EDGEBoost I/O Modules - The Ultimate Guide to Premio Daughterboards and Carrier boards for Rugged Edge Computing

ultimate guide to edgeboost i/o

Building a solution that provides everything you need in the rugged edge is a daunting task. The reality of a harsh, non-traditional environment places a toll on what is feasible for many system integrators and OEMs. Many times, users will be faced with making a choice between power, performance, and costs; effectively limiting the capabilities their application can run in order to keep things operational.  

This is especially an important consideration when implementing a rugged edge application that requires a specific amount of I/O. As the number of IoT devices continue to grow at the edge, how do system integrators OEMs manage to keep things connected and optimally running? 

What is I/O & why is it important for computing? 

I/O stands for input/output. These two words represent a crucial concept in the realm of computing and at the rugged edge. At its core, I/O enables the communication and data transfer between a computer’s hardware components and the outside world.  

I/O is critical in enabling devices to communicate with each other, allowing data to be shared between sensors, controllers, and any other components that are a part of the system. For example, I/O can be used within a manufacturing facility to control sensors that monitor different variables to adjust operations based on the data that sensors collect and process.  

At the rugged edge, I/O is vital to keeping operations alive and running. They play a key role in enabling devices to operate autonomously, executing tasks that minimize human interaction. This is especially important when it comes to very remote locations. Rugged edge systems must be designed to handle these types of challenges, with robust I/O that can enable seamless communication between devices and sensors.  

Why are I/O ports important for industrial computers? 

As previously mentioned, I/O operations are important for computers because they enable communication, enhance functionality, improve performance, and meet user needs. A computer system that offers a range of I/O options can provide better performance and functionality, making it a more versatile and valuable tool for real-time processing for data generation at the edge. 

These operations require specific ports in order to build an effective communication bridge between the IoT device and the central compute system. Ports may range from USB, Serial COM, or LAN/POE ports that allow devices to send/receive signals to perform their respective functions.  

When the rugged edge is brought into the picture, a range of I/O port options may suddenly be limited as certain hardware features may become stripped to handle the rigors of the rugged edge. With these cases, system integrator and OEMs will need to be selective on how they approach implementing their rugged edge application.  

Introducing EDGEBoost I/O Modules 

As a leading provider of rugged edge computing solutions, Premio understands the importance of I/O in industrial computing. Through our engineering design, we have created a scalable and modular design that tackles this very pain point for many rugged edge applications – EDGEBoost I/O.  

Premio’s EDGEBoost I/O is the perfect solution for those looking to optimize their edge infrastructure. These flexible add-on modules are designed to tackle the limitations that may occur at the rugged edge. EDGEBoost I/Os are built to integrate directly into Premio’s fanless embedded systems to provide reliable expandability for mission critical I/O. The modules are built with a proprietary design utilizing PCIe communication standards to create a simple, yet versatile solution that can be interchangeable for a fully optimized I/O configuration. 

EDGEBoost I/O modules and their respective brackets were designed to offer a modular and scalable way for users to scale their I/O requirements without investing heavily in more compute systems to power more IoT devices. Our EDGEBoost I/O modules are the latest in our transformative technology that provides maximum flexibility and compatibility with Premio industrial computing solutions, giving users a simple plug-and-play integration with all Premio compatible computing products.  

Premio’s EDGEboost I/O Key Features 

Interoperability through PCIe protocol 

Designed through Premio’s proprietary pin design, the EDGEboost I/O integrates easily into compatible Premio systems and can be interchangeable for a more optimized configuration. Through a standardized PCIe protocol, EDGEboost I/O modules slot directly into a designated EDGEboost bracket found in compatible Premio products, allowing for seamless communication between the central system and its connected devices. EDGEBoost I/O modules are capable of enabling the latest transformative technologies such as M.2 NVMe storage and M.2 AI Accelerators for real-time inference capabilities. 

Modularity & Scalability 

EDGEBoost I/O leverages a modular design to provide enhanced flexibility in I/O compatibility and scalability for IIoT deployments with highly specialized requirements.  This allows system integrators and OEMs to configure their industrial computer around their I/O requirements without being limited to fixed I/Os available on-board. 

