In-Vehicle Fanless Systems

ACO Series: All-Purpose Fanless PCs

The In-Vehicle Fanless Systems line is a compact solution that is designed to fit a wide array of applications. Each solutions comes with various form factors to accommodate I/O and and expansion options. The AC0-6000 series features 3 chassis options that are ideal for in vehicle computer processing, while the ACO-3000 supports Intel 5th generation Broadwell-U mobile processors and features voltage monitoring for optimum power efficiency. With the Premio In-Vehicle Fanless Systems, power and performance is blended with a rugged frame that is able to withstand a range or operating conditions. Each product is backed by an industry leading Value-Added Service to provide you the best solution for your computing needs.


Ultra compact Fanless System ideal for space-constrained applications

Compact Fanless System with one Universal I/O Slot

RCO Series – Rugged Fanless Systems

SBC/Mini ITX/Micro ATX Series – Industrial Motherboards