Premio Wakes Up the Rugged Edge with Innovative High-Speed NVMe Designs in its Next-Gen Edge Computers



New Rugged Edge and Embedded Computers Push Performance in IoT Workloads and Streamline Automation

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - Premio Inc., a global leader in rugged edge and embedded technology, announce the launch of its next-generation of industrial-edge computers. These new ruggedized computers support Intel’s 8th and 9th generation of Core processors by enriching the rugged edge through advanced processing power and fast 10GbE IoT connectivity.

The launch of the RCO-6000-CFL Industrial Computer Series, VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series, RCO 6000-CFL-2060S Industrial GPU Computer and first of its class VCO-6000-CFL-4M2 AI Edge Inference Computer delivers high performance and advanced intelligence to rugged edge and embedded deployments through improved compute performance and expandability in I/O options that can accommodate unique, challenging conditions.  All four enterprise-focused computers leverage Premio’s decades of extensive knowledge and expertise in the electrical, mechanical and thermal engineering of industrial computing solutions.  Today, the best computing solutions for the rugged edge ensure mission-critical reliability and deliver intelligent results with minimal latency.


“Our rugged computers have been painstakingly developed to ensure our partners in industrial automation and IoT deployments are able to derive the maximum performance and reliability for edge computing,” said Premio’s Director of Product Marketing Dustin Seetoo.  “Our decades of rugged design are taking enhanced connectivity and high-speed storage support closer to the data sources in mobile and volatile settings.  Edge and embedded computer end users are going to have Industry 4.0 open up a whole new realm of IoT integration and automation capabilities.”

This next generation of computers maintains Premio’s proven rugged engineering through fanless design, broad voltage latitude, wide operating temperature, shock and vibration tolerance and TPM 2.0 hardware security.  New to the embedded and rugged edge lines are technologies supporting rapid processing and transfer of data from anywhere: generous USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, 10GbE and NVMe storage.  The steep upgrades enable more comprehensive workload consolidation, responsive automation and inference analysis capabilities in locations too volatile for traditional hardware design.

“The deep I/O and wireless augmentations provide a much faster, wider pipe for all data flowing to and from the devices,” Seetoo explained.  “Our innovative hot-swappable NVMe M.2 storage tray design completes the reflexive solution, ensuring there are no read/write bottlenecks that can suppress real-time processing at the rugged edge.”

NVMe, a storage protocol designed from the ground up for streamlined SSD throughput, feeds processing cores and supported GPUs data at speeds fivefold of SATA drives.  This provides data-center speeds for more responsive automation and accurate inference analysis in demanding environments. 

The RCO-6000-CFL Industrial Computer Series efficiently and reliably leverage the upgrades toward rapid data aggregation and processing local to the integrated peripheral devices.  Vast expandability and boundless scalability permit major performance acceleration for inference analysis.

The RCO-6000-CFL-2060S Industrial GPU Computer model offers all the same great benefits of a powerful industrial PC, but bundles a proven industrial-grade RTX-2060 Super GPU with incredible processing power for machine learning and inference algorithms. Premio tests and validates industrial-GPU cards that offer greater longevity compared to standard consumer GPU cards. 

“Our commitment to a long-life embedded roadmap and product reliability for rugged computers is advantageous for our enterprise customers deploying at the edge, satisfying the need for hardware stability,” Seetoo said.  “Our engineers collaborate with our customers to ensure we deliver a balance in performance and component longevity in our computing solutions long-term.


The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series, delivers a sizeable improvement over existing embedded optical computers in terms of processing cores and I/O capacity.  The high-speed compute, graphics support and I/O capabilities provide far greater precision to industrial inspection and metrology applications.  Intelligent analysis enablement allows the VCO 6100 Series to better “understand” visual data presented.


The VCO-6000-CFL-4M2 AI Edge Inference Computer stands apart from a performative standpoint and is visionary in its design.  The AI Edge Inference Computer exploits NVMe’s rapid efficiency and storage scalability for dynamic, hyperintelligent IoT deployments.  Four hot-swappable NVMe trays offer the reflexive data support for complex AI and machine learning applications.  The AI Edge Inference computer can transfer data packets with a real-world throughput benchmark at ~6.8 GB/s from the four NVMe drives and at 800K IOPS. The first-of-its-kind solution grants data immediacy to maximize GPU throughput for more holistic AI and machine learning in trying industrial settings.

The support of Intel 8th and 9th Generation processors in Premio’s rugged edge and embedded computers helps integrators and end users challenged with dispatching reliable, versatile, future-ready hardware in remote, mobile and treacherous environments.  With more CPU cores, greater memory cache, and support for 10GbE networks, these new edge computers are powerful additions to a wide portfolio of proven industrial computers dedicated for edge deployments.  New IoT applications and complex machine-learning workloads requiring real-time processing and faster connectivity will benefit from these four new lines of edge computers.

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