Ruggedized for Harsh Environments  

Premio’s EDGEBoost I/O modules are purpose-built to withstand the harshest environments alongside the ruggedized system it is designed to fit into. The module is resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity, shock and vibration, to ensure secure and reliable connectivity. Each module is mechanically and electrically engineered to leverage a passive cooling design directly from ruggedized enclosure. 

Compatible with EDGEBoost Brackets  

Our mechanical engineering design enables EDGEBoost I/O modules to easily integrate into Premio's flagship products via EDGEboost brackets. The brackets provide a standardized slot for EDGEBoost I/O modules to plug into. 

These compatible embedded systems have been thoroughly tested and validated to meet all the mission critical I/O requirements found at the edge. Each compatible product comes with predefined modules optimized for expandability, power, and performance in specific industry applications. 

(Edgeboost I/O brackets found on compatible Premio products)

We offer three distinct categories of EDGEBoost I/O modules to choose from for maximum I/O customization:  

  • Digital & Analog I/O 
  • Network & Connectivity 
  • Edge AI & Storage 

What are the benefits of EDGEBoost I/O? 

The modular EdgeBoost I/O is an advanced technology that provides a wide range of input and output options for your Premio fanless industrial computers. Many traditional computing systems are limited to the fixed I/O on the motherboard due to limited space on the printed circuit board. However, EDGEBoost I/O modules provide a streamlined solution for maximum I/O scalability to cater to specific application requirements for Premio industrial computers. 

How To Build Your EDGEBoost I/O Solution - A Step by Step Guide

1. Understanding Application Requirements – Selecting a compatible Premio Industrial Computer 

    Rugged Edge solutions vary from application to application. There are varying degrees of requirements and restrictions that a system integrator or OEM must consider when configuring a solution.  

    Defining what industrial computer and the processing power needed to enable your Industry 4.0 application is key to building the proper solution to meet all your rugged edge applications requirements. 

    Premio has developed three specific industrial computers for specialized edge applications. Our RCO Series offers three standardized sizes, each purpose-built for distinct deployments to enable Industry 4.0 solutions.  

    RCO-1000 Series Fanless Mini Computer 

    • Ultra compact, low power consumption
    • Scalable up to 3 EDGEBoost I/O modules
    • EDGEBoost I/O designed as stackable expansion

    RCO-3000 Series Small Form Factor Computer

    •  EN50155 Certified computer for railway and intelligent transportation
    • Supports up to 1 EDGEBoost I/O modules
    • Modules fit within EDGEBoost bracket

    RCO-6000 Series Edge AI Inferencing Computer 

    • High-performance for real time AI Inferencing
    • Supports up to 2 EDGEBoost I/O modules
    • Modules fit within EDGEBoost bracket

    ACO-6000 Series In-Vehicle Computer

    • EN50155 Certified computer for railway and intelligent transportation
    • Supports up to 2 EDGEBoost I/O modules
    • Up to 18x LAN, 16x PoE, or 16x USB

    2. Determine Your I/O requirements for Data Communication  

      Input/output (I/O) operations are an essential component of any computer system, especially when computing resources become even more prominent at the rugged edge. Select from variety of Premio plug and play EDGEBoost I/O modules to achieve optimal performance and connectivity when it matters most, from the harshest environments for data generation to real-time processing.  

       I/O - Digital, Analog & Display

      • USB 
      • DP 
      • HDMI 
      • DIO 

      Connectivity & Network

      • 1GBE RJ45 LAN/POE 
      • 10GBE RJ45 LAN 
      • M12 LAN/POE 

      Edge AI & Storage

      • M2 M Key 
      • M2 B Key 

      *Some EDGEBoost I/O are only compatible with specific industrial computer models. 

      3. Speak with a Premio embedded computing expert 

      Configure your industrial edge computer with all the necessary EDGEBoost I/O for a fully optimized computing solution custom fit to your application. If there is ever a need for an upgrade or changes to the I/O, the modules can be reconfigured to adapt to the ever-changing edge environment. 

      To fully configure your EDGEBoost I/O with a compatible Premio fanless industrial computer, visit our configurator on our EDGEBoost I/O solution page and contact a Premio expert to begin building your solution.