Industrial Mini Computers RCO-1000-EHL, BCO-1000-EHL, BCO-2000-WHL-U

Our RCO/BCO-1000 and BCO-2000 Series deliver intelligence to the most spatially limiting deployments. Purpose-built with an ultra-compact form factor and essential I/Os, these industrial mini computers provide reliable data processing, storage, and connectivity to IoT devices. Learn about the benefits that industrial mini computers here.

RCO-1000-EHL & BCO-1000-EHL:

  • Ultra-compact form factor 
  • 11th Gen Intel Celeron Processor
  • DDR4 RAM (Max. 32GB)
  • 3x 4K Independent Displays
  • EDGEBoost I/O (Up to 3)


  • 8th Gen Intel Core & Celeron Mobile-U Processor
  • DDR4 RAM (Max. 32GB)
  • 2x UHD Independent Displays

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High-performance Industrial Computers for Streamlined Edge AI Inferencing

High Performance Industrial Computer for AI Edge Inferencing and Machine Vision RCO-6000-CML and VCO-6000-CFL

The VCO-6000-CFL and RCO-6000-CML Series offer superior performance and reliability for resource-intensive AI applications with hardware accelerator compatibility. By utilizing a dedicated GPU for machine learning and AI inferencing, these flagship industrial computers enable real-time data analytics for ultra-low latency decision making at the edge.

RCO-6000-CML w/ EDGEBoost Node:

  • Split-Architecture: Industrial Computer & EDGEBoost Node
  • 10th Gen Intel Core/XEON Processor
  • Max. 64GB DDR4 (ECC & Non-ECC)
  • 2x Hot-swappable SSD Bays
  • 2x EDGEBoost I/O
  • Low-profile Dedicated GPU

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  • USB Vision & GigE Vision Support
  • 9th Gen Intel Core Processor
  • Max. 64GB DDR4
  • 2x Hot-swappable SSD Bays
  • Single-sided I/O
  • Full-length Dedicated GPU

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Enhanced Security & Surveillance in Intelligent Transportation


Industry 4.0 has evolved transportation for a more efficient, safer, and innovative lifestyle. Smart transportation requires multitudes of IoT devices to be connected simultaneously and AI capabilities for security, surveillance, license plate recognition, and more. Our ACO-6000-CML series is an EN50155 & E-Mark certified fanless in-vehicle computer purpose built to power and enable smart transportation and railway specific applications.

  • 10th Gen Intel® Core™/Xeon® Processor
  • Max. 64GB RAM (ECC and Non-ECC)
  • 2x Hot-swappable SATA SSD
  • Support up to 16x IoT ports
  • Wide Power Supply (9-48VDC & 48-110VDC)
  • Embedded CANBus
  • EN50155 Railway Certification Ready
  • E-Mark Certified

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Board Level Building Blocks for Integrated Foundation

Industrial Motherboards and Industrial Single Board Computers SBCs

Need OEM customization as a system builder? We work closely with system integrators and OEM/ODM designers using our scalable industrial-grade motherboards and SBCs as building blocks. From Micro-ATX to 1.8” Femto-ITX form factors, our wide selection of industrial-grade standard boards offer the most performance for its size.   

Read more in this case study about how Premio integrated and engineered our 3.5” AMD SBC into a custom self-service kiosk with OEM design for an additional ten USB ports. 

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