What is IP Rating?

The IP rating (International Protection Rating) is a classification that rates the degree of protection for electrical chassis and enclosures against ingress of solid objects, dust, debris, and water. Developed by the International electrotechnical commission (IEC), the IP rating helps set a standard to provide users with precise information of a product as opposed to using ambiguous terms like “waterproof.” Therefore, this ranking system provides a practical way to compare various levels of ingress protection. This is especially relevant in harsh industrial environments where liquid and dust exposure may hinder daily operations. Premio offers a range of industrial touchscreen computers that feature IP ratings to validate their respective degree of protection against solids and liquids. 


How to read IP rating numbers?

Knowing the right IP rating for your intended use can save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Too little–you risk potentially damaging your computer. Too much–you are costing your company. So, what do the numbers in the IP rating mean? When looking at the IP code of a product, you will find the letters IP followed by two digits: 

  • The first digit indicates the degree of protection against dust and foreign objects. 
  • The second digit measures the degree of protection of equipment against water intrusion. 

These numbers provide more accurate and detailed descriptions of defense compared to non-specific labels. The table below specifies the degree of ingress protection for each level: 

Ingress Protection First Digit:
Solids Protection
Second Digit:
Liquids Protection
IP 6 7

First Digit: Solid particle protection

Level Particulate Protection Effective Against
0 Unprotected -
1 >50mm Any large surface of the body, such as back of the hand
2 >12.5mm Fingers or similarly sized objects
3 >2.5mm Tools, wires, etc.
4 >1mm Small wires, screws, cables, etc.
5 Dust protected Most incidental dust ingress, insufficient quantities to interfere with equipment operations
6 Dust tight Complete protection against contact and entry of dust

Second Digit: Liquid ingress protection

Level Moisture Protection Effective Against
0 Unprotected -
1 Dripping water Vertical drops of water
2 Dripping water when tilted at 15° Vertical drops of water when enclosure is tilted at 15°
3 Spraying water Water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60°
4 Splashing & Spraying water Splashing and spraying water from any direction
5 Low pressure water jets Water projected by a nozzle from any direction
6 Powerful water jets Water projected in powerful jets from any direction
7 Temporary immersion up to 1m Ingress of water in quantities up to 1m of submersion
8 Continuous immersion beyond 1m Continuous submersion in water, even exceeding 1m
9K Powerful high-temp water jets 80°C jets from four angles 30 sec.; freehand 3 min.

For industrial applications and deployments, rugged systems are standard fare for integrating electrical systems including computers, controllers, monitors and other devices. In environments requiring more intense washdowns, the most advanced IP certified protection is needed to fully protect digital devices and equipment. Namely, the IP69K rating is critical to be achieved by devices for high-pressure, high-temperature washdown applications. Intense cleaning procedures are common in industries such as food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and cleanrooms. Without proper protection, businesses could face significant downtime and costly repairs.

Highly rated IP systems are required for proper operation in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, water treatment and more.

What is IP69K rating?

According to the IP rating scale, the IP69K offers the highest degree of protection available for industrial devices that need to tolerate high-pressure, high-temperature cleanings. The IP69K test specification has been widely adopted in food processing, pharmaceutical and medical industries, where a product’s ability must be proven to withstand rigorous sanitary washdowns. 

Benefits of IP69K

  • Uphold strict hygienic standards: Products that carry the IP69K rating are ideal for facilities where hygiene is critical. IP69K rated devices and equipment are proven to be durable and resistant against water, chemicals, high pressure and high temperatures, thereby upholding strict cleaning and safety measures.  
  • Reduce downtime: A major benefit is the assurance of an IP69K-rated product to withstand harsh industrial environments as described above, which could prove fatal for electronic devices and instrumentation. Hence, IP69K-rated products effectively prevent system failures and reduce downtime.   
  • Prolong product life: The IP69K-rated enclosures can endure most caustic cleaning solutions without degradation, meaning that the product can retain its reliability and prolong its life. With high degree of protection, costly repairs of industrial devices and equipment can also be prevented. 

IP69K Test Specification

Products that are IP69K-rated undergo a challenging set of tests to ensure that they are impervious to high pressure, high temperature water and dust. More specifically, the following testing procedures are conducted:  

  • The product is placed on a turntable that rotates once every 12 seconds (5 rpm).  
  • The product is sprayed with 176℉ water at a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute.  
  • The water pressure is between 1160-1450 psi.   
  • The nozzle is held 4-6 inches from the tested device at angles of 0, 30, 60 and 90 degrees for 30 seconds each.   

Premio IP Certified Industrial PCs

Premio offers various IP certified Industrial computers that are specifically designed for harsh, versatile environments: 

  • IP65 VIO Series Modular Panel PC and Monitor 
  • IP65/IP67 WCO Series Edge Computers.  
  • IP66 WIO Series Waterproof Touchscreen Computers.  
  • IP66/IP69K SIO Series Washdown Touchscreen Computers.  

Premio’s VIO Series Modular Panel PC and Monitor touch are patented, reliable products designed specifically for HMI automation, information and communication applications. Coupled with the fanless and rugged design of the VIO to withstand wide-ranging environmental factors, the VIO’s front panel is IP65-rated, providing full protection against penetration of dust and low-pressure water jets with a pressure of up to 30 kPa. A key feature of the VIO is its patented MDM Modular Technology, which offers optimal flexibility and scalability, as well as easy installation and maintenance to eliminate downtime. Overall, these features contribute to VIOs propriety as the ideal solution in various industries including railway signal and control, airport control, digital signage, smart agriculture, factory automation, and kiosk and retail.  

The WCO Series Waterproof Computers feature an extruded aluminum chassis with an airtight rugged enclosure that is rust and corrosion resistant. The IP65-rated enclosure is dust-tight and can tolerate low-pressure water jets with a pressure of 30kpa from any direction. This is particularly relevant in food processing as devices and equipment are required to be sanitized frequently. Similarly, this feature applies to pharmaceutical manufacturing, where automation equipment requires proper protection against water/dust intrusions in cleanroom environmentsAdditionally, the IP67-rated enclosure goes beyond and can withstand full immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, allowing the device to circumvent possible flooding conditions and provide full protection to electrical components housed within the unit. The WCO is applicable in industries including agriculture, food processing, water treatment, mining, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The IP66-rated enclosure of the WIO Series withstands aggressive exposure to water and pollutants in environments where these conditions are commonplace. Precisely, the enclosure of the WIO Series is dust tight and resistant to powerful water jets with a pressure of up to 100 kPa from any direction. IP66 protection shields hardware deployed to drenched and dusty conditions, or subject to frequent washdowns in rugged environments. Furthermore, the WIO Series are incredibly slim with 74mm thickness without compromising enclosure strength. The WIO Series serve as a powerful tool for reaping Industry 4.0 efficiencies in industries such as mining, agriculture, and livestock management.  

The stainless steel SIO Series are IP66- or IP69K-rated, both of which provide water protection against powerful waterjets from any direction. Compared to the IP66 rating, the IP69K offers premium protection against close-range high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns essential to sanitary assurance. Moreover, the SIO Series feature native touchscreen enable/disable controls, allowing the device to remain powered throughout intense washdowns. This design enables the SIO to maintain automation, monitoring and critical control functions. Above all, given the SIO’s remarkable suitability to hygienic environments, they represent the ideal Industry 4.0 solution for food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and cleanroom settings.