Meet Premio at Automate 2023 | Booth 6310

Premio exhibiting at Automate 2023 Booth 6310

About Automate


Automate is a renowned tradeshow revolving around the world of automation and gathers like-minded industry professionals to build an insightful networking experience. At Automate, over 25,000 registered attendees will be given the opportunity to develop new, strengthen, or even rekindle partnerships with the 700+ exhibitors that will be demonstrating their latest automation technologies. For a more insightful experience into the industry, there will be over 200 keynote speakers discussing their perspectives as industry leaders in the automation space. The Premio Team will be exhibiting at Automate 2023 to demonstrate how rugged edge computing is enabling real-time processing and powering smart IIoT devices for automation applications! Visit us at Booth 6310 to learn more!

Shaping the Future of Rugged Edge AI with Hardware Acceleration

Traditionally, AI has been trained, developed, and utilized on the Cloud with high performance datacenters processing streams of data feed. However, with the pairing of hardware acceleration and rugged edge computers, AI algorithms are capable of inferencing without reliance on the Cloud. This decentralized architecture pushes the boundaries of AI and IIoT towards industrial edge use cases, known as Rugged Edge AI.

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Industrial Automation Powered By Rugged Edge Computers

Real-time Processing with Rugged Edge Computing

The shift in processing data from the cloud to the edge has enabled and allowed the implementation of several key automation technologies. Although Cloud computing utilizes supercomputers for extremely powerful processes, there are inefficiencies in latency, connectivity, and cost. Edge computing processes data right at the source of data generation for real-time data telemetry and analytics. This does not eliminate the need for Cloud computing, but ensures consistent uptimes, remote deployment versatility, and what we like to call, rugged reliability.

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Defect Detection with Rugged Edge AI Powered by Industrial Edge Computers

Industrial Edge Computers Enable The Latest Automation Technologies

The emergence of edge computing has resulted in the development of advanced technologies such as edge computer/machine vision, edge AI, and robotics, which have brought significant improvements in productivity, optimization, and safety within the automation industry.

  • Defect detection
  • Optical sorting
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Preventative maintenance
  • 3D vision projection & virtualization
  • Safety precautions
It is crucial to emphasize the importance of real-time processing in these applications, as any latency or signal integrity issues can cause bottlenecks on production or assembly lines. Since edge computers are deployed onto factory floors or in-vehicles, they must withstand harsh deployment conditions to provide reliable uptimes with minimal maintenance requirements.

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Industrial Automation-focused Edge Computers & HMI Displays

Built Rugged. Built Ready. Our versatile selection of rugged edge computing solutions is purpose-built for industrial automation deployment applications.



RCO-6000-CML Rugged Edge AI & AI Edge Inference Computer with 10th Gen Intel Core Processor

Built on the success of its predecessor, the RCO-6000-CFL, which won the Vision Systems Design Innovators Award at Automate 2022 and SIA New Product Showcase Awards at ISC West 2021, the RCO-6000-CML is the next-generation computing solution designed for advanced industrial rugged edge AI inference applications. It features high-performance processing capabilities and supports our modular hardware accelerators, EDGEBoost Nodes, to consolidate rugged edge AI workloads.

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VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer for Rugged Edge AI Industrial Applications

The VCO-6000-CFL is a powerful and versatile solution designed for rugged environments and demanding image-based AI workloads. It supports full-length GPUs, common vision camera interfaces, and features a single-sided I/O design, on-board M.2 NVMe, and PCIe expansion scalability, making it suitable for a variety of rugged edge AI applications.

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RCO-3000-CML Small Form Factor Computer

Small in size, big in performance. Our small form factor computer, RCO-3000-CML, supports a socket-type CPU and offers PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capabilities for space-constrained deployments. Powered by Intel’s 10th Generation Core Processor, the RCO-3000-CML can streamline resource-intensive programs and applications where high-performance computers are unable to fit. It is also compatible with EDGEBoost I/O modules for configurability with deployments that require specific sets of I/O or performance acceleration.

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RCO-1000-EHL Ultra-compact Fanless Industrial Mini Computer with Intel 11th Gen Elkhart Lake Processor

The RCO-1000-EHL is our ultra-compact fanless industrial computer purpose-built for IIoT and Rugged Edge AI deployments. When compared to its predecessor, the RCO-1000-EHL sees a significant performance improvement with 4x more memory capacity, 5x faster graphics, and 2.3x faster single/multi-threaded performance. Additionally, it can support up to three 4K displays simultaneously for vivid visual experiences.

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VIO-200 Modular Industrial HMI Displays IP65 Touchscreen Panel PC and Monitor

The VIO-200 Series offers complete configurability for HMI automation, allowing enterprises to tailor their display to precise specifications and requirements using MDM Modular Technology. With user-friendly upgradability, this purpose-built HMI touch display features an IP-65 rated front panel and fanless design for uncompromising durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging industrial environments.

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SIO-200 Type 316 Stainless Steel Industrial Washdown HMI Display Touchscreen Panel PC

The SIO-200 Series provides real-time HMI data visualization and telemetry for cleanroom and aseptic environments. This series features a fully enclosed, anti-corrosive stainless steel enclosure that can withstand high-temperature and high-pressure washdowns, as well as an IP-66/69K rating and Type 316 stainless steel construction for resistance to water and other corrosive materials.

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