Premio's Patented Multi-Mode Display Module Technology Delivers Reliability & Scalability to Factory Automation

Human machine interface (HMI) is defined as the devices and software that carry out the interaction between humans and machines. You're probably familiar with some HMI devices and may not even realize it! Did you know that monitors, keyboards, and mice are HMI devices? The application of these as well as other various HMI devices and technology serve as the adapter between the analog and digital world. The development of HMI aims to integrate a human into a complex technological system. The communication of HMI flows both ways. It allows the user's input to translate as signals to the machine, and also allows the machine to provide the result for the user. Upon the arrival of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry along with others began utilizing HMI technology to address quality and efficiency concerns. Thus, the demand for HMI devices in rugged factory environments soared as the need for information display devices skyrocketed. Unlike other competitors' offerings of different industrial-grade HMI technologies, Premio's patented MDM (Multi-Mode Display Module) technology fulfills the quickly advancing demand of today's industry for information display and processing. Premio's industrial interactive information display devices further emphasize the MDM technology's adaptability to various surroundings, such as a wide operating temperature range, wide voltage rating, and high degree of protection against rugged industrial/factory environments.

What is MDM Technology (Multi-Mode Display Module)?
MDM stands for Multi-Mode Display Module, which is Premio's patented modular design technology that is fully optimized in Premio's industrial all-in-one panel PC. The system breaks into two major components - the control system and the visual presentation. The MDM technology offers a display module bundled with either an embedded PC unit or a display control module for optimal flexibility and scalability. 

*Simple Diagram explaining how MDM Technology works

The display module has the following key features -
  • 6 different sizes ranging from 12.1" to 21.5"
  • Resistive and Capacitive touch options
  • Front panel IP65 rating
  • Proprietary cable-less connection to control unit
The control system module features both options of a monitor controller or embedded PC -
  • Multiple processor options for the PC module supported by Intel's CPU embedded roadmap
  • Proprietary cable-less connection to display unit
  • Compact SoC (System on Chip) PC module design with scalability of system

By integrating two modules together, the patented MDM designed system offers the perfect industrial display solution. Check out this to see how it all comes together.

Why MDM Technology?

Premio's modular design provides businesses with simple and easy maintenance as well as ultimate scalability and reliability.

How Do I Build My Own MDM Devices?

Premio's VIO series utilizes its MDM technology to provide a one-stop-shop solution for industrial panel PC's and display devices. In addition to the rugged system feature and flexibility of interchangeable modules, you also have freedom to customize your device in the following criteria:

  • Size of the display device
  • Resistive / Capacitive touch
  • Industrial panel PC / industrial grade monitor
  • Memory/ Storage/ Processor/ OS

By leveraging our engineering research and manufacturing capabilities to carefully design a VIO series of the best quality and value, Premio truly addresses the challenges and fulfills the needs of the industrial application market. Premio effectively creates innovative modular design solutions that deliver flexibility, reliability, scalability in our VIO products.

How does MDM solve challenges on the Factory Floor?

  • Industrial grade certified: fan-less design, wide temperature, Wide Voltage Input, IP65 display options, mini PCIe options for communication or expansion modules
  • Long-term reliability / longevity
  • Zero downtime and easy hardware maintenance / next-gen upgrades due to MDM Technology
  • Industrial All-in-one panel PC or Industrial Display Monitor? It's Your Choice, for your application!

High Flexibility and Scalability

  • Resistive Touch Panel PC
  • Capacitive Touch Panel PC
  • 4:3 Panel PC
  • 16:9 Panel PC
  • Touch Monitor
  • Display Module
  • PC / Monitor Module