Visit Premio at Pack Expo 2023 | Booth N-9932 | Sept. 11-13 | Las Vegas Convention Center

Pack Expo 2023 Premio Booth N-9932 for Industrial Edge Computing Solutions

About Pack Expo 

Experience the latest technologies in the packaging and processing industry at Pack Expo 2023! With over 12,000 registered attendees and over 2,200 exhibitors from 40+ market verticals, Pack Expo 2023 will be packed full of extraordinary opportunities to network with professionals, explore the latest and upcoming solutions, and build new partnerships. As leaders in rugged edge computing and rugged edge AI, Premio will be exhibiting at booth N-9932 to showcase our latest edge solutions for all kinds of machine vision applications. We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Sept. 11 - Sept. 13, 2023
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
Booth: N-9932 (North Hall)

With Pack Expo complete, please enjoy our coverage and recap of the show and our ECO-1000 product launch!

Rugged Edge AI Powering Machine Vision Applications 

Computer Vision and Edge AI Powering Industry 4.0 Deployments

In the packaging and processing industry, there is an ever-growing demand for enhanced efficiency and reliability. Machine vision deployment applications, such as quality control inspection and automated robotic assembly, have revolutionized repetitive processes, significantly increasing speed and accuracy. By utilizing rugged edge AI, it plays a critical role in enabling these machine vision applications to drive real-time data processing and analytics, reduced latency, and enhanced security. 

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Core Design Principles For Ultimate Deployment Reliability

Factory floors can be hazardous and unsuitable for traditional desktop PCs to function optimally. They are susceptible to system failures, leading to costly downtime, backups, and maintenance expenses. In contrast, industrial computers are specifically designed for deployment on factory floors and excel in various extreme environments. With its core design principles, Fanless Cooling Technology, EDGEBoost I/O, and EDGEBoost Nodes, rugged edge computers can operate reliably, enable edge AI algorithms, and maintain flexible connectivity in the most challenging industrial climates.

Where Premio Fits as a Leader in Rugged Edge Computing

Premio Headquarters

Premio plays a pivotal role in the packaging and processing industry, offering dependable rugged edge computers for Industry 4.0 deployments. Our industrial computers reliably process and store data, enable edge AI applications, as well as provide power and connectivity to IIoT devices. For additional reassurance and quality, we have taken great lengths to achieve UL-Certified for its flagship portfolio of rugged edge computers. Learn more about our certifications here.

With over 30+ years of experience, Premio has become a trusted ecosystem partner in manufacturing our robust portfolio of rugged edge computing solutions. Our expertise excels in navigating supply chain disruptions and meeting the hardware requirements for OEMs.

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Product Showcase

New Product: Premio's Industrial Supercapacitor: EDGEBoost EnergyPack

Premio’s EDGEBoost EnergyPack is a self-sustaining, industrial supercapacitor that can serve to power edge computers, panel PCs, displays, and other IIoT devices in case of blackout or power outages as part of a comprehensive UPS system. The ECO-1000 Series EDGEBoost EnergyPack is like a smart UPS but instead of batteries uses supercapacitor technology and provides more valuable power redundancy for remote and mobile environments in rugged edge computing environments.

  • Regulate Voltage Fluctuation 
  • 10 Years Long Lifecycle  
  • Safe Shutdown with 3 Smart Modes 
  • Instantaneous Power Backup 

EDGEBoost EnergyPack

RCO Series: Flagship Rugged Edge Computers

Specific Edge Deployments Require Specific Edge Computers. The RCO Series is comprised of three standardized form factors to meet a variety of industrial deployments. It features a fanless and cableless design, EDGEBoost technology, and industrial-grade performance.

RCO-1000-EHL (Fanless Industrial Mini Computer)

RCO-1000-EHL Fanless Industrial Mini Computer, Intel NUC Alternative

Looking for an Intel NUC, but require industrial performance? The RCO-1000-EHL delivers reliable edge compute in an ultra-compact form factor while offering essential IIoT-centric I/O and flexible EDGEBoost I/O connectivity.

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RCO-3000-CML (Small Form Factor Computer)

RCO-3000-CML Industrial Small Form Factor Computer

Small In Size, Yet Big In Performance. The RCO-3000-CML brings a socket-type design to support Intel’s 10th Gen Core processor while maintaining 35W TDP in a small form factor. It features a hot-swappable SSD bay and EDGEBoost I/O for extended connectivity or even additional hardware acceleration.

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RCO-6000-CML (AI Edge Inference Computer)

RCO-6000-CML AI Edge Inference Computer with EDGEBoost Node

Meet the RCO-6000-CML, our high-performance AI Edge Inference Computer that delivers both 10th Gen Intel Core/Xeon processing with 35W TDP and is compatible with EDGEBoost Nodes. Built on the success of its predecessor, the RCO-6000-CFL, which won the Vision Systems Design Innovators Award at Automate 2022 and SIA New Product Showcase Awards at ISC West 2021, it follows a modular two-piece design, the RCO-6000 Series can mix and match specific EDGEBoost Nodes to be best optimized for the deployment; whether it be maximized NVMe storage with EDGEBoost Databrick Canisters, AI hardware acceleration with GPU support, and/or PCIe expansion for additional connectivity.

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VCO Series: Machine Vision Computers

VCO-6000-CFL (Machine Vision Computer)

VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer

Sharper Vision At The Rugged Edge. Featuring support for a full-length GPU, compatibility for various vision camera interfaces, and NVMe storage, the VCO Series is purpose-built to effectively consolidate resource-intensive AI vision-based workloads in real-time.

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BCO Series: Fanless Mini Computers

BCO-1000-EHL (Fanless Industrial Mini PC) BCO-1000-EHL Fanless Industrial Mini Computer, Intel NUC Alternative

The BCO-1000-EHL is another industrial alternative to the Intel NUC. It balances both an ultra-compact form factor and IIoT-centric I/O for power efficient performance within confined deployments. Additionally, the BCO-1000-EHL features highly scalable and flexible I/O configurability with EDGEBoost I/O.

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BCO-2000-WHL-U (Fanless Mini Computer)

BCO-2000-WHL-U Fanless Mini Computer

The BCO-2000-WHL-U houses our industrial 3.5” Intel 8th Gen Mobile-U SBC (Single Board Computer) to build a versatile fanless mini computer with I/O expansion flexibility and rugged reliability.

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BCO-2000-RYZ (Fanless Mini Computer)

BCO-2000-RYZ Fanless Mini Computer

Based on our 3.5” AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000/R1000 SBC, the BCO-2000-RYZ is a fanless industrial mini computer that delivers accelerated processing with support for multiple 4K displays, ECC memory, and expansive I/O while maintaining a low TDP. 

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VIO & SIO Series: Rugged Touchscreen Panel PCs

VIO-200 (IP65 Modular Touchscreen HMI Display)

VIO-200 Industrial Modular Panel PC and Touchscreen Monitor

Purpose-built for seamless configurability, the VIO-200 Series is a fully customizable industrial HMI display and/or panel PC that provides a wide range of options to meet various deployment requirements. From display screen sizes to touch technologies, the VIO allows for streamlined upgradability and convenience. Its IP65 rated front panel for protection against liquids and debris that can harm the display.

Meet our VIO-200 Series >>

SIO-200 (IP66/69K Washdown Industrial HMI Display)

SIO-200 Industrial HMI Display with Stainless Steel Enclosure for Washdown

The SIO-200 Series is a stainless steel IP66/69K washdown panel PC for cleanrooms and hygienic HMI deployments. It utilizes Type 316 stainless steel which prolongs the longevity and ruggedness against rust and washdown degradation. The SIO connects IoT devices with M12 waterproof locking connectors to ensure reliable connectivity against harsh industrial conditions and environments. Compatible with PCAP or resistive technology, the SIO series is offered in various display screen sizes, resolutions, and has optional features such as high-brightness panels and optical bonding.

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