Connect with Premio At FIME 2022 [Booth R77] on July 27-29, 2022 at Miami Beach Convention Center, FL

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About FIME 2022

Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) is America’s leading medical trade exhibition where the latest and upcoming medical devices and equipment are announced and showcased. With over 700+ exhibitors already registered and thousands of professionals attending, FIME is the perfect opportunity to connect and network with those in the field. Listen to keynote speakers from prestigious backgrounds who will discuss the challenges and advancements in the future of healthcare. Meet Premio at Booth # R77 to learn more about how our rugged edge computing solutions are ensuring medical equipment reliability and enabling AI powered medical imagery. Register for free here! 

Powering Intelligent Medical Equipment with Industrial-Grade Edge Computers 

Medical equipment needs to be operational for extended periods of time and, most importantly, reliable when it is needed. Industrial-grade edge computers are purpose-built to be compatible with mission-critical equipment and operate in sensitive medical environments. The healthcare industry has seen a rapid growth in intelligent medical advancements, like telehealth and wearable health trackers, where vast amounts of data is being generated. Edge computers provide the necessary compute power to efficiently process and store all the vital information collected from patients. Since edge computers are localized, real-time data processing and data insights are enabled, allowing professionals to provide faster diagnosis and treatment.  

AI Edge Inference Computers Advance Medical Imaging 

In addition to the boom in intelligent medical advancements, AI has been introduced to streamline clinician workflow. The lengthy process of medical imagery has been enhanced by AI to accurately recognize abnormalities quickly. With a faster return window from labs, professionals can swiftly provide treatment to time-sensitive operations. For data intensive AI to operate smoothly, a high-performance computer with specialized hardware is required. AI Edge Inference Computers are purpose-built with flexible I/O configurability, GPU support, and NVMe storage acceleration in a ruggedized form factor to operate reliably in sensitive and harsh environments. 


Product Showcase 


KCO-2000-CFL Series Small Form Factor SFF Industrial Computer

Our KCO-2000-CFL series is a certification-ready small form factor industrial computer line that is built for mobile medical cart applications and various healthcare related deployments. The KCO Series utilizes Premio’s CT-MCL01 Micro-ATX motherboard and 2U rackmount chassis for versatile mounting options. The one-sided I/O allows users to access all the needed components conveniently with power buttons on both sides of the computer for further convenience. Within the KCO is on-board NVMe M.2 for blazing fast storage, a low-profile PCIe x16 lane for additional I/O expansion, and a hot-swappable SATA SSD drive for quick data offloading. It uses an easy to clean toolless dust filter to further protect the computer from contaminants and debris from damaging the system. Additionally, the KCO Series is built to resist up to 25Gs of shock and 1GRMs of vibration for enhanced reliability while deployed in mobile applications and is validated with CE, FCC, and UL Certifications. 

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KCO-3000-CFL 3U Certification Ready Industrial PC

The KCO-3000-CFL is purpose-built for applications where higher-performance is demanded. Like the KCO-2000-CFL, it has an on-board NVMe M.2, toolless dust filter, single sided I/O, is resistant to shock and vibration, and validated with CE, FCC, and UL Certifications. However, to provide additional data processing power, the KCO-3000-CFL includes a full height PCIe x16 lane for GPU hardware acceleration and two additional PCIe x4 lanes for additional I/O configurations. By using a 3U rackmount chassis for flexible mounting capabilities, it can support two 2.5” SATA SSDs or a 3.5” SATA HDD within the system for plentiful storage capacity.  

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RCO-6000-CML Series Modular AI Edge Inference Computer with EDGEBoost Nodes

Modularity at its core. With multiple awards won in its previous generations, the RCO-6000-CML creates the best of both worlds with performance accelerators, EDGEBoost Nodes. The RCO-6000-CML is a two-piece architecture with the top module being the industrial computer and the EDGEBoost Node as the bottom module. The industrial computer uses the latest 10th generation Intel CML S processor or XEON W-1290TE server-grade processor, two hot-swappable SATA SSDs, and comes with dual universal I/O slots. These universal I/O slots provide the flexibility needed to connect compatible IoT devices the user requires. The EDGEBoost Nodes allow users to mix and match between different node options. Choose between maximum storage capacity with hot-swappable NVMe U.2 canister bricks for high-speed data storage or incorporate a dedicated NVIDIA RTX 2060S for high-performance tasks. 

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SIO Series Stainless Steel IP66K IP69K  Washdown Industrial Touchscreen Panel PC

The SIO Series is a rugged stainless steel fanless Panel PC purpose-built for hygienic environments like cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other clinical applications. With full IP66/69K rated sealed design, it can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature washdowns for low-maintenance cleaning. Additionally, it uses a Type 316 stainless steel enclosure for advanced corrosion resistance furthering the integrity of the PC. The SIO Series allows for different touchscreen technology configurations: Single-touch five-wire resistive touch or multi-touch PCAP touch. The touchscreen panel utilizes a 7H hardness glass that is resistant to scratches and has an optional high-brightness display feature (1,000+ nit) for enhanced visibility in already bright environments. The SIO can be mounted virtually anywhere with VESA, yoke, and panel mounting options. Users can find ease with the use of waterproof M12 locking connectors to ensure reliable connectivity with IoT devices. Our SIO Series stainless steel panel PC is a sleek computer that visualizes data to deliver real-time data and allow for rapid decision making. 

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VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer

The VCO-6000-CFL brings sharper vision to the Rugged Edge. This high-performance embedded system specializes in driving machine vision with dedicated GPU support for real-time data processing and analysis, on-board NVMe M.2 for rapid data storage, and multiple SATA SSD Bay with RAID support for expanded storage and data loss prevention. Our VCO-6000-CFL uses its dedicated GPU for inference analysis to train artificial intelligence with models and develop an algorithm that allows the AI to perform independently. The incorporation of AI with healthcare applications will significantly reduce the turnaround time for image-based processes that is traditionally a lengthy task. 

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3.5” CT-DWL01 

3.5" CT-DWL01 SBC Intel WHL-U Processor

Our CT-DWL01 3.5” SBC incorporates high performance with ultra low-power in a fanless small form factor design supporting 8th Gen Intel Whiskey Lake U processor (4.1GHz/15W TDP). Built rugged, it can withstand harsh environments within a variety of applications such as kiosks and factory floors with its wide operating temperature of -40°C ~ 70°C. The CT-DWL01 is capable of triple independent displays and is rich in I/O configurations for flexibility in IoT device compatibility.

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2.5” CT-PBT01 

2.5" Pico-ITX CT-PBT01 SBC

Premio’s 2.5” Pico-ITX SBC, CT-PBT01, revolutionizes performance in an ultra-compact design. Utilizing Intel Celeron J1900 processor (2.0GHz/10W TDP), CT-PBT01 can deliver the needed compute power to extremely space constrained applications with ultra low-power consumption and versatile I/O configurability. All whilst remaining rugged with an extended operating temperature of -10°C ~ 70°C. 

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