Join Premio At IPPE 2022 Jan 25-27, 2022, Booth #C10631

About IPPE

Every year, the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) gathers professionals from the animal food, meat, and poultry industry around the globe to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the industry. This year, IPPE is held at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Join Premio at booth #C10631 to see our robust line up of rugged edge computing solutions that are purpose-built to provide the critical compute power for industrial automation and all-in-one washdown touchscreen computers that are designed to sustain the most rigorous sanitization procedures that are required for food processing plants.

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Food Processing Automation

Accelerating automation implementation is one of the top priorities for many U.S. enterprises in the animal food, meat, and poultry industry. The major labor shortage and the increase in consumer demand fueled by the global pandemic has put an incredible amount of stress on the meat supply chain. To overcome this challenge, companies are turning to robotic automation for the most dangerous tasks such as cutting and deboning as well as the most mundane tasks such as weighing and packing to increase efficiency, productivity, and improve workers’ safety while maintaining the highest standard to ensure the safety and quality of the food products.   

Automating meat processing is complicated. An experienced worker recognizes the best place to cut and portion that minimizes waste and optimizes yield based on many criteria such as color, shape, and size within seconds. Automating this process requires lots of sensors and computation capabilities to process the incredible amounts of data in real-time to make decisions with speed and accuracy.

Industrial IoT and AI For Food Processing

The advancement in Industrial IoT technologies and AI algorithms is another key driver for the adoption of automation in meat production. As high-resolution cameras and hardware accelerators become ubiquitous, high-quality data are generated and processed in real-time to facilitate fast and precise predictions with machine intelligence.

One of the unique challenges in the meat processing industry is the strict safety and hygienic requirements. Meat processing equipment must be able to endure the frequent exposure to liquid, debris, shock and vibration, and extreme temperature while sustain the intense washdown procedures. This requires specialized hardware solutions that are built with system level ruggedization.

IP66/IP69K Washdown Touchscreen Computers



Premio’s SIO IP66/IP69K washdown touchscreen computers are purpose-build to provide high-performance, reliable control interface, and compute power while enduring the harsh sanitization process.

Key features:

  1. The IP66/IP69K rating ensures protection again high pressure, high temperature washdown.
  2. Type 316 stainless steel provides protection against a wide range of caustic media and resistance to acidic disinfecting solutions and chlorides.
  3. Fanless design
  4. Locking M12 I/O connector to avoid water and debris penetration
  5. -20 to 60° C wide operating temperature
  6. 7H hardness glass panel provides excellent scratch protection
  7. Embedded system on chip provides high performance with low power consumption
  8. Flexible mounting options: Panel Mount, Vesa Mount, and Yoke Mount.

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IP65 Industrial Touch Panel PC and Monitor 

Premio’s IP65 modular industrial panel PC provides extraordinary flexibility and scalability with the patented MDM design. The Multi-Mode Display Module technology (MDM) helps minimize downtime for repair and maintenance of the computer system.

 VCO-6000-CFL Series Machine Vision Computers

Many Industrial Edge AI applications utilize computer vision to drive efficiency, productivity, and safety. Premio’s VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series consolidates the latest technologies such as 9th Gen Intel® Processor and future-ready NVMe storage technologies and supports full length, full height GPU cards to deliver the required performance acceleration to enable machine intelligence at the rugged edge.

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 BCO-2000-WHL-U Fanless Mini Computers



Premio's BCO-2000-WHL-U series fanless mini computer provides the flexibility and scalability for applications that require a small form factor computer with high performance. This versatile mini computer is packed with processing power, connectivity, and I/O flexibility all in one fanless mini chassis that fits in a palm of a hand. 

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