Premio Inc. Recognized for Embedded Vision Processors from Vision Systems Design

Vision Systems Design Names 2021 Readers' Choice Award Winners: Premio Receives Honorable Mention

Greater Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, Dec. 7, 2021 – Premio Inc., a global leader in rugged edge and embedded computing technology was recognized by Vision Systems Design as an honorable mention for the “Embedded Vision Processors Category” in the Vision System Designs 2021 Readers’ Choice Award.  

VSD Honorable Mention - Premio Inc - Embedded Vision Processors

For over 30+ years, Premio Inc. has been a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of purpose-built embedded vision computers for harsh factory environments that require performance and reliability. Premio Inc. has three focused product lines of industrial-grade computing solutions actively being deployed in volume for embedded vision applications.  These rugged and hardened computing systems support the latest in embedded Intel x86 processing, flexible I/O options for sensors, high-speed storage, and wireless connectivity.

Modern day applications today use performance driven hardware and flexible software to deliver new capabilities in machine learning and automation on the factory floor. Many of these new applications require the latest processing technology in edge compute to decipher and make sense of incredible amounts of data from a variety of sensors in real-time (Camera images, radar, lidar, audio, vibration). This valuable data is collected and used for creating even smarter machine learning algorithms that improve over time. The ability for faster speed and accuracy, bandwidth, and throughput are necessary requirements in computer vision technology that enable new benchmarks for machine intelligence and Edge AI.

“The benefits of Industry 4.0 are coming to fruition with Edge AI processing capabilities shifting closer and closer to where data is being generated, near IoT sensors,” Premio’s Director of Product Marketing, Dustin Seetoo said. “It’s truly exciting to see how our machine vision computers are enabling new Edge AI workloads for automation and intelligence in real-world deployments” Seetoo also added.

Some of the most popular applications that use Premio Inc’s embedded vision computers require capabilities in image processing, motion and object detection, and defect detection. These computer visions capabilities benefit key market verticals from Industrial Automation, Metrology & Defect Detection, Smart Factory, Security and Surveillance, and Intelligent Transportation.

For more information about Premio’s entire portfolio of industrial computers and other embedded vision technologies please visit or email to learn more.

About Premio, Inc.

Premio is a global solutions provider specializing in computing technology from the edge to the cloud. We design and manufacture highly reliable, world-class computing solutions for enterprises with complex, highly specialized requirements for over 30 years. Our engineering specialty and agile manufacturing push the technical boundaries in Embedded IoT Computers, Rugged Edge Computers, HMI Displays, and HPC Storage Servers.

With a state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California (ISO9001, ISO2001, ISO13485) and strategic locations in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Germany, Premio provides robust product engineering, flexible speed to market, and unlimited manufacturing transparency. Learn more by visiting our website at

